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DDCC - I switched doctors after a very similar situation 3 days before my due date and he was born (c-section for stubborn transverse) on his due date. There was no option for home birth or midwives, that I knew of, at the time. I ended up using state care, which had a horrible reputation but I knew nothing would be as bad as the doctor I left. I ended up with wonderful care. I even heard one older doctor tell the younger, learning doctor, to treat me gentle, that I had had a rough time so far. If you go with a doctor, know what is most important for you to come out of the delivery with - no pain meds, no snipping, etc. Chances are you can negotiate fetal monitor time, even if it means you spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Find out how you can make your experience known. I ended up writing a several page letter to the medical board in my state who then opened an investigation, and cleared him, of course. But, if anyone else ever has problems with him, they can get my information. I wish I had sued him.