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Marino Center?

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Does anyone go to the Marino Center in Wellesley?
I am looking at pediatricians (super excited to meet Dr Diskin in Natick) but curious if anyone has anyone else they love, particularly there?
I have heard of a Dr. Groode......

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I haven't been there but my friend used to go there. She wasn't happy with the level of care there so she left.
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i've been considering them since our pedi up and left the boston area. I spoke to our CST, Dr. Rosen, and he was reluctant to give a recommendation for them.  He mentioned there was a high turnover.  Still on the lookout.

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We met with Dr. Groode just over a week ago and he is amazing!  He just started there at the beginning of this month.  Very open and flexible to the parents wishes.  Supportive and informative.  Appointments are an hour.  We are definitely going with him.  Good luck!

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Thanks NewMamaK and everyone!

I met Dr. Groode and think he is amazing!

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We have been with Dr Wedda at Marino/Wellesley for maybe 7 years? She had an independent practice for the first couple of years and we followed her to Marino. I have nothing but great things to say about her. My two kids along with myself see her.

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