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Overheard at park today

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When dd and I arrived at the park today there were two boys hanging out on the swings. They were probably around 10 or 11. I was pushing dd on the swings and overheard them talking about girls, and trick-or-treating, and their buddy being grounded. When dd started running for the slide I then heard one of the boys go "The baby is so cute. I can't wait to have babies. I'm just going to play with them all day, every day. It'll be sick. I cant wait." the other kid agreed earnestly, and then said "I'm going to name my baby Al Pacino." his friend thought that was a most awesome decision.
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That's awesome.
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Hopefully he doesn't have a girl.
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That is so cute!
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Originally Posted by mtiger View Post
Hopefully he doesn't have a girl.
Alice Pacino? It could work.
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That is so cute!! My dd's friend plans his future career choices around jobs that will be good with kids and has planned out how many he wants. My dd is irritated by young children and says she is never having any. This will probably change when puberty hits, but I think it is really cute right now.
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This is the sort of story that gives me hope for the future!
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i shared this with dh and he was all
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Ok, I'm definitely NOT telling DH about this thread because I'm pretty sure it would put ideas in his head about possible boy names if we ever have a boy!
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Love it!

A few years ago when DS was about 6 mons I was wearing him in my wrap and was on an outing with my at the time 11 year old niece and her friend when i overheard this conversation.

"Oh man babywearing is so cool"
"yeah, I'm never going to buy a stroller when I have a baby"
"I'm going to use a ring sling what kind of carrier are you going to use?"
"Well I will probably want a wrap and then a ring sling too but I think a pouch would be good"
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DH told me the other day one of his favorite things is when little kids comment on how cute DD is. I had to aggree.

I remember once on the subway 4 young kids were fawning over DD, and a boy (maybe 8) kept whispering to his mother, "look at her hair. I like how it does this." and just beaming back at DD.

My heart was melting. I was like, 'you are adorable.'
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So when I starting reading this, I was totally expecting something to be said that would have sent you running from the playground. So glad I was wrong! That was so cute.
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I just LOVE the "it'll be sick." part. I can totally, totally hear it. Awesome.
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I, too, love that this turned out to be a happy post!

Not about baby-wearing, just a hilarious kid moment - we decided to hand out beanie babies for Halloween (don't get many kids here). One little Superman (maybe 8 or 9?) came to the door and DH held out the bowl with the beanies in it to him. The kid goes, 'are you SERIOUS????' in this loud, incredulous voice, then goes, 'man, that's just awesome, bump it, bump it' and throws out his fist to bump with DH - who was laughing so hard he almost dropped the bowl. Kids are a hoot!
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