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We found out today that we are having a boy & a girl :)  My DS guessed 2 boys & I am so glad that we are finally having a girl :)


However, the heart rates were: 142 for the boy & 141 for the girl.  So, I didn't know what to expect as far as gender was concerned, except for my dreams of a b/g combo after my 9 week appt.


DD had a consistent heart rate of 140-145, this newbie boy has a consistent one of 150-155 - so we totally blow that whole old wive's tale out of whack ;)

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My first LO is a boy. I found out today we're having a girl! We are only having two and I am over the moon we will have one of each!

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This one will be a surprise!


We found out with the last 2 but decided this time there's no pressing reason to find out since we already have everything we'll need for either senario. I was hoping I wouldn't change my mind when I finally had my appt and I didn't! For half a second during the U/S while I was looking at the face (the tech switched it to 3D for a minute or so) I SOOO badly wanted to know, but I'm glad I held back....


The 3D face looked kinda girly (my DH said the same thing after the appt!) but I've been thinking boy subconsciously this whole time... lol. So I dont know what to think! I will feel really bad if we have a boy and I've been saying he had a girly face. HAHA! I dont really care either way but I would love another little girl... I miss all my girlie clothes that have been sitting in boxes, plus DD really wants a little sister. Plus, DS is a little terror and I would love to have another calm little girl. haha! Of course I'll probably have a little girl that will be 3x as stressful as DS and then I'll know I brought it on myself. haha. So excited for all of you that are finding out! And for those who are still surprised- YAY for us!! Can't wait to find out on birth day! thumbsup.gif

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No surprises here, found out on Friday that it's a girl.  I'm hoping for 4 boys, then 4 girls and so far have 4 boys and this will be #3 girl.

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We are having a girl.  We found out at 20 weeks 3 days.    Her name will be Ava Rose.

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I haven't posted in forever because life has gotten in the way. But we had our first and only ultrasound a few days ago. I am thrilled to be having a BOY! We actually tried for a boy with timing and diet. I'm not sure if it helped but I guess there is no way to know. This will be the first grandson after 3 girls, so my parents are pretty excited. smile.gif
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The suspense is beginning to drive me crazy. I'm thinking that it's more likely I will get an ultrasound if I decide to go for prenatal care. Which I'm pretty sure I will if medicaid finally goes through. 


I already know I'm going to be refusing most things so they might appreciate my one point of cooperation and I'm just dying to find out the sex now. I REALLY want a girl since I was thinking for this to be my last baby and if it is a boy, I feel like some of you, I just wanna know so that I can deal with it and move on and be happy then with my boy instead. So, yeah. :) 

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I think we may open The Card (nicely filled out and sealed by our doctor, with a picture) on New Year's Eve. I was so set on waiting until birth and am still a little on the fence but curiosity may be winning out. Especially because my DH doesn't feel very strongly about not circumcising and while we should have the discussion anyway, as I definitely want at least one more kid after this one, it would be nice to know if we NEEDED to have it at this point.

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We found out yesterday, we're having a girl this time!  The tech said she checked twice and was pretty sure.  With ds is was really obvious, even before they told me, I didn't actually see this time.  We got some nice u/s pictures though.  Still no name yet.  Dh won't discuss it and it's driving me nuts.  He's totally unconcerned.  I feel like I *need* the baby to have a name, it would help me bond with her.  

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Girl here! I'm so excited, since this may be our last and I already have a boy, so now I'll have one of each. Plus I get to buy girly stuff now! yay!

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We found out yesterday that we're having a boy. We're happy (would have been happy either way) but shocked as I was so convinced it was a girl.
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We had our ultrasound before Christmas and weren't able to see what the baby was because of the position. They said they can do a quick scan to see if they can see what it is when I go back but I'm not sure if I will or not.

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We're having a birthday surprise!  We found out with both of our boys and with boy number 2 I was really, really sad that he was a boy.  I hate to admit that, but it was totally true.  I spent the rest of my pregnancy sad that I was having a boy.  Then, he was born and I felt so silly about wanting him to be a girl and he felt so right for our family.  I want THAT experience and that experience only this time... so, if I have another boy then he'll just be the perfect addition to our family. 

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