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I invested in a Suse Kinder coat and love it. I can wear a front or back carrier with it. It's super warm in very cold weather. I've often worn it on long walks in the winter and both me and baby have stayed warm. In the spring I can take the fleece liner out and just wear that or the shell. It was so nice that I bought a second one so DH could also wear our kids comfortable in the winter.

I had never heard of that coat - thank you for sharing!  Have been really interested in the MCoat but just doesn't fit my budget - this one seems much more affordable! 

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I always just put the baby in a snowsuit in the sling over my own coat.

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For safety sake baby should be worn to your body then outer wear worn over you and baby.

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What's the safety risk of having the carrier over the mother's coat?

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Exposure, this is esspecially important for babies under 4 months of age.


 The surfaces of many winter clothes are designed to be puffy creating suffocation concerns. Many styles of winter outerwear have slippery finishes, that can cause carriers to slip creating positioning issues and possible dangers to baby.


Most carriers (ring slings, wraps, Asian styles) you develop the carrier,  as it relates to the wearers body and that of the wearie. Outer wear interferes with proper tying, tightening of these style carriers.

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Oh, ok, I see what you are saying. I always choose my coat and the baby's snowsuit carefully and test the carrier with it to make sure it works. I can imagine certain carriers being hazardous, especially with those bulky and stiff suits many babies wear.

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When I wear my dd outside in the cold, I use my hubby's coat (I wear a L-XL in women's and he wears a XXL in men's). Then, dd wears a hat and I use a scarf/blanky to go in between the two of us (plus she wear a sweater if it is just bitter). We are quite warm and comfy.

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I am pregnant with my second babe right now and ended up having to buy a maternity coat this time around. I live in Maine and will be pregnant through the coldest parts of the winter, but I'm planning to keep using my maternity coat for babywearing once our son arrives. It's definitely roomy enough to wear a carrier underneath.

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I have a "sleepy wrap" and its a heavy jersey - it probably isn't warm enough for the cold weather your are talking about, but it is warm enough for our winters.  I have the opposite problem, trying to find a wrap that is good for hot weather as I find both bub and I get too hot for wearing in our Australian summer!

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I had been contemplating buying a Peekaru to go over our Ergo, but didn't want to shell out $80---so I recently happened upon a really cheap alternative: my husband's size-XL zip-up, hooded sweatshirt from Target. It fits perfectly over the baby in his carrier & keeps us both warm. I put my coat on over top of the sweatshirt (the sleeves are a little tight, but it still works.) Not the chicest-looking option, but it gets the job done!

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Where can you get an Amauti? It looks perfect for my -30 and below walks!

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We have several carriers (Ergo, Moby, Bjorn, Sling, Handmade Hip Carrier) I usually go with the Moby Wrap, it's comfy for both of us. I dress my 7 month old daughter in a long sleeved onsie, socks then an outfit with long sleeves and feet attached. Then she gets her fleece suit and a hat and the suit has an attached hood that I put up too, this helps keep her neck warm. The suit has built in hand covers that flip over her hands to keep them inside the sleeves. Then into the moby she goes. I usually wear a sweater and a sweatshirt or jacket over us both. She stays nice and warm up against me and i can pull the moby around her to shield her face even more. I like the moby best because it covers her best out of all the carriers and her hands are right under my arms which keeps them extra warm.


She has always hated the car seat so we never bring her in stores in it we just take her out and I carry her in the moby for our grocery shopping too! She usually falls asleep when we are almost done shopping. This is an old picture from the fall but this is her fleece suit. It's an old model from Patagonia, I like it because the front panel zips up on both sides. Making it easy to get her into it, and unzip and pull down for while we are in a store, but keeping her legs inside. The legs also unzip and zip together so it can be more like a sack which is good for when they are tiny or not in a carrier. It's a hand-me-down and has gone thru 5 of her cousins and is still in great shape! We love it!


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I've never heard of these until now, they look really great! I would check ebay if I were you and you may be able to get a used one cheaper. Good Luck!

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I usually didn't bundle my daughter up too much.  I would walk my dog in very cold weather, but just wrap her to myself, and cover us both with a coat and a small blanket over her head to keep the wind out if it was that cold.  If you are warm, your baby will be warm.  It is important not to over heat the baby. I wore my husbands coat or my dad's old coat, worked like a charm. 

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I totally agree that there is no use for a jacket for a baby most of the time!  My son is 10 months, and all the jackets we found for him were bulky and had to be taken off to buckle the car seat anyway.  I dress him in layers, and when wearing him outside use a moby wrap and then I have a super soft and warm alpaca wrap that is big enough to go around both of us.  It is warmer than any coat I've ever had!  Completely keeps the wind out.  And, it was made by a local woman who raises alpacas, so I feel super eco-friendly when we wear it!  :-)

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Amauti's are hard to get as they fall under intellectual property rights.



They are awesome however!


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I've never heard of these until now, they look really great! I would check ebay if I were you and you may be able to get a used one cheaper. Good Luck!

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I put a pair of leggings and a sweater under her pants and jacket and warm socks. I usually get the leggings online and my favorites are from this website www.sockoes.com comfortable, warm and cute, the price is not bad at all. 

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