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Oh No! I failed...

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Crap! I failed the Glucose screening test. The max was 140 and I was 165. I have to go back tomorrow for the 3 hour test. What does this mean exactly. I know it means you have gestational diabetes but what is that exactly and how does if effect the baby and myself? Anybody with any experience?
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Actually, it doesn't mean you have gestational diabetes. In fact, it doesn't mean much of anything. It's just a screening that they use to "catch" the majority of people who do have gestational diabetes which is then diagnosed using the three hour test. I failed the screening and passed the three hour test with flying colors (so I don't have gestational diabetes). Try not to worry about it until you have the results of the actual test. Good luck!
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Okay, gotcha so it doesn't necessarily mean I HAVE gestational diabetes. Whooo... that wasn't the impression I got from the lady who did the test but maybe my mind was racing and I didn't completely catch everything. Thanks
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IME the nurses tend to sound scary when you fail the 1 hour...when mine called with my last pregnancy she made it sound like if I didn't come in THE NEXT DAY for the 3 hour (I had to push it back a couple of days) that something would happen to my baby.
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yeah, i totally failed the one hour with my first- i fasted too long before the test and it skewed the results. don't worry, but don't carb-load your whole pg, either!
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I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour with flying colors. My first reading is ALWAYS high. It takes me longer to adjust to the sugar load than other people, but once I do everything works out fine.
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Good news, I passed the three hour test no problem!
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yay! was waiting for your update.
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good to hear! was waiting to know too! Congrats!

Big Momma
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glad to hear the good results!

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good for you! I'm hoping for the same news tomorrow.

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