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Night weaning and co-sleeping

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Has anyone completely night weaned and still continued to co-sleep? I am getting ready to start the process with my 17mth old DD, and was wondering if she needs her own bed to make the transition smoother. I'm not sure how night weaning will work if she's still in bed with me and the boobs are right there. Any ideas?
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My DD was gently nudged/decided to start STTN fairly recently. She is still in bed with us. She understands that if it is still dark out, milk is closed.
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Dd #1 nightweaned when she was just 2, and she was still in bed with me full time until about 3.5.
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I nightweaned my twins a couple of months ago and they still sleep with me. When they ask for milk, I tell them "milky went ni-night" and cuddle them back to sleep. They seem to do best with me patting them on the back for a minute. Now they are used to it and usually don't wake up anymore. When they do, we do that same thing every time. After bedtime, I don't nurse until it's an hour or less until wake up time.
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I have not yet night weaned my 31 month old besharing son but am contemplating it. This article was really helpful to me and I am planning on trying this approach when I eventually night wean. Good luck!

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Thanks mamas! The article was very helpful. I bookmarked it for DH to read when he gets home. I really didn't want to have to move her. We had to move our older DD to her own bed b/c she is a very restless sleeper. No one was sleeping with her flinging about in the bed. But DD2 is a huge cuddler and I'm not ready for her to go yet. Here's hoping that she follows the plan!
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All my kids (so far) have continued to cosleep full-time for about 2-3 years after they stopped nursing at night. Dh works nights, so I was on my own for most night weaning; if you have a partner at home nights to help out during the transition, that's helpful. Removing your breasts from the scene during nightweaning is good if you can manage it! It's still doable if you're on your own, but you definitely have to set yourself up for less rest for three or four nights.
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We used the Jay Gordon as a guideline with our son, and it took a couple of nights to adjust, but he stopped asking to nurse by the third night. Good luck, hope it goes well!
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