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Bones still good?

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We got some frozen grassfed beef bones on Saturday. They have been in the fridge since then and I went to put them on to make broth, but wondered if they were still good.

This is my first time making bone broth and the smell wasn't something I am used to, and I'm pregnant and very sensitive. They didn't smell bad, just different than fresh meat that I'm used to.

Are they still okay to use?
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Should be fine. For the best flavor, roast them before boiling.
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Oh...how long and what temp? I hadn't read to do that...will have to try it next time Thanks!
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good to see you here

I just make chicken bone broth and occasionally pork, so I am no help! But I agree with Cristeen (she is wise ) that they are probably fine. I think they would smell foul (not just strange) if they were bad. Enjoy!!
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