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Recommended cloth diapers for beginners?

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I really would like to use cloth on this new LO when it arrives but I have no idea where to start. Are there any brands that are good to start with? Should I just buy a single diaper of several brands to try out? I feel overwhelmed by all of the choices.
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Congratulations on your baby on the way!

Lots of people start out with prefolds and covers (such as ImseVimse, Bummis, or Thirsties) for newborns. There is a bit of a learning curve, but you can do it. Once they outgrow the newborn size, you can use the prefolds for other things, like stuffing pocket diapers.

Personally, I like pocket diapers. I really like being able to easily add more or less absorbancy when needed, and most of the time they are quick to dry because the inserts are separated from the pockets. Dry time will of course depend on the material and thickness of your inserts, though. I love bumGenius and Fuzzi Bunz, and whether you go for a one-size diaper or sized diapers, there are good pocket options out there for both.

Since you have a bit of time before your baby comes, I would try to get my hands on a few different brands/types of diapers so you can get a better idea of how each works and what you like and don't like. Is there a store in your area? Many web-retailers also offer consultations so you can see and feel the different options before you make any purchases.

If I were to cd another baby from birth to potty training, I'd almost certainly go with prefolds and covers until they hit about 12 pounds, then I'd go with a one-size pocket. That's just me though. Others will have other opinions.
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Do the pocket diapers tend to be too large for newborns? I'm looking at some websites and the BumGenius diapers look really neat and easy to use.
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After a failed attempt at prefolds in the newborn stage, 8 months of using one-size diapers (bumGenius, Smartipants, GroBaby), then giving the prefolds another try starting at about 9 months, I've gotta say I really like prefolds now. The one-sizes are great and I still use them for night time and when out & about, but now that I've experimented and gotten the hang of prefolds, I'd recommend those...maybe with some stay-dry liners for the newborn stage. When we eventually have another baby I plan on starting off with prefolds. Love 'em! They're cheap, they're durable, and they're breathable. I've noticed that Jude gets a rash a lot less often than he was when he was in one-size (usually made with synthetic material) 100% of the time.
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I found the variety overwhelming too. Especially when everything is so expensive. You want to get it right, KWIM. What I have found now is that most of the popular brands are well made, nice fabric etc *but* their sucess or failure depends almost entirely on the shape of your babe. Which is not much use when your pregnant

So yep, I do think the buy one of a few different things is a good plan. Our workhorse nappy is the terry towelling flat with a Thirsties cover (not the one-size). We've tried a variety of other insert-style nappies and our favourites are Pop-Ins. Lovely fabric, great fit and absorbancy, easy to use and pull apart for quick drying.

One of the best things for us was being able to go to an actual shop and look at and touch the nappies. It was sooo hard on-line trying to work out what was good quality and what wasn't. Doing that I discovered that cheap price almost always means cheap fabrics.

The other way I narrowed things down was to only buy covers/nappies which have a double leg gusset. That feature is really important for us.
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Some pocket diapers come in sized versions vs. one size so those wouldn't be too large. But the one size versions are too big for most newborns (even though most say they fit from 8 lbs). One concern I would have with pockets on a newbie is how well will it contain those runny poops.

I have not used them personally but I've heard very good things about FuzziBunz XS size as far as pockets go and BumGenius all-in-one also in XS size. Prefolds are a common choice because babies grow so fast in the beginning that many people don't want to invest a lot only to have to buy all new bigger sizes again in 2 months (with pockets or AIO you're looking at $15-20 per diaper times at least 24 diapers). You can get good poop containment with a snappi and a cover with gussets. The other option and the one we are going with is fitteds plus a cover. I figure they will be easier to put on then prefolds and we will have the double barrier of diaper and then a separate cover to catch any leaks.

That said I'm definitely planning to try a few pockets and probably get some more when kiddo is bigger if they work out for us (some babies don't do well with the synthetic fibres that are in pockets). I think having a one-step diaper will be easier once the little one is really moving around lots and we need to get it on him/her faster, you know?
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My Recs

Buy brands that are well known, and have been around for a long time. They'll either last you a long time, or they'll have good resale value. Bummis, Thirsties, MotherEase, Kissaluvs, FuzzyBunz, Green Mountain, etc are all well known and predate cloth diapers becoming trendy. They're products that have proven themselves.

Pocket diapers are expensive. I feel that they are not worth the money on a newborn. Newborns don't move around. They don't pee a lot at once. They don't generally wear the same diaper for ten hours at night and need extra absorbency added to get through until morning. Little babies just need a lot of diapers for frequent changes.

Personally, I recommend people go with a separate diaper and cover system. The diapers can be fitteds or prefolds, but a separate cover is good because :

- it contains messy poop the best.

- babies won't necessarily outgrow the diaper and the cover at the same time, and they won't necessarily wear out at the same time either, so you get more use out of what you've got with components.

- it facilitates washing. Not everybody has trouble getting their diapers clean and then dry, but if you're going to have issues, AIO (all in one) diapers and synthetic fibers (popular with pockets) cause more trouble for people.

I would wait to try pocket diapers until your baby a couple months old. Then you can buy a size that will be good to you for a long time, possibly until potty learning.
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The first thing i always recommend is to make a few decisions before shopping. Decide what is important to you, and take a look at your situation. Will your child be in daycare or will one of you SAH? Do you want only natural fibers or only nat fibers touching baby? Is breathability a concern for you? Do you have your own washer or will you be using a laundromat/shared machine? Do you want to line dry? What type of climate do you live in? Do you want cuteness in your dipes to show them off or do you want to put clothes over your dipes?

These questions (and more) will influence style/type of dipe. Once you've narrowed it down, shopping becomes a lot easier. When i was making these decisions, i chose natural organic fibers, fitteds and wool. Thats what fit into my lifestyle.
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thanks for asking this question!! I am currently trying to research this and WOW its overwhelming.

Are there ANY fitted/AIO's that are good for newborns? I talked hubby into using cloth part time BUT I know neither of us will keep it up if its too hard to start out with. and prefolds confuse the heck out of me!!

I think if we started with something really easy/user-friendly we could migrate to something else.
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I love Itti Bittis, particularly the Itti Bitti D'Lish snap ins. They come in three sizes and the small is suitable for a newborn, very easy to use and very trim fitting (and beautiful!). You can get extra inserts as well so if it's just wet you don't have to change the whole thing, just the inserts.
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I really really like Cotton Babies trial package for people thinking about cloth diapering. You get two Bummis covers, 6 prefolds, and one Snappi for $35.00 or so. Free shipping too (I think.) You'll need to prep the prefolds. I boil mine for 20 minutes with a squirt of Dawn dish soap...and then throw them in the washer....wash on hot with no detergent (Dawn from the water is enough)...and then into the dryer. Then repeat the wash/dry and for me, they're good to go.

I think they come with infant size prefolds, but you can buy the premie size prefolds for $1.00 each. I think it would be worth the investment--and you can always use the premies as doublers later on. Or simply ask in the comment box if they can send you premie size.

It's not a big investment...and will give you a good idea as to whether or not cloth diapering will work for you.

I also like the Cotton Babies Econbums kit which has 12 prefolds and 3 covers.

I also own 6 BumGenius 3.0s that I bought when DD was born, but honestly... I actually prefer using prefolds and covers. It's much easier for me. :
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For NB fitteds, i really liked Loveybums. They fit my skinny guy well and are more absorbent than most NB fitteds.

My fave NB fitteds are no longer being made, i'm afraid.
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I started with prefolds and Thirsties covers, both duowrap and regular and I was a little intimidated at first but got used to it fast and really like it. I'm still using mostly prefolds and Thirsties covers 11 months later!
A little while ago I got a couple kissaluvs fitted diapers and used them under my Thirsties covers and LOVE it. I really want more fitteds now.
We use Fuzzi bunz at night with an extra doubler.
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Originally Posted by StarCat View Post
Are there ANY fitted/AIO's that are good for newborns? I talked hubby into using cloth part time BUT I know neither of us will keep it up if its too hard to start out with. and prefolds confuse the heck out of me!!
Kissaluvs size 0 are a fitted diaper that are extremely popular for newborns. They are a little pricey, they run about $12 each, but most people really like them.

Size 0 goes up to 15lbs. Depending on the shape of your baby you might get a little longer than that out of them. Our kids were probably a little past 16lbs before they really outgrew them. For us that was between 5 and 7 months depending on the baby. I think that's unusual though. I'd say that most people get 3 to 4 months out of them.

For about the same price you could get FuzzyBunz extra small seconds.


They're a pocket diaper (not an AIO) so you'd have to stuff them, but they would go on in one step like an AIO. The extra small only goes to 12lbs though, so baby would outgrow them much sooner.
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My baby never was "newborn" size (she was 9lbs 14oz) My new to cloth diapering family was most comfortable using the Bum Genius 3.0 size small AIO diaper (does come with a pocket if you want to stuff it more). With velcro and stretchy tabs, I think it is very like a disposable diaper. FuzziBunz size small with snaps (pocket diaper) was my fav b/c there were snaps for the waist and for the thighs(my babe has thunder thighs) I could get a custom fit.

I never have tried prefolds or anything that takes a cover.
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Personally, I like our FuzziBunz. We use the OS and the Perfect Size (mediums) and they both work great. For a newborn, while the OS technically should fit babies from 7lbs up, they'll most likely be too bulky for a wee one. I would recommend looking into some of the XS or Smalls. I've read quite a few posts on here from mamas who have LOs that fit into their Small Fuzzis up until they were 6 months old! So you won't have to worry about upsizing for a little bit. Once your LO is big enough, the OS diapers are fantastic, too. Nice and trim in the crotch, super adjustable, and oh yes the colors are gorgeous. wink1.gif

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Originally Posted by Lauren82 View Post

I really would like to use cloth on this new LO when it arrives but I have no idea where to start. Are there any brands that are good to start with? Should I just buy a single diaper of several brands to try out? I feel overwhelmed by all of the choices.

I am going with the "try a little bit of everything" strategy for my LO who is due in January. We have quite a few prefolds and covers—of those, the Thirsties Duo Size 1 and the NB sized Proraps seem like they will be awesome for a newborn.


Of the pockets/fitteds/AIOs, my favorites so far are Rumparooz (though these are one-size diapers, the smallest setting is REALLY small), AppleCheeks Size 1 pockets, and Nifty Nappy fitteds.


We have some others, but to me the other bands we've accumulated (including BumGenius pockets, SoftBums, Happy Heinys, and Blueberry) all seem REALLY huge on the smallest size compared to those listed above. The kiddo will grow into them eventually, but if you want small diaper options for the newborn stage, the ones I mentioned above seem like they'll do really well.



ETA: Here is a really awesome photo gallery showing TONS of diaper brands on a newborn. This has been super helpful for me in prioritizing my purchases!


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Best brands to try/my favorites over 4 kids:


Newborn diapers:

Prefolds and Thirsties covers

Kissaluvs 0

XS bumGenius all-in-ones

XS FuzziBunz pockets

Rump-a-rooz Lil Joeys



FuzziBunz one-size pocket

Rump-a-rooz one-size pocket (snap version)

BumGenius 4.0 one-size pocket (snap version)


All of these are readily available and have good customer service.  I do recommend trying some of several different brands b/c they all fit differently.  If I had to get just one, it would be FuzziBunz one-size as they can fit any shape body.

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