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April 2010 DDC thread for November!

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It's wonderful to be able to continue to chat with mamas we know here in LWAB, and we hope anyone who has been part of our DDC at any time will join in whenever you can. We also welcome other moms of babies born at the same time, just help us get to know you.

Below is a list of us mamas and our little ones, as well as some extra info.
Please feel free to have this edited any time by posting your request in this thread in bold.

For now we will be a weekly thread. In the future we can lengthen the time of our threads as needed.

erickalynne, Jennings, 2/11, single mom to 2, Jennings born at 32 weeks by emergency c/s due to placental abruption

Amandamanda, Adam, 3/2, (had my dates wrong in the beginning and was actually due in march - hung out here 'cause i liked you all! )

shantiani, Astrid, 3/14. Between recurring miscarriages and then pre-eclampsia, we had to work for this baby! But now she is here and perfect and worth all of the trials.

Peace+Hope, Charlie, 3/25, late-onset Pre-E, induction at 37 weeks, no pain meds! grieving my home birth... maybe next time?

NH Mom, Charlie, 3/27

Oliver's Mama, Eli, 3/27/10

jenfl, Sprout, 3/31, home water birth, transfer at birth+10 hours, forced 3 day NICU stay for Sprout (and I) because of doctors practicing defensive medicine, ongoing breastfeeding issues due to tongue tie and high palate

Ivymae, Rebecca Joy, 4/1, Home water birth

rolenta, Naomi, 4/2

MaterPrimaePuellae, V, 4/4

Liz.Furtado, Maxwell Cohen, 4/5

momto4plus4, Jeremiah, 4/5, induced, stuck at 9.5 cm, ended in 1st c-section, cord wrapped, SO grateful he's alive!

Cecilia'sMama, Cecilia, 4/6, high BP at 38 weeks, avoided c-section!

crazyeight, Baby R, 4/6 (and is a boy!) and joins 2 older siblings! He was a vaginal birth at 41 weeks.

finn'smama, Henry, 4/7, born at home

andlee, Ben, 4/8

RhiOrion, L, 4/8, medical induction due to Cholestasis of Pregnancy, WOHM

Dena, Hannah and Maya, 4/9

dhinderliter,R, 4/10

sewcraftygirl, Anna, 4/11

Snoopy5386, Kelsey, 4/11

Carita, Danita, 4/15 Tax Day baby , Fast and Furious NCB @ hospital w/MW and awesome doula!

GreenTeaGinger, Rowena, 4/15, midwife attended birth center birth

LenaC, Leon, 4/17, Born 16 days after his due date of April 1st. Held my ground, as doc wanted to induce for low amnio fluid. All natural hospital water birth, that lasted about 3 hours.

Jsh7809, Symphony, 4/18, PPD, emergency post birth surgery for vaginal hematoma

Triony, Tobin, 4/18

3tammuz, Aliza, 4/19, double footling breech, VBAC in a hospital

Bubbamummy, Molly, 04/21, breech with double nuchal cord leading to an 'elective' c-section at 39wks

Pepper44, Ada 4/21

waiting2bemommy, Alisa Giselle, 4/21, born just shy of 7 lbs, I *think* 19 inches (gotta go back and look), at 41 weeks. An intended home birth that ended up being a hospital induction; they broke my water and labor was fast and furious, no pain medication, but LOTS of pain, lol.

Ann_of_loxley, Hamish born on the 22nd (all 12lbs 4oz of him - though do I really need to remind anyone of that? lol) - and his big brother Duncan born the 19th of September and is about to become FIVE years old! !

dogretro, dd2, 4/23, labored at home, birthed in the hospital, all-natural VBAC

mom2happy, baby girl Tess, 4/24

TreefrogNYC, Benjamin Zephyr, 4/24, born at home after 7 IUIs and one m/c (3.6.09) -- husband, midwife, midwife's assistant, doula, and two cats in attendance!

smeisnotapirate, Naomi, 4/25, HBAC! Shout it off the rooftops!

ebbb, Lucy, 4/27

Elecampane, Eleanor, 4/28

laughingfox, girl, 4/28, 2nd homebirth

LoveNeverFails, Mercy, 5/11, Winner of the Silver Birth Stool,
Accidental quasi-UC (midwife running in the door, but we caught head and she caught shoulders...) island birth (half in the water, half on land?), Survivor of Hostage Crisis 2010, NICU Edition, Mom of the only baby in NICU with toenails painted hot pink, and Remembering Nicholas, 11/2009

silverspook, Isaiah, 5/17, Awesome Rockstar Golden Birthstool Winner![/QUOTE]
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Sorry I'm late with this. I don't think anybody has missed it.

I thought it would be nice to do a monthly check in with what's going on. Things get lost in the facebook group pretty quickly.

If anybody is looking for us, we're over on Facebook. Send a PM and we'll let you know how to find us!
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Monthly update:

Age as of November 1st: 6 months 3 weeks.

Recent milestones: Up on all fours and rocking back and forth. Can easily get from sitting to all fours. Can sometimes get from all fours back to sitting. Sitting completely unassisted. Wants to crawl BADLY. Has all the pieces of crawling down, just needs to get them coordinated. I predict she'll be crawling forward at least a little by her 7 month birthday, which is November 8th.

Food?: Is really starting to dig it. Hated purees at first, but now she likes them. But wants to be in charge. If we try to spoon feed her she tries to steal the spoon. Dinner is a messy, full-body, experience. She loved prunes. I'm not loving the changes in poop caused by solids.

Misc info:

She can move backward fast and has ended up under the couch a few times. Need to start considering child proofing.

Last night she banged on the floor and I banged on the top of her swing (it was in front of me) and she banged on the floor. We did this back and forth for a while until she was in a total giggle fit and banged so hard the spring-back almost caused her to fall over backward.

She loves the dog. She suddenly hates the changing table. Still no teeth. Is not sleeping as well as she used to, but we make do.

Not quite 15 pounds.
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Sprout turned 7 months yesterday!

We're currently battling a nasty fungal diaper rash. A week of Nystatin didn't clear it up, so now we're on Monostat. Yes, my DH had to go to Target and buy Monostat for his son.

Anyway, the rash seems to be pretty uncomfortable/painful for Sprout. It also may have led to thrush for us (or his latch might be terrible again). And he might be getting more teeth (he's got 2). It's all combining to make for a pretty grumpy baby with poor sleep and a grumpy, in pain mommy.

He still dislikes nearly all foods. The only ones he likes are starches that he can "nurse" on, like pizza crust. He's not doing a good job at the mechanics of eating at all -- he seems to need to nurse on his fingers in order to swallow anything. We'd wanted to do BLW, but he's so bad at eating, I don't trust him with most food we have. So I've steamed some fruits and veggies in large pieces for him and have looked up baby-friendly finger food recipes -- trying to hit a middle spot of "real" food but that's safe for him.

Not a lot of mobility. He can stay up on all fours if you put him there, or get there from sitting. He'll rock for a bit, then faceplant in the direction of his target. He's rolling around a lot to get places, but he's pretty far from crawling (his sister crawled at 6 months, so this immobile older baby thing is weird!).

Today he shoved a pom-pom in his mouth and we didn't find it for quite a while, when he was crying a lot and sounded really congested. Time to keep an eye on him more....

He still laughs huge belly-laughs and adores watching his sister. If we could just get this pain thing under control -- for both of us -- I'd be having a total ball.
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Cecilia is going to be 7 months at the end of the week, which is really hard for me to believe!

Milestones: She's been sitting independently since 5.5 months, so that's nothing new, but she hardly ever falls over anymore, which is awesome. She's gotten very good at bending to get toys and keeping her balance and being able to sit back up again. She's in the midst of cutting her first tooth (bottom left of center). Just the very tip is visible above the surface, but you sure can feel it.

Crawling: Hahahahaha. Yeah, Cecilia hates being on her stomach for more than a minute, and so when she face plants from a sitting position (rare) or rolls over to her stomach (much more common), she gets so upset. Because of this hatred, her arms aren't strong enough to hold her giant head up, so while she can get on her knees, she just faceplants the front end (causing more frustration, of course). However, she loooooves to walk if I hold her hands. So...from where we stand right now, I foresee her walking and just skipping crawling.

Food: We started BLW when Cecilia was able to sit independently, lost the infant tongue thrust, and was able to self-feed (as evidenced by all the toys she shoved in her mouth). That was almost a month ago. She doesn't really like to eat, but she loves playing with her food. That's just fine by me; I don't see a need for her to have actual meals of solids at this point.

My happiest milestones are the verbal ones. When she first sees me, she often goes "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI," which is totally adorable. And now she uses "mama" correctly (rather than babbling it), generally when she sees me or when she gets upset and wants me to pick her up. She melts my heart!

Speaking of getting upset, we've got some big separation anxiety over here. Line of sight isn't good enough anymore; she needs to be able to touch me to be happy. I can generally get 10 minutes of independent floor play time from her before she starts bellowing "Mama, mama" and crying. The only other time I can get hands-free time with her is when I put her in the highchair and give her her one piece of food. I generally reserve that for when I am cooking dinner since it's the time I'm least able to grab her on the fly.

We're working on baby sign here too. So far we do milkies, cat, more, all done and change (as in diaper). She doesn't sign back yet, but that's ok!
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Rowena is about six and a half months today.

Milestones: I really suck at this. I hate to admit this but I'm kind of blase about this:P I think she's been sitting well since about five months (she started to be able to do so around 4 or 4.5 but at five didn't fall over at all). Funnily enough she suddenly loves her Bumbo seat which she no longer needs. Go figure. No crawling at all. She did, ONE TIME, get up on her hands and knees and rock. She also hates being on her tummy. Her latest thing is loving to stand holding on to things. But mostly she's just not all that interested in moving. And why would she be? She has three servants to bring her things and a faithful steed who carries her everywhere she wishes to be.

We're doing awesome with foods. She loves to eat. We are doing purees because it helps my dh to have her alone if she can eat. She's now eating three times a day along with snacking on rice cakes and Trader Joe's Os. She has mastered the pincer grip which means I have to clean a lot more.

Vocally she's fluent in Tibetean chanting. The only English she knows is mama which she uses a lot.

And we are having temper fits now She doesn't like having things taken from her. Nor does she like to be denied.

She is super adorable, and I am ever more in love.
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I just wanted to bump the thread and remind the April folks that we are very active in out Facebook group now! PM me if you want to be invited, as it is a private group!

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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post


I just wanted to bump the thread and remind the April folks that we are very active in out Facebook group now! PM me if you want to be invited, as it is a private group!

 I'd like to join this facebook group! Username on facebook is Elizabeth Rose Law.




Max has 2 teeth! Bottom elft and top right! So cute! He bit me while nursing a couple times when they first cut through but he;s been really good about since then...although his scution is way stronger for some reason which definitely hurts! Yowch! He's rolling over a lot and scoots around on his belly! Still not sitting up on his own, but he'll get there! Short post- poor babe is getting fussy!

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Couldn't find you on FB-- I PM'ed you with my info, can you try to add me?


OH GOD TEETH. So yesterday morning, Cecilia had two teeth, one through all the way and one barely poking out. By the evening, she had three-- two poking out all the way and a third partly through. WTF BABY?? I am really, really, really lucky though, as she seems to be a pretty easy teether so far.

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Ben turned 7 months this week.  He scoots from place to place now, and never, ever wants to sit still.  His favorite toy is our cell phones, no matter what else we try to distract him with.  He has his two bottom teeth, and they're about halfway up.  We're working on the no biting while nursing :)  Little guy loves to eat, and will pretty much gobble anything I give him.  He's up to 24 lbs, and still nurses round the clock.  Lately he's only been getting up 3x a night, so that's a blessing.  He's started babbling a little bit, and wakes up every morning by saying  "dadadadadada" increasingly louder.  Of course my husband is excited about this.  Sometimes when he gets really upset he'll go "maaaaaaaaaaaaa" but I think it's just coincidence :)  He just started wearing 12-18 month clothes.  

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GUYS! im here, i exist! i want to join the facebook group!


anyway, i seriously miss you all. i've been mostly posting over at the postpartum weight loss group over on the fitness & weight management boards.

i should probably check in here every once and awhile though too.


lets see what is new- Adam is 8 months old now, crazy! he is crawling all over the place, and is now pulling himself up. he says mama and dada and i really don't know how we ever lived without him.

he is eating solids about once or twice a day, still not really sure what he thinks, and is breasfeeding like a newborn, which yes means he is not sleeping through the night yet. ugh.


he has two bottom teeth, which i am hoping is the cause of the lack of sleep.

we will see.


aaaaaand my 2 and a half year old bit him hard on the face this morning and now he has big teeth marks on his face. *sigh... luckily he is a good sport.


nothing really eventful here, been going to disney world a lot now that the weather is starting to cool off a bit here in fl. jen, lets meet up soon! is your fam doing the disney marathons this year? i kind of want to do the princess half marathon, but not sure if i am in the right kind of shape for that haha.

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andlee, you should come over to FB, i don't THINK you are there already.  it's a very active group, we'd love to have you :).


rhi, i am curious how you got your "banned" tag under your username.  i've always wondered how those get there, but have never asked, since i became a member.  and wow, over 4,000 posts!!!  

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Hey mamas! Just wanted to bump the thread again to make sure there aren't any straggling April mamas out there who missed the memo that we're most chatting on Facebook these days! If you want an invite to the April DDC on Facebook, PM me! winky.gif
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