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PDX MDC Mamas Holiday Party!

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It's official!! MDC Mama Holiday Gathering on Sunday, December 12th from 1-4pm at the Montavilla Community Center. No need to RSVP, bring $4 per family toward room rental (any extra money will be donated). Dessert potluck, list ingredients if you can for allergies. This is a great group of families so come join us!
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I would love to come to this but not sure if we can make it. Are there going to be a lot of people coming? Is there room for the kids to run around?

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i hope to come with my new baby and look forward to meeting you!

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i just made my cookies and looked up the thread to find directions and realized it's tomorrow. not today.

cant' make it tomorrow, have fun! ihope to meet you all at another time

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Oh no, for some reason I marked this as next Sunday. I'm so sorry to have missed this. How was it? does anyone know if there is another meet up in portland or surrounding areas soon? 

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