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Pump Question

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I am currently setting up my registery and buying all the essentials for our little one due in Feb. I'm not sure what to due about a pump at this point. I have to go back to work between 6-8 weeks pp and would like to continue BF, however I have to be able to pump in order to do this. The "good" pumps seem to be really expensive and I would have to spend $200 plus on something that I don't like. So should I wait and rent one from the hospital and if I like it then buy it or just buy one now and hope for the best? Also, any recs on good pumps? I work 9 hour days so I will be pumping a lot.

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I could be mistaken, but the types of pumps that you will rent from the hospital are not portable and/or suitable for work-place pumping. They are very large.
I used the Medela pump in style, which is probably the most popular, and have no complaints. (I pumped 3 times/day on weekdays for several months, so it got a lot of use)
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I agree, I think the hospital grade pumps are good to rent or for those with babies in NICU that need round the clock pumping. I have the pump in style and it's great, although mine is older now (I left my job but have it just in case).
It seems to be pretty popular and is made for moms "on the go".
Mine came with a black carry bag that does not look like a breast pump and a coolor pocket for the milk and accessories, etc. I would definately get a double so you can pump twice as fast.
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I think first you need to determine how long you plan on breastfeeding to figure out what's more cost-effective.

I used to work somewhere that rented the Medela Symphony for $75/mo. If you only pump for a year, it seems cheaper to rent than buy b/c Amazon has it for sale at about $106/mo...but if you plan on going for 2 years, that works out to $53/mo. But...that style, as awesome as it is, doesn't seem terribly good for schlepping around.

I need to do some more research myself as I have to go back to work at least p/t after my 6 weeks maternity leave, but it seems like the Medela In Style is a portable pump that's well reviewed.
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I used (will use soon?) the Ameda Purely Yours. It is similar to the Medela pump, maybe slightly less expensive (about 10-20 dollars less, but that was years ago). Also, definitely get a pumping bra, so you can pump hands-free. I didn't realized those existed until my second child. That way, you can do things while pumping (eat, read a book, type on the computer depending on where you are, etc).
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Originally Posted by the janet View Post
I think first you need to determine how long you plan on breastfeeding to figure out what's more cost-effective.

I used to work somewhere that rented the Medela Symphony for $75/mo. If you only pump for a year, it seems cheaper to rent than buy b/c Amazon has it for sale at about $106/mo...but if you plan on going for 2 years, that works out to $53/mo. But...that style, as awesome as it is, doesn't seem terribly good for schlepping around.
I'm not quite sure of your math.

Anyway, I have the Pump in Style and really like it. I used it for 18 months with my first and will use it again after going back to work with our new baby. I've seen this pump on craigslist, and was hesitant to buy one used because the CDC says that milk can be aspirated into the pump mechanism. At the time I had never seen a breast pump and bought new based on that, but having seen one and how they work I would feel comfortable buying a used one and getting new tubes and flanges (I think the kit is around $30, but our hospital actually gave us one).
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My good friend had more success with an Avent hand pump than with the way more expensive Medela Pump-in-Style.
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If you are pumping because of going back to work you most definitely will need a good pump. The Medela Pump In Style is fabulous and a total workhorse that will make pumping at work something that you will be able to more easy sustain.

Just a note about the Avent hand pump, I had it with my first and it was total garbage. It didn't have proper suction and broke almost immediately.
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I would buy a good double electric and a backup manual pump like the Medela Harmony. I actually can't wait to use the Harmony and I don't even have a reason to pump besides if I want to go out alone!
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I also have a hand pump (not sure of brand). It was great for nights out without the baby just to be able to relieve myself i I needed to, but you just can't express nearly the same quantity of milk in a short amount of time with the hand pump. I would have quit pumping after 3 days if I had to use a hand pump.
I also have to second the comment about the hands free pumping bra. i work from home so being able to pump while I sat at my computer and did work was seriously priceless.
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Originally Posted by rootzdawta View Post
My good friend had more success with an Avent hand pump than with the way more expensive Medela Pump-in-Style.
I had that experience at first. I would bring my Avent hand pump to the NICU and pump there because I didn't have much luck with the hospital pumps. Once I got the hang of the hospital pumps, though, and realized what triggered letdown when I wasn't actually with my baby (think of her smell = milk flow like crazy!) I never used the Avent again.

OP ~ when I left the hospital I looked into renting a hospital-grade pump. They really are great, particularly the Medela Symphony. It is incredibly expensive though and if I'm remembering correctly, the cost to rent the Symphony for two months was more than the cost of buying a Medela Pump In Style. I decided to go with the Pump In Style and I absolutely love it. It makes more noise than the Symphony but it's not overwhelmingly loud. When I was sleep-deprived and pumping at 4am it drove me crazy because the noise it made started to sound like a little robotic voice saying "rock out! rock out! rock out!" over and over again but other than that, it's a great pump and it's very easy to transport. Another PP mentioned that the hospital pumps are not portable ~ I agree with that 100%, they are very big and not discreet at all (if that is important to you). The Pump In Style that I have is built into a carrying case with a side pocket for batteries and electrical wires, plus a little extra room in the top for bottles, breastmilk bags, etc. You couldn't use it as a diaper bag or anything, there's not THAT much room, but it is very handy to have everything all together in one place.
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I agree with PP, the Medela Pump in Style is great. I think if you are working, it will be a great breastpump. It is very portable and it is a workhorse. However, I would suggest seeing a lactation consultant or maybe watching a youtube video to see EXACTLY how your nipple should suction into the cup. I used the wrong size flange for 2 months, and thought I had a low supply. The minute I upsized to the bigger flange I started getting almost twice as much milk. The Symphony is supposed to be great too, but it is pretty pricey.
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WIC has pumps that they rent out for free. They aren't the most amazing things in the world.. and the suction wasn't all that great. But I used it to pump at work with my first and I was very successful.

Also, if you're having a baby shower.. you might consider putting that badboy on your registry in hopes that some family or friends might pool their cash together and get it for you.

I think i've decided on the Ameda Purely Yours
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I used Medela pump in style with my first baby while I was working. It works really well. It seems pricey at first but if you think about how much you use it & need it, it is well worth it. For my work baby shower, I asked everyone to chip in and give me a Taget gift card. I was too shy to say I want to buy a breastpump, so I just said, "Oh, I don't really know what exactly I will need for the baby and don't want to have to return things, etc." I just used the whole card on the pump!
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Originally Posted by crayfishgirl View Post
I'm not quite sure of your math.
Oh? No? Did I have a mathematical meltdown? I wouldn't doubt it, pregnancy brain and all that...
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I exclusively pumped after returning to work at 8 weeks with DD. The Medela PIS worked great! I was a total pumping crazy person, no supply issues and we were able to continue with only breast milk for a very long time despite the one-to-one nursing going down the drain once I returned to work/introduced the bottle

As PP mentioned, I bought new after reading the scare tactics about using a used pump....after the fact, I would feel totally fine buying a used pump, but new tubes and flanges.

Best of luck,
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I've used the PISA and the Avent ISIS IQ Duo to exclusively pump and they both worked well for me. However, this next time around I'm going to get the Hygeia Enjoye. From reviews I've read it's pretty much the same (or better) than the PIS/A and it's currently the only pump that I know of that has a return policy. It's a closed system so you can safely re-sell it after you are finished using it as well.

Double electric pumps are expensive, but they make a huge difference in the ability to continue breastfeeding when you have to pump.
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I had equally good results with the Avent hand pump and the Medela PIS, but if you are going to be pumping more than once a day you'll need an electric pump - I was pumping for a 12 month old once a day and nearly gave myself carpal tunnel! All that hand pumping is hard on the hand.

PIS is great, I've heard good things about the Purely Yours too. Look into the rental options at your hospital, it may be a good deal, it may not.

Just remember, you're going to have to spend money either way - if you don't pump you'll have to provide formula for a baby that young. It will probably make more sense to lay out the cash upfront for the pump.
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Wow! Thank you all so much for your experiences. I certainly want to breast feed for as long as possible and pumping seems to be the only way that I will be able to after returning to work. I will make the pump a priority purchase.

I guess I didn't think about the fact that if I rented one it would be used and there might be a hygenie issue. Thanks again for your advise it has given me a lot to think about!
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Also, there are a lot of used pumps being sold right now. If you replace everything but the pump itself that would be hygienic and cheaper if your concerned.

I got the Medela Pump In Style. As a shower gift, total surprise. It works great but truthfully I don't use it much because DS never took a bottle. Also, when I was in hospital with DS, the hospital pump they gave didn't work as well as the medela did, but theta may just be me.
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