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Hello Moms! Can I join in?

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We are expecting another little bundle early May!
We have 3 boys - a 6 year old and 3 year old twins. I joined way back when I was preggo with my oldest and was extremely active on here. That slowly faded after the twins were born...hmmm...wonder why?

I may not be super active, as we are a busy household. But wanted to join in. I was very involved with my oldest's sons DDC and we carried on threads for several years - made some great online friends.

I had all my boys naturally (and nursed them all too) - my oldest was a hospital, midwife waterbirth. My twins was a hospital midwife birth - they wouldn't allow me in the tub due to 'high risk'. HA! After 48 hrs of labor - I showed them what a woman can do. My birth story is on here somewhere if you'd like me to link to it. So I am looking forward to another natural birth with this one. We had a quick early ultrasound to rule out twins again, as my twins were completely natural and a total surprise as I didn't find out until almost 20 weeks pregnant. So this time, I wanted to know. Just one little precious peanut!

Hope to get to 'know' you all soon. I guess I am one of the veteran moms, so I'd love to offer support or advice to any first timers. I know how anxious it can be.

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of course you can.

and congrats!

if you get a chance, come introduce yourself on our may 2011 roster and sign up for the spotlight thread if you'd like to participate.

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Welcome! I'd love to read your birth story.
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Welcome to the DDC - your stories sound very inspiring. Birth story junkie here who'd love to read

Have a wonderful pregnancy and look forward to sharing with you and all the wonderful ladies here!
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Hello, Mama Bear! How long have you known you were pregnant this time?
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Hi Mama Bear! and congrats!!

I'm not very active around here either - though I'm hoping it's just temporary - the nausea has me feeling a bit like a zombie right now and I don't always have the desire to do much more than drool into my pillow, much less stare at this bright screen!
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Found the birth story:

I knew pretty early on this time that I was pregnant. We've been charting/NFP for over a year. My luteal phase is always 13 days long, so when I was on day 14, 15, 16 and no temp drop - I knew. Hubby was out of town - I took a test I had left from the twins. Positive right away. I waited to tell him until he got home 2 days later. He freaked out and was a zombie that whole weekend. He's warming up slowly, hoping and praying its a girl. Though the nausea has been rough on him, I crash at night and he has to take over with the 3 boys. And now right as I am feeling more normal, we all get sick. I have a horrible cough/congestion that just won't go away. It sucks. No family here and hubby is out of patience. Fun times...didn't mean to turn this into a vent. Its been a challenge as this was a completely unexpected pregnancy.
I have a sitter coming over tomorrow so I can rest a little, which I should be doing now.
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hello and welcome to the club
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Welcome! Cool birth story! I hope you get to feeling better soon.
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Welcome! I am a twin mom too. Mine are 2 and I have a 4 year old so I have no idea what you are talking about when you say 'busy'. Mine were all nursed and natural births too!
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