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Do stretch marks hurt?

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It feels like I have a nasty sunburn just around my belly button and the skin there is getting darker. It's right where my shirt chafes and belly bumps into things and it's pretty painful. I've been lathering with stretch mark cream and got some intense therapy Burt's bees cream, but it still hurts.

Any suggestions? It's stretch marks, right?
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Are there marks or is the whole thing red? Maybe its a rash or PUPPPS? My stretch marks don't hurt but idk if they can...
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My stretch marks have never *hurt*, but I've definitely had plenty of itching and irritation in the past.

Belly buttons can be especially susceptible when they've been pushed out, since they're not accustomed to rubbing against fabric. I've heard of many women wearing band aids over theirs to reduce the friction.

Your description sounds more like that than stretch marks. Stretch marks would be lines, rather than patches.

One other idea you might want to consider is your detergent. It isn't all that unusual to become sensitive to certain ingredients during pregnancy.
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I think I know what you mean, the skin around my belly button was hurting, like burning and then I noticed two little stretch marks starting from the top of my belly button, DH says he can't see them and the skin isn't red really but you can see how the texture of the skin has changed. So maybe they don't normally hurt, but I definitely found that in the days prior to their appearance, the area was sun-burny feeling for sure.
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Have you tried Mother's Special Blend Skin toning oil, I have found that relieves my itchiness. I also think it helps my skin, and it is fun to put on.
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