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Question re: Short Cervix

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hi all,

at our monthly OB appointment this morning, dw's cervix measured 0.8cm. she was placed on full bedrest.

anyone have stories to share of lengthening cervixes or full-term, healthy deliveries in similar circumstances?

we are feeling overwhelmed and scared...

thanks in advance,


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i had a short cervix. will post more later, or feel free to PM w/specific questions!
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At my 26 week US I was told I had a shortened cervix and was put on bedrest at home. I never had any other signs of going into early labor so who knows if the bedrest was really necessary but not worth risking delivering early to find out! I made it to 35.5 weeks until my girls decided it was time to come. They were 4.13 and 4.7 and only baby B had to spend one day in the NICU as she was 21 grams under the weight limit. Good luck!
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I was Dr with a shortened cervix @ 2 weeks (I think it was 2 inches but that maybe wrong). They did a cerclage and put me on modified bedrest. I carried my boys until 33 weeks when I developed pre-e. My cervix held after the cerclage, no problem although it was monitored weekly. It did lengthen somewhat. When I had my c-section, they took out the cerclage. I followed most of the bed rest directions which really weren't bed rest but just taking it really, really easy
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My cervix was measured at about that, with funneling, at 20 weeks. I was put on strict bedrest and was in and out of the hospital for PTL as well.

I was told that they don't lengthen significantly...most of what appears to be lengthening/shortening can also be considered general error in measurement (if that wasn't a transvaginal measurement, it will be less accurate and even then different people will measure differently)...all you can do is hope it doesn't get worse. I wasn't a candidate for a cerclage (its debatable for twins, and I had a history of bleeding). My girls did come early, but feel free to PM me if you wish.
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