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Past due...oh the anxiety!!

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Ok, I said all throuought my pregnancy that I would not be one who would get so impatient when I go over due...which I knew I would by the way. Now, 4 days past my EDD (yes, I know ESTIMATED delivery date) I am starting to get bummed out. I have heard all the "no one is pregnant forever" and "baby knows when it's time" stuff and I absolutely belive those phrases. I am not anxious for baby to come out because I'm uncomfortable. I'm just ready to go through labor meet "it". Yes, "it". I want to know if I have a son or a daughter!!!

Oh the overdue woahs!
I have been walking daily.
Another bummer is that DH and I haven't had sex in like 6 months. He is one of those guys that it just weirds him out a bit, and we were never overly active anyway. Its been no big deal...until now. I have not felt the sexiest anyway. But, now we probably should and I feel very uncomfortable with him being uncomfortable with it and I don't want to make him do it under those circumstances. (This probably sounds weird. It seems like most DHs want to do it all the tiome) What if...uh..."things" don't work, IYKWIM...Because he is weirded out. That would make me feel horrible.
Do we have to do it???

Ok. sorry for the pitty me post. Had to get it out though!
Thanks for listening!
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its rough isn't it? i was sure i would go early as everyone in my family had all their babies around 38 wks.. Nope, due date came and went. it felt like endless waiting but it will be over soon!! keep walking, try to relax, keep you feet up and eat well. enjoy these last moments to be totally alone with your partner. my midwife always told me my baby would come when i absolutely could not stand being pregnant another second and that is exactly what happened! good luck and hang in there!
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I was 2 weeks overdue with my last child, I was sure of my dates and my first was right on time.

Dh and I let the answering machine pick up calls and kinda became hermits because we quickly became tired of everybody asking "no baby yet?

We went for MANY rides over bumpy roads, couldnt walk because of my hips.

We had planty of sex and it didnt work for us.

Enjoy your last days
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in response to the sex thing--apparently it doesn't need to be regular sex. what you want are the prostaglandins in the semen. so if you forgive my frankness you could go the oral route, but you have to swallow
ok, if that's just too much, there are prostaglandins in evening primrose oil, and it comes in capsules.

just like the other post-relax and enjoy this time, if you can swing it maybe get a massage or something purely pampering.
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i am just sending you love vibes mama, I have no words of wisdom as both my babies were way past the EDD. I am due for number three in a few weeks and tell everyone that I have a due date but I am not really expecting to have the baby too close to that day.
Perhaps I will have a pleasant surprise............

Congrats in advance on your little one, really it will happen soon
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I needed to post- Has the little one come yet???? I was 10 days overdue- well the EDD- lol... I (like you) could not wait for birth or to see my little "it"- what I had thought all along was a boy (no USs or anything- just a feeling) turned out to be a girl! lol... Labor vibes to you.. And, I hope it is a magical moment for both you and your DH- some guys are just weird about that stuff, I felt huge but sexy when I was preggo- now I just feel huge :LOL Let us know when the little one arrives! I love birth stories!
Labor vibes on their way to you!
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Thank you so much for the labor vibes, crayon.
I saw my midwife to day and I feel now that the baby is closer. Maybe because after she examined me I have had bloody show all day! Yipee!! Its something! I had a bumpy car ride, spicy Indian food, blue cohosh, and tommorw I will attach myself to the breast pump.

I believe there will be a baby at my house by Monday, ok maybe Tuesday!

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I'm overdue as well. I have had more people tell me to have sex in the last 2 weeks than I thought possible. We tried it a few times, but it was kind of logistically hard and didn't do anything according to the exams since then. I was just joking with a friend that he should put it in a cup and get the turkey baster, (hope that's not to crass for any of you).
Anyway I am looking at using Primrose Oil vaginally. I heard it doesn't do much if swallowed. One lady suggested doing a couple of pills a day, but I don't know what mg. amo. to use. Any ideas? It is supposed to produce the same (hormones/prostrogladins (sp? and not sure of accuracy of which term to use) as sperm. It may be an option for you as well, especially if you are having dialating/effacing issues like me.
Well whatever the case I feel you pain, and you are definately not alone!
There with you.

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Well, I was feeling good and ready yesterday after seeing my midwife but nothing yet. I tried the breast pump for about an hour and 1/2 this morning it it only gave me 2 contractions, very mild ones.
I am now officially a week overdue.

mse, I need to ask my midwife about the evening primrose oil. I'm not really having dilation and efaceing problems though. Actually, when I got checked yesterday, she had a hard time feeling my cervix because the baby's head was in front of it so it was pushed in a weird angle. I just think the babe is like its father and is lazy

The breast pump sucked by the way...uh...of course it sucked, that's it's function! What I mean is that it was the most uncomfortable thing...

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Amy that little one will be here soon, I hated my breast pump and used it as little as I could- I think maybe a total of 5 times thus far! The baby is soooo much better! still sending vibes!
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Hi Amy;
I've been using the Primrose oil and have been having some good progress with it as far as cervical prep. But of course it all has to do with what's going on with your particular situation.

Am very mad @ my Dr. He set up inducement date for me with out telling or consulting me. When I tried to talk to him about it he walked away from me. The poor NST Nurse scrambled to try to get me some sort of info on it. I had to call Labor and delivery to change it. It is so frustrating that Western Dr.'s tend to think their word is God and don't always acknowledge others peoples beliefs.

Well I hope if you do make it to your second week that it goes better than mine has, but on the upside one way or another it is only a matter of days now before we get to meet our new one.

Best wishes to you!

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That really stinks, mse. I would be very angry at my Dr. too.
So you were able to call and cancel the induction or did they make you reschedule for a later date. I'm just curious.

You are absolutely right. Our babies will be here...maybe tomorrow!

Good luck to you!!
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Thanks for your support. I am trying to educate myself as to the risks involved with waiting beyond the end of 2 wks, (mainly the degradation of the placenta itself). So much of this seems so individual and won't be known the actual situation until after the baby comes out. I don't what her to get distressed, but would like her to do her own thing. Everyone seems to be hesitant to say yes wait or no don't. I understand they don't want me to wait and have a problem based on their advice alone.

I told labor and delivery that I didn't think my dr. is talking to me, and they are trying to get their Dr oncall to switch the apt since it has to be done by a Dr. I might even be ok with the induction upon more education, but he should have gone through this with me.

Am waiting for a call from the hospital for a date.

Thanks again sorry for tagging on to your anxiety post.

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Dr.s get so weird once the 40 week hits- I think they have a secret plan to scare the crap out of women! When I was 41 weeks my DD told me that my baby may be breach- because she knew she was just a back up and I was planning on having my baby at home- but she knew that I would not have the baby at home if I was going to be delivering a breach baby! But I had had no US- so no one knew- and this was the one appt that Scott refused to go to! Of course! I told her she could run that wand on me- but it better be FAST- it was only a total of 15 seconds and guess what the baby was head down- VERY head down! I had my DD a week later! After many attempts from the doc to start things! I was even raking the leaves at 41 1/2 weeks trying to get something started! : Can you just see it- this HUGE chick out there raking! What a fool I had to look like- and like there weren't any leaves- it was MARCH!!! :LOL

They do come when they are ready! It is all just human nature!
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Thanks for the laugh crayon!

I too have thought how ridiculous I must look gardening or doing much of anything lately.

Well we have hit the 42 wk period and have decided to be induced. I've tried most everything I can to get things going on my own. It seems like a craps shoot whether to do it or not, but I want the baby to be healthy and fear that I don't have the hormones to kick things in gear in time before the placenta starts to deteriate.

So will be going into hospital today, and hopefully have this baby today or tomorrow and be able to start the next phase of life together.

I really appreciate your support.

Amy good luck.

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Oh mse!!! I'll be thinking of you! Please let us know all the good news after the baby is here. It will be a relief for you I'm sure.

Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

(still no baby for me by the way...12 days and counting...)
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I will think of you often and send more labor vibes your way....

Hang in there!!!!
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Yea I have my baby!!!!
They started to induce @1pm on Sat. By 6pm I was only up to 4cm so they upped the dose. Had very strong labor contractions till 3am when I needed sleep so badly that I succumbed to the Epodural. With each hour my natural child birth plan slipped through the window. Luckily I had my very supportive husband and wonderful Doula to help me thorough all the pain emotions and decisions. By around 8am I hadn't dialated at all but was fully effaced so they said they thought it was time to start thinking about a C-section. They gave my body an hour before they checked it again. I still hadn't dialated, but my Doula reccomended that I give it one more hour. At this point I was even doubtful of any change, but I thought why not another hour. I was trying massage, visualization and trying to meditate and connect with the baby and communicate to her to go down. In every way I could possibly think of. The Dr. came back to examine and had a funny look on her face and asked the nurse to double check her. It turns out in that hour I had gone from 4cm to 8cm. So we gave it another hour and I started transition contractions. By 12pm I was pushing. At 12:30 I asked how far along I was and if they had any idea of how long it would take. Of course they didn't so I told them, " I give the baby 30 more min." They laughed at me. I pushed surrounded by my husband holding my right leg, my Doula my left leg, and my mom (whom I hadn't even planned on having in the room during labor) holding my head up and giving me the oxygen mask. I felt so lucky to be surrounded by such support and love and know that I only had to worry about pushing the baby out and pulling my legs back. 44 min. later I had Anika Kaelyn 8lbs 9 oz. 21 in long 13 3/8 head, (which the cord had been wraped around probably attributing to the hold up as well as her vs my size). It just felt like a miracle to finally have her, let alone to have narrowly missed out at having a vaginal birth. I guess I ripped a fair amount, but that hasn't been as bad to deal with as I had feared. Anika is healthy happy and home. Yea! thank you all so much for you happy thoughts I know those 24 hours would have been a lot harder on me if I didn't know everyone out there was giving me good Ju Ju. If anyone needs a good Doula let me know. If it weren't for her I'd still be in the hospital recovering from surgery! I truly feel that it was all such a miracle.
So good luck to all of you overdue.
I feel your pain, and if you have to get induced please let me know I will light a candle for you and send you many good vibes.
Love to you all
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Happy birthday Anika! Yay!
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Welcome Anika!!!!

You did well mse!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!!!!!!
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