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Swamy there are a ton of trees going around on our local freecycle....maybe you will be lucky enough to catch one on yours smile.gif
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ooh thanks, I will go check mine!


So... who's gonna start the DEC 2010 low income thread??? who will it be........

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Originally Posted by sunanthem View Post

Welcome, Lavatea! I will PM you my etsy shop! Glad to have you here with us! (oh, and our cable is out now... lol... couldn't pay the bill, but we are hooking up the lap top to the t.v. and we just signed up for a free month on netflix which I will cancel before they charge me.. teee heeee..)


Provocativa~ hugs, girl, sorry about the personal stuff and sending you good job hunting vibes, if you need 'em.


Ravin~ sorry about the promotion, but it sounds like you are making a good switch. I hate when I had jobs in the past that randomnly dropped my hours then some weeks it seemed like all I did was work.. not good for trying to pay bills, I know.


Someone for the love of goddess please tell me how this new multi quote button works; I am hitting the multi quote button, then hitting reply.. and nada shows up! arghhh


Jyotsna~ I've never heard such a thing... hope it all works out though.


So, we had a nice Thanksgiving with friends, I did not glance at anything sales related, stayed home and got my turkey/nap/TV sloth on.. this week has been tough getting back into the swing of school, and right before the holiday we had a meeting with my son's school where they threw out ADD or ADHD as a possibility, we are not interested in meds, so the counselor suggested an elimination diet, so we've started cutting out alot of things from my son's diet and he's working with the teachers on regulating his behavior.. it's alot to take in, it's especially hard to feed him b/c he is a picky eater to start with. My dd though has been very busy this week b/c she has her big play coming up tomorrow! Her school is putting on a huge play with 130 kids, 2 shows tomorrow, and 2 on friday. She is so cute and little, she's only 5 and she is a big fat egg. I look forward to seeing it on friday, it's my birthday and thank goodness they are giving each family 2 free tickets. I feel kinda bad that I can only see one show, we are all going on friday, if I went tomorrow it would cost us $13 for mom, dad and brother to go see her... it just sucks when I'm scratching for the gas to just get her there.

I did get a small paycheck for my work study today, though, so I got gas and the basics, we were out of TP, soap, shampoo, cat food, cat litter and laundry detergent. (went to family dollar and used their current coupon in their circular $5 off $25)

I really want a christmas tree... don't know where the $ for that will come from, so I'm still hoping for now..( last year we couldn't afford one either, we got a freebie pointsetta from the local Earth Fare and that was what we had our gifts around)

Been generally sad and stressed out; school is hard, parenting is hard, and it seems like everyone in my life is judging me. Hope to return to a better mood soon.


Hang in there ladies!

For the multi quote, you just hit "multi quote" on each post you'd like to quote, and then the single "quote" on the last one.  When you hit reply, it is erasing everything, because it thinks that you didn't actually want to quote, but instead, just reply to one posting.

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How is everyone doing? kiss.gif
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