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DH got denied for disability, again. I don't get it. He is legally blind by two doctors opinions. WHY doesn't SS think he's blind? Time to lawyer up.


And the company that holds my husband's money decided they weren't going to talk to him about anything without express approval from his aunt.


So I sent her a nice little email giving her one last chance to cooperate before I get a lawyer. (Which I hope I don't have to do because I can't afford one and I don't know if Legal Aid will cover this. lol)


BUT, I finally got a new caseworker and she worked my food stamps for me and I should have them again tomorrow morning, plus with my husband's drastic reduction in hours, we might get even more than we did.

And I am going to go apply for LIHEAP tomorrow. I am trying everything I can to stay afloat until my husband's hours pick up in a few weeks.

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How on earth can it be the middle of the month all ready?

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Somewhere in between when I watched the person who does my schedule put in my overnight shifts, and tonight when I went in to work (actually in between when it was put in and when it was finalized), my overnight shifts for this week were cut back out, leaving me just 16 hours, half what I usually work. The Asst manager who makes the schedules for overnights just said, "Sorry to hear that, you have to work what's scheduled."


I know it's not actually his fault, the District Manager has been breathing down necks so they've been VERY tight on payroll/schedules at our store for a couple of months now.


But I have no clue how we're going to make rent.

Okay, I looked at my budget, and we can make rent, as long as we don't pay the TV/phone/internet bill. Which means I get to call Qwest tomorrow and beg off paying them until my next payday, the 9th...


I hate this.


I wish I'd seen it sooner. If I'd spotted it right after the schedule was posted (last week), I might have been able to talk someone into fixing it. If not, I could have actually, oh, spent time with DD today instead of spending half of it asleep so I could work tonight.

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Ravin- I feel your pain, that happens to me on occassion with my job.  Shifts will get cancelled for no reason (im a sub) and it irks me to NO end. 

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I just hope it doesn't happen next month. Even once DH's UI kicks in, things are just SO tight here.


At least we can go on a grocery shopping spree on the 2nd.

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Hey mamas! I haven't checked in here in a while. I am 40 weeks today and am going nuts as this is the longest I have ever been pregnant. I went into labor early in the am on Sunday and made it to 4 cm and have been hanging out there ever since. RRL tea was making my contractions a bit stronger, but now I have run out and can't get any more :(. I have gone on tons of long walks and as much sex/orgasm as possible. Things pick up for a few hours then go back to normal. My birth pool is taking up like half of my tiny apartment, but I am afraid that if we take it down, that will be when I need it, lol. The two older kiddos have been with their dad for this reason. Other good news is baby's daddy is going to be at the birth. I knew all was not lost for him, lol. He keeps telling me I am hoarding the baby from him now since Sunday though. He seems more impatient to meet this new little one than even I am, which is really funny. Anyways, send some good active labor vibes for me.

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I would like to join please.


We are almost debt free-but except for the house. (Only 22 more years to go! huh.gif )


Dh's hours were cut and he lost $6 an hour to stay employed.


We are barely making it each month.


Have no clue for Christmas. I've applied at Salvation Army so I hope that will work out.


I am thankful for:


My wonderful healthy children!

My hard working man

Our home

Our food

Our clothes


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Today was a good day (friday).  We stayed in jammies all day and practied relaxation.  Saturday DS has drama class and I hope to get some crocheting done.  Actually finishing a project would be great.


We are leaving Weds for a week's vacation that is a great gift from my cousin to see her and the family.  I love my cousin for this wonderful opportunity.


Oh I forgot DS and I have tickets to see 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' Saturday night... he is elated.  As a super special treat we are also going to have dinner out (with a coupon of course!)  and DS and I wearing our super special holiday clothes  LOL....

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We went and saw Harry Potter last night. Yay for gift certificates! DD is at the grandparents', so even though I'm heading to work on only 3 hrs sleep, I can take a nice, long nap when I get home.


Going to talk to the asst Mgr about the CSM (front-end supervisor) position opening up. Wish me luck. Not that I especially want to go full time, but we could SURE use the money.


Speaking of which, went to DES yesterday to file proof of changes. So DH and DD qualify for medicaid for this month, but assuming DH's UI comes through, won't for next month. Barring income increases they should once the baby comes, though. Oh, and our food stamp allotment that starts on the 2nd was upped from $202 to $256. So even if we have trouble making our bills, we'll have PLENTY to eat. I'll even be able to restock our depleted pantry.

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My new job is going well and the language thing hasn't been a issue much so far. I felt fine all this morning and now all of a sudden vomitting all over the place. I have work tonight from 3-8 so I am just going to have to go sick as this store is so small there is only 2 of us so if one isn't working the other has to be. Anyways, just wanted to update.

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Hugs Avery, hope you feel better

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 Hi Ladies. I stumbled onto this thread when I was looking for something else. I am so glad that I did. It is so hard to find a forum where you do not feel like the odd woman out because you are a low income family. It always seems like there is no one else out there who has the same issues or at least they are not brutally honest about them.




 We are a family of 6, although part of the year my two older kids live with their father. We live on about 1400. a month from my husband's income. We just moved to a new state and we are trying to get back on our feet after a disasterous two years in Florida. We are in so much debt to family members who have kept us afloat while we struggled to try and make things work in Florida. In the end we hated it there so it was sort of a relief when we lost our house and could leave.


 Right now things are really hard. Our van died at the start of the month and we could not afford to fix it. Thank goodness my grandmother took care of it for us. We only know ONE person in the entire state of Alabama so it is not like we can just call someone for a ride.


 I am working for ChaCha as much as I can because I need to make the money to transport my sons up to their father in New England for Christmas. When we were moving I messed up my checking account really badly by accident (used the wrong debit card to pay for something and did not realize it until I spent the other money) so there went all my child support deposits for the last two months. I am not too fast on ChaCha (I see we have another ChaCha Guide on here!) and there are so many distractions and demands on my time.


 We were also waiting on approval for food assistance. Last week we were finally approved but the card is not here yet. My husband's check had to go to pay all the bills and of course he missed some work when we moved and then again when our van died so it is tight. I am having to dig up money for food since we ran through all the food that we started with. Every time I get a good stash of money saved for our trip north I have to spend it on food. Ugh! It is so frustrating.


 We don't even want to talk about Christmas!


 On a good note this time of having less has really made us appreciate everything we do have. Each day that we do have food is a blessing, even if we have had to settle for cheap margarine instead of butter and eat spaghetti three times a week. I can't even tell you what a blessing it is just to know we were approved for food assistance, it takes such a weight off knowing that soon I can feed my family some better food. It is not our favorite thing to have to get help but you gotta do what you gotta do to get by.


 If any of you are Alabama Mommas could you tell me how long it took to get your food card in the mail? According to the automated line we were approved on the 13th and the benefit was available on the 16th.

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We had a super time at 'The Grinch' tonight.  The play was awesome and DS loved it!!  Im so glad I spent the $ on the tickets (discount code of course). 

We went out for dinner at a real restaurant and I had the usual problems.  I got charged for DS drink even though he had a kids meal...  AND I had a coupon for a free kids meal so either way his should've been FREE... that just makes me soooo mad...But I figure if you cant get the bill right it saves me a buck or 2 off your tip.


Overall DS and I had a great evening out and a great day.

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I don't post on here much even though we are low income.  We usually do just fine with the help of food stamps and budgeting, so I can't complain.   I really can't complain now either, but I'm sure all you other mamas know that this time of year is very stressful to be lower incomed.  Not only because of Thanksgiving and Christmas expenses, I have a lot of birthdays as well.  It just seems there is so much to do this time of year and not a lot of time to do it in, ya know?  It's harder to keep track of all the expenses too.  I've done the budget and we will be able to eek by this holiday season with little pain.  YAY!  But I do hate that lately little expenses keep coming up that I forgot about.  Like tonight, I have to have hubby run out for butter, sour cream, saran wrap, and cheesecloth for Thanksgiving dinner needs.  I should have realized that I'd be getting in over my head covering all the side dishes this year!  Then there is the worry about my husband needing to clear up a years' old fine in CA so he can get his license renewed by the end of this month (pray he can get another extension!), which will cause extra stress and money.  I'm just trying to take it easy since I'm about to pop out a baby boy any day now.  Thankfully the hospital is close by. 

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Need a little more luck, going to talk to the Asst Mgr to see if they've made a decision about that CSM position. If I don't get it, the daytime Asst Mgr has said he can give me a full 32 hours in the cash office each week, which would be great for taking away the uncertainty over how many hours I'm getting, and lovely from a sleep standpoint, but I'd lose my $1/hr overnight differential. It's still less money to lose than a full 8-12 hrs. of pay in a week if my hours are shorted.


Really, despite the difficulty of overnights, I'd rather have the CSM position, which is full time (38-40 hrs/wk and slightly better benefits, including sick pay and disability insurance) and has a $.50/hr raise over what I'm making now as well.

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ravin- keep us posted.... thinking of you today!

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Thanks, Zebra!


Overnight Asst Mgr is dragging his heels on the CSM thing; as far as I can tell, they're not even going to address it until after Black Friday craziness is over with. He did ask one of the overnight cashiers if she wanted it, and she told him no, flat out. She's an older lady and said she doesn't want the responsibility, plain and simple. There is the unspoken reservation about me being pregnant that might keep them from giving it to me, that and not wanting to add anyone to the full-time rolls right now. So it's still up in the air, but it looks like I've at least got my 32 hours this week and next.


In the mean time, DW#2's mom called her yesterday and let her know their power got shut off. Their house has been foreclosed on and they have to be out by the end of December; they have no income besides food stamps right now. Her mom's been trying to get SSI for like 2 years, her stepdad had a stroke a few months ago, and her 18 yo sister who lives with them just found a job, but she can hardly support the 3 of them on her own. I agreed to have DW#2 give me $20 less than usual for her share of rent/utilities so she'd have enough to get her mom's electricity turned back on.


That left us $40 short on rent and our Qwest bill still unpaid, except I went and sold some gold jewelry I had sitting around--a class ring from my jr year of high school from a school I wound up not actually graduating from, and a bracelet I bought in Bahrain in 2001 back when I was in the service with money to burn.


So now we have enough for me to meet my volunteer obligations, catch up the bills, pay my law school application fee, and probably fix at least the immediate problems with the van, and with $40 budgeted for gifts next month our December budget actually balances. Yay!


Of course, that's a one time hat trick. No more gold stashed anywhere. Still, it takes the edge off holiday stress.

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How do you all handle felling deprived? :(


It seems like everytime I save some money for extras bills or something, I end up spending it on wish list stuff.....like a new curriculum piece for homeschooling or a cute shirt for one of my kids.


I can't seem to control it.  I feel so guilty about not having money.  I don't want them to suffer or "feel" poor so I overstrtch myself making sure that they get what I think is important for them to have.  Sigh.


I am just worried about this as the holidays come up. :(


Anyone relate?

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Thanks Zebra! Work is still going okay but it has quickly turned from a part time job to a full time job. Oh well the money is nice. I am working all day on Thanksgiving from 9am-7pm so we are going to hit up my sisters after work but still a bummer time to work.

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Yes, definitely. In fact I did this over the last few days. Spending what should have gone to savings or bills on things I think we "need".

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