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Choroid Plexus cyst!

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So I am 19 weeks pregnant and just had my ultrasound. the doc called me in and told me the baby has a choroid plexus cyst and there is a 1 in 374 chance of baby having trisomy 18. Baby looks good other than that so she says my chances are lower because of that. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am pretty upset even though the chance is pretty low. thanks
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dd #1 had this as well. My dr scheduled a follow up sono a few weeks later with a perinatologist and it was gone. In fact the perinatologist thought my obgyn was overreacting by sending me to him because he said the choroid plexus cyst very rarely means anything when there are no other issues (I had none) and they usually go away on their own when there are no other problems which is what happened in my case. He may have thought my dr overreacted but I appreciated my dr's thoroughness! Even though the odds are in your favor it's stll not an easy thing to go through!
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My now 3wk old nephew had one that resolved without issue. My poor sister was so upset, so I did some research and found that her doctor was majorly overreacting. Yes, Trisomy 18 is nothing to just brush off as not being a big deal, but to sum up what I read, the CPC is just a marker, not a certainty. If the baby had the cyst and several other markers, T18 would be more likely, but if that is the only marker it is usually not a big deal at all. Do some reading to put your mind at ease and best wishes!
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DS2 had one, plus a 2 vessel cord. I was a nervous wreck! It resolved itself though and he is perfect. Just born at home Thursday.
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DS had this with no other markers; it was gone by the next ultrasound. He is a healthy and happy 4 year old now!
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Same here - DS had bilateral choroid plexus cysts at 20 weeks. No other markers, and they were completely resolved by 28 weeks. He's now a happy, healthy 6 week old . Don't worry, mama!
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Thank you all sooo much! I've been beside myself all day, even though my doc said it was unlikely. Congratulations to those who have their new healthy babies!
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