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Maternity shirt coverage question

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With my last pregnancy, my shirts didn't quite cover all of my tummy towards the end. I'm tall with a fairly long torso so even not pregnant, I frequently have problems with the length of shirts. I'm considering sizing up so I'll hopefully have more tummy coverage towards the end. Anyone with the same issue try sizing up?
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I'm starting to stick out the bottom of my maternity shirts too and I'm only 5'3"! I think I'm sticking WAY out there or something. I guess if it was by more than just a little or I had enough time left to make it worth my money I'd buy new shirts but I don't leave the house much and I only have 5 weeks until my due date.

Maybe you could find a different style? I have a few shirts that are inches longer than the others... I just don't remember where I bought them!
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I woudl def try different brands. Also bella band or loooong under shirt might help.
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I have good luck with the old navy tanks under some tops that are shorter or end up shrinking. I'm 26 weeks and my belly is already hanging out from the bottom of some tops (and these are larges, the XLs are way too big on me in the shoulders).
I don't want to look like I'm wearing a trash bag.
Try either pants that have the stretchy "magic" full panel bellyband or long long lean tanks. I think old navy actually sells "long" sized tanks. They don't have to be maternity, just LONG LONG LONG. I live in newengland, it's cold outside and and colder in our house, so layering is essential in the winter for us.
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$5 and there is a 30% off coupon on the home page. I'm wearing one now and it covers my bump when nothing else does (don't size down though).
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yep, having the same problem. i've found that some of the plain cotton liz lange long sleeve shirts at target to be a good length but still kind of slim fitting so you don't feel like you're wearing a garbage bag.
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I'm 5'3 and had the same problem last time, and this time around it seems to be occuring even sooner. I'm only 24 weeks and already having to retire shirts because I don't have adequate belly coverage.
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I just go with the gut hanging out because it seems to be almost inevitable toward the end.
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I had the same problem last time. This time, I got some Liz Lange maternity tank tops from Target that are very long and comfy. I also got a bella band, also at Target, which has been very valuable in covering the gap and I can wear shorter shirts with it and it just looks like layered shirts, although depending on the shirt you can tell it's not a shirt. Oh well! better than my belly hanging out!
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I don't know how it will work out just yet (I'm 27 weeks with my first), but I have several of the Motherhood Maternity shirts that have the gathers on the side. They do seem to grow with your belly, lengthwise and out. Maybe try those?
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I'll third or fourth the idea of using tank tops. Those are by far the longest I've got and good for layering in the winter. I'm also tall with a long torso and have problems with regular shirts while not pregnant.
I have a couple from Old Navy and also one from Target I really like because it's not too thin, not too thick and is snug fitting which I like for layering. I have it on or I'd look and see who it was made by, probably Liz Lange.
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Another vote for tank tops! I use the $5 long and lean from Target in XL. They're fitted enough to keep from adding any bulk, while long enough to go plenty far below my belly.
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Totally having the same problem (and I am a short gal)...

Pre-pregnancy my shirts are an XS/S. I tend to stick WAY out (not to mention gain a lot of weight) during pregnancy. I have outgrown most of my size M shirts (meaning, belly shows underneath) at 31 weeks. There isn't a large selection of maternity clothing where I am living (not anything I like, anyway) so I will most likely just deal.

I don't like to do the tank top thing, just doesn't work for me. I have found that the long sleeve t-shirts from Kohl's maternity are not only super soft, but also much longer than some of the other brands. The M still fits and I wish I had bought a few more in different colors the last time I was stateside!

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I have this issue a lot.. and have to size up.. but I hate it as it makes my clothes baggy.. but between shirts being to short and BB's being huge.. I often end up in a XL shirt (non-pregnant I'm in a M maybe L shirt) just to cover the boobs and belly!
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I've found that sizing up just leads to 'tent-like' appearance. I'm not sure why maternity designers think women need extra width, LENGTH!! length is what pregnant women need.

I'm 5'1 and didn't always have this problem. With my first 3 pregnancies, it wasn't an issue but I'm assuming it must be newer clothes that it's an issue. My last two pregnancies my clothes have hardly lasted throughout the whole pregnancy. In the beginning, I need smalls... midway through a medium and by the end a large. I can't say I'm any larger than the average pregnant mama but that's a pretty wide spectrum of sizes. I've actually had better luck (until the very end) with using regular non-mat clothes, the longer shirts being in style this time around has been awesome. Of course, I'm now 39+ weeks... not a whole lot that fits is comfortable haha.
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I'm 5'2" and have this problem towards the end, so I can only imagine how hard it is for taller mamas. I have found that Old Navy has longer length in most of their shirts without being too huge everywhere else. I tried on one of those ruched side shirts at Motherhood, and it seemed to run really long.
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These are nursing tanks, but I wear them under almost all my clothes during pregnancy. They come in a long size and I bought a size up so they would fit around my belly. Very nice, soft but thick material.

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Another vote for the bella band (at target). I got 2 and wore them under everything. It's like a tube top to cover the top of your pants and belly. I liked it because it covered the gap between my pants and shirt, but wasn't another full shirt - nice if you're preggo and HOT.
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I found some reeeeally long maternity tanks at Target this time that have really helped with this.
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Sizing up does not help me at all. I am a XL, but wearing 2x and the bands on all my maternity jeans show, it is frustrating because I am only 5'3". I hate layering, I get too hot, but the Belly Bands from target do help a ton.
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