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Not feeling good...dont know what it is.

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I have not felt good the last 3 days. I cant put my finger on whats wrong, though. I am nauseous, but not overly. I am not MS nauseous. I am blah nausesous. I have no appetite at all. I am making myself eat.(this is not like me) I feel incredibly heavy all of a sudden. I have gotten bigger over the last week. THere is no pain anywhere. I also feel flu ish, but no fever, headache, runny nose, cough, sore throat, etc, just the over all general ill feeling. I am not having any issues with pee, sleep, etc. I just feel very under the weather. I have also not felt the babes move AS much, since Sunday. Sunday they were partying in there, and since i started feeling bad, they are moving,but it has slowed down considerably. BUt they are still moving regularly. Blood pressure is normal. I just dont know whats up. I havent felt this way since being pregnant.No bh contractions either. Just had cervix checked last wed, and it was nice and long.
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Maybe you are fighting a stomach bug? It's that time of year. And maybe the babies are running out of room?
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i hope you feel better soon.
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I agree with Cujobunny, maybe you're fighting a stomach bug. Its not hitting you too hard because your body's got it half contained but its still making you feel blah and sapping your energy. I find when I'm not feeling too hot my lo chills out and isn't so active. I've found that through all three pregnancies.

Feel better soon!!!
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I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I could have written the same post yesterday, only I am having some pain around my belly & my LO is moving like crazy, I think that's part of my problem. S/He is moving so much it's giving me BHC's & my belly is so heavy feeling, I think the combination was making me feel nauseous.

Hope you feel better soon, I wish I had some miracle cure advice!
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Glad to find this thread!

Yes! I am feeling the same way. Not really nauseous, but an aversion to smells, tired. But then again, yesterday I just felt like crying the whole day. At first I freaked out and thought it must be Listeriosis and there was something wrong with the baby, but now that I'm calmer I am thinking there must have been a big hormonal shift.

Either way, hope you are feeling better.
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I have been feeling a little off too. The weather is changing and the heat is on which has been drying out my nose and throat. I had a wicked spell of the worst stomach issues on Thursday night - worse than labor! And I have been in crabby overdrive. It feels like everything is just getting on my nerves. And I'm crying at the drop of a hat. Otherwise I'm totally happy and very excited for this baby. I think it's called nearing the "third trimester" (add scary music here) Ladies we are almost out of the "funmester" and in the home stretch.
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I had a similar thing go on for a couple days and then went away. It came back for a couple hours and then went away. Gosh, I don't know, mama! Maybe it's just pregnancy blahs?
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I've been feeling like that too.  Just general mild nausea and achiness and fuzzy-headedness.  On and off for about a week.  Particularly in the second half of the day.


And yes, I've been having some constipation.  I am thinking that I might not be staying hydrated enough.

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It lasted about 4 days and then DUH it hit me!! I had gotten the flu shot a week before. I have never gotten it before, but did this time due to having the twins and just being extra precautious, nobody actually suggested I get it, weirdly. I just pretty much decided to. So yeah, thats probably what it was. I am not constipated anymore!!WHOOHOO so thank you miralax and prune juice!

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