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Is this legit?

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Have any of you writing moms done it? It SOUNDS too good to be true, therefore it probably is, but I'm wondering if there is some money to be made doing this, even if it's not the scads of money they promise.

Thanks for any feedback
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that looks TOTALLY sketchy to me. not least because she says that "within a few months I had my first book published." even if her first book was sitting in her computer, completely polished, ready to send out, the publishing industry moves much more slowly than that. second, the sheer wordiness of the site tells me she's not a good enough writer to have five books legitimately published. and sure enough, a quick Amazon search shows she has no books published.

steer clear!
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She may very well have published several books--by self-publishing. Anyone can do that if they want to pay to do it. Copywriting is absolutely a legitimate way to make a living as a writer, but I wouldn't pay for the course. I would just buy (or borrow from the library) a book like The Well-Fed Writer or The Copywriter's Handbook. Lots cheaper and it will give you a good idea of whether or not you would be happy doing that style of writing and marketing. And while some copywriters can probably make as high as $150/hr for their actual billable hours, the amount of time they spend marketing far exceeds the amount of time they spend writing. You'll put in a ton of unpaid hours just getting the business.
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okay, yes, she could have self-published. but still, suuuper sketchy, IMO.
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I actually found some published books under her name on barnesandnoble.com. I can't say for sure if it's the same person, though! Yeah, publishing in a few months sounds like b.s.

I think I'll take the advice of going to the library to research this and going from there. Thanks for the replies!!
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