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Oh boy....a vent

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In the last 24 hours, this baby has dropped so low I constantly feel like I have to poop, my contractions have started having some serious intensity (though nothing regular) and I can no loner reach my cervix. All good news---I hit 37w on Friday and I've had two boys in week 38, so I feel pretty good there.

But then this morning I woke up with a horribly sore throat, red patches all over it. It's strep. UGH. So now I have to go on an antibiotic and hope that either this baby shows up BEFORE the antibiotics kick in and I end up with a yeast infection or he hangs out long enough for it all to clear. Neither scenario seems likely.

So I'll be eating nothing but yogurt and probiotics for the next week or so! The only good thing I can see is that I'm not prone to yeast infections, so maybe I'll slip through this unscathed.
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ay yi yi! I'm sorry you have to deal with this NOW of all times.
sending healing vibes your way and hoping it clears up with miracle speed. Happy birthing mama!
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Oh no! I hope you feel better!! Antibiotics are the worst.
Hopefully he'll either hurry up or take his sweet time, and not go somewhere in the middle.
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remember to not take the probiotics and the antibiotics at the same time! They have the tendency to cancel each other out from what I heard. The antibiotics are more effective if you skip the probiotics for the first few days, then add them in increasing intensity! Good luck and some patience vibes coming your way!
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Ugh, that is terrible! Hope you feel better soon!
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I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope it all works out.
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Oh no! I hope it clears quickly.
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I'm so sorry! I was just reading about if the body waits to go into labor until the mother is feeling well. (Didn't figure it out). I hope it all works out well! Feel better soon!
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Thanks for all the good vibes!

My throat is feeling a ton better---and 18 hours in, no sign of a yeast infection (not that it would happen this fast, would it?)

Actually, in 31 years, I've never had one...what would the first signs be?
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Itchy, burning crotch and chunky cottage cheese like discharge. Pleasant, huh?
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Ditto to the above. The discharge doesn't smell off, though - if it does, contact your mw.

Sorry you have to deal with this now! But lucky you for never having a yeast infection...they aren't pleasant.
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Wow---they do sound pleasant!

Fingers crossed....and eating more yogurt as we speak!
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Ugh, that sucks. It's expensive, but the absolute BEST probiotic yogurt is Bio-K. It's in a little shot-sized container, and is amazing. I immediately have stomach/yeast issues the second I'm put on antibiotics, and Bio-K is the only thing that seems to keep me balanced and feeling normal. You wouldn't find it in a normal grocery store, but a good pharmacy or a grocery like Whole Foods would have it with the refrigerated probiotic vitamins.
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I'm glad you're feeling better! I hope you don't end up with any issues from the abx. Strep is one I would absolutely treat aggressively while pg.

I had abx once this pgcy and ended up with a rotten yeast infection. I'm not generally prone to them, either (in fact, I was on abx for 3 years STRAIGHT and didn't get them, at least not with symptoms) but for some reason the scales tipped this time. If you do get one, my MW recommended treating with Monistat for quick relief. I did the 1 day thing and while it wasn't gone in 24 hours it helped a ton and did go away completely.

I very much hope you avoid it!!
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