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It's not looking good. =( Update #20

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I felt like absolute garbage yesterday. Not totally out of the ordinary for a pregnant lady, but this was bad. I actually fell asleep at my desk, had wicked stomache cramps all day, like the ligament pains but a bit worse, and ended up skipping my french lessons last night and calling it an early night. This morning, DP and I woke up and he was feeling in the mood, so we indulged. :P I had my shower and went down to start doing my hair, and he called me back up all upset because, well, he was all bloody. I checked and sure enough, so was I.

So is this the beginning of a miscarriage? I've actually never had one, so I really don't know if it was something triggered by sex, or if it was maybe already starting yesterday with the stomache cramps and everything.

I have my first appointment with my midwife next monday, and will keep the appoinment for now because I think I should probably go in and find out officially? I don't know, I've honestly never gone through this before, never experienced bleeding like this during pregnancy.

I'm just so sad.
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is it fresh blood or brown? are you seeing clots or is it strictly blood? spotting and even bleeding in early pregnancy doesn't always equal miscarraige--could be totally normal. clots are more likely to be a m/c, but still not guaranteed. basically, it is hard to tell! there are many cases of misdiagnosed miscarriages, just as there are many cases of early miscarriages. i've had two and just take care of yourself, rest, call your midwife if you need some reassurance. my early miscarriages started with spotting, then picked up bleeding and then turned crampy and clotty, similar to a heavy period but with more clots.
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I personally would call. How far along are you? Maybe they could do an ultrasound.
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I'm 7 weeks as of yesterday, as per my first ultrasound. The bleeding is bright red, and there appeared to be a little clotting. It only happened directly after sex, and I've checked since then and it's completely stopped. Don't know if that means anything. I know that sex can trigger some bleeding in early pregnancy, but since I've never experienced that before it has me a little freaked out.

I'll call the midwife, but as I'm brand new (and only going for my first appointment on Monday) I don't know that they can bring me in prior to that. I'll call at break and see. The not knowing is killing me. I'm trying to stay positive and hope that it's normal. But I just don't know. After the cramping I had yesterday, I just can't feel good about it.
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the fact that you aren't seeing big clots and that the bleeding has stopped is good. those are very good signs. i hope you get some answers soon! waiting to know is so hard...
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Bleeding is so scary in pregnancy! When I called my midwife with bleeding concerns at 10wks, her first question was "Have you had intercourse?". Sounds promising that it's stopped already. I agree - call the midwife!
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Did you have an orgasm? It sounds like directly related to intercourse.
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I did not. Does that make a difference? Hmmm.

Still waiting for a call back from the office. Odds are I'll probably have to wait until Monday at this point, though, unless they can manage to squeak me in tomorrow. This is my first time with a midwife so I don't know how different they are than OB's (who generally make me wait at least a week for an appointment, argh).

The bleeding has completely stopped, there's some mild cramping but no different than the normal ligament stretching pain I've been having for weeks. DP says no more sex until we see the midwife, though. I've been banned. :P
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I'd say the bleeding was probably from sex and would try not to worry about it since it did stop.

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Sometimes an orgasm can push out blood from uterus if there were other issues going on. That does sound like it was related to the intercourse. We are very sensitive in that area right now. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally scratched myself wiping and quite a bit of red blood. I freaked and dh accurately accessed it was from a scratch. So try not to worry mama, it sounds normal.
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just checking up as I see these posts were from yesterday.

Also wanted to add that my cousin also had this happen (after intercourse) scared the crap out of her, the nurse on the phone even told her it waas most likely a miscarriage but when she went in (after it completely stopped) her Dr told her it seemed her cervix just got bumped pretty hard and all those capillaries in there all swollen during pregnancy makes it bleed a lot with very little trama (which is why we can sometimes bleed or spot after what seems like a pretty gentle exam or cervical check)

She and DH just had to be a bit more gentle and stay away from positions that meant deep penetration as to not hit the cervix. Some of our cervix's are more easily irritated than others.

Hope this is all this was for you and the fact it stopped is a great sign just take it easy for a few days but getting checked out will make ya feel better.
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This happened to me too during my first pg. Dd is 2 1/2
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I agree with the others, it sounds directly related.

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I've had bleeding twice more over the weekend (non sex related) and my pregnancy symptoms seem to be diminishing, aside from the cramping. This just really sucks. We've suffered so many losses in my family this year, and the few people I've told were so excited about this. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel, right at the end of the year. This is just one more thing to destroy 2010 for us, and it sucks.

I'm seeing my midwife today. Keep your fingers crossed for me? I'm just so sad.
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thinking about you Mama, and hope all is well with you and your babe.
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I hope that all went well with your midwife. I have you in my thoughts. Blessings.

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hoping and praying it is all going well...i am 12 weeks today (FINALLY) and i struggled with spotting for a good 3 weeks or so...i was convinced we were losing the baby and made 2 ER trips and had 2 ultrasounds and a whackload of bloodwork done. all is fine and good so keep up your hope. i had a bit of bright red and some small clots too, along with a lot of brown and pink...try and rest and drink a lot of water!
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Thanks for the thoughts.  I saw my midwife on Monday, and although she said bleeding was nothing to be concerned about, she agreed to send me for an ultrasound given that I've had cramping and a tiny bit of clot-like discharge.  I'm heading out in a couple of hours for the appointment.  Keep your fingers crossed for me! 


The pregnancy symptoms are still diminishing.  I have energy again, no appitite (was eating non-stop a week ago), the sore boobs are gone, etc.  I swear my pants are even less snug than before.  Arghh. 


Three hours to go, and then I'll know for sure. greensad.gif

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I'll be thinking of you today, let us know how it goes at the u/s.  HUGS!

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Saw and heard a very strong heartbeat, and the baby is actually further along than expected so they've moved my due-date up to June 19th.  My daughter's birthday is June 18th....so we very could end up with a sharesy birthday...yikes!


So this whole experience has pretty much taught me to not trust my body and intuition, haha.  My pregnancy symptoms completely went away, I had red and brown blood with some small clotting, yesterday I had cramping that I could have sworn was similar to labour pains (but in retrospect was probably an allergic reaction to onion, which I really should not have eaten, heh), and I just haven't felt pregnant.  So yeah...I suck.


Thanks for the positive thoughts.  I'm so relieved!  Had to promise my partner that I wouldn't have any more stressful moments this entire pregnancy, heh. wink1.gif

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