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Out of all the trick or treaters we had on Sunday, only one kid actually acknowledged my 8-month-old (no biggie, he was pretty subdued cause it was late). An 8-10 year old ninja said "Your baby is so cute!" and then walked away
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Love it!
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Those boys musta been home/un schoolers

Love the 'it'll be sick' part. too cute

The 'bump it bump it' it hilarious too!

Maybe we should have a funny things kids say and do thread?
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I was expecting the worst when I opened this thread. So glad it was cute. LOVE IT!
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I recently took DD to the toy library, and a whole bunch of teenage girls were sitting outside eating lunch. Being pathetic and wimpy I'm kind of nervous of teenage girls, so I prepared to run the gauntlet while they laughed at my hair and criticised my clothes.

Only they didn't. Instead there was a loud chorus of "Awwwww, she's so cute!" as they all gushed over DD pushing her tiny pram back to the toy library. One girl even offered her a lolly. It was unexpected, and sweet.
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