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I feel like I'm having postpartum SPD.  I had no issues before I had the baby, but now I keep having twinges of pain, especially when I'm trying to roll over in bed at night or when I first get up from lying down or sitting.  Anyone else have this?  I went to the chiro today, because I've also been really headachey lately.  We'll see if that helps.  


I'm not having issues this time (in fact, haven't had pelvic pain since Oct. sometime), but I had SPD twinges for two years after DS was born. Chiro only helped so much. What really got me over the hump to being pain-free was exercise, specifically Pilates.   There is a book called "Healing Pelvic Pain" that has some good exercises in it, too.

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she is such a happy little girlie. she sleeps a LOT though and hasn't gained much yet. im not sure how low her weight went but at her 1 week (thursday) she was not yet back to her birth weight @ 8lbs6oz (she was 8lbs 11oz at birth) she does nurse lots but maybe not as much as she could. i try to wake her and she dozes so easily! and she only nurses a few times in the night. i know it will change and that she is doing what she needs to do right now.. and since my other LO's have been slow gainers i know its just how they are.. but its hard not to worry about something!

thumb.gif  I"m so glad things are going well for you, Fern! It sounds like you've had such a great babymoon. As for Hazel's weight, everything I"ve read and been told says they should regain their birth weight by TWO WEEKS of age, so it sounds like she's doing great!  At two days shy of two weeks, Paige was still 6 ounces shy of her birth weight.  She was also very sleepy, and for a few nights, I woke her up every 2.5-3 hours to feed her. Now she wakes every 3 hours or so on her own (3w1d).


I"m still feeling lots of abdominal tenderness from the section, but I strapped P in the Moby wrap and took her for a walk today. It felt sooooo good to get out of the overheated house!  Temps were very chilly earlier this week (low of 17 F), but are now back to normal. What a relief!  I've got house and baby to myself for the moment, as DH took DS on an "adventure" today. love.gif

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This is my first time posting to this thread!  The first couple of days pp were good but tiring - today's the first day where I'm feeling more energy.  My mom has taken the kids to the park and out for lunch, which is a nice treat for them and gave dh and I a bit of quiet time (punctuated by nursing, of course).  Nicholas seems to be a very contented baby - loves to be held and loves to nurse, and I've been nursing him mostly in bed at night, so I've been sleeping more than I did in the first week with any of the other kids.  I'm waiting for the hormonal "baby blues" to kick in - with my others, it happened by the 2nd day pp - but it hasn't happened yet.  


Trying to give the older kids some extra attention - we were all getting on each other's nerves by the end of yesterday.  My oldest seems to be having the hardest time adapting and undergoing the most regression, which surprises me!  She's going to the ballet (Nutcracker) with some friends of ours this afternoon, which she's been looking forward to for months, so that will be good for her.


I love having dh home - he's a great dad, but also a great help around the house....right now he's mopping the floors!  He would rather "do" something than manage the kids all day, which is fine by me...it's a good compromise right now.  He goes back to work Jan 24, so it'll be so nice to have him around over Christmas.


OK - I'm hungry (again! I'm always surprised how much food nourishment nursing requires), so I'm off to rustle up some lunch.


Love to you all and your precious little ones.  love.gif

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Confession moment....


I haven't done laundry in a week.... ran out of cloth pads, didn't get to make my stash before I had Marah so I've been wearing these nasty sposie ones that have been in my cabinet FOREVER. They are scented on top of being plastic and OMG... yeah... there's a freakin' reason WHY I stopped using these so many years ago. *sigh* I have a chemical burn on top of major stitches, I was almost healed but I think this set me back quite a bit now. I'm using a prefold for the time being with a baby wipe (cloth) soaked in witch hazel to hopefully make the burn less and soothe the very sensitive tissues (this is my butt...not even my vulva... which somehow makes it worse!!) I've been bothered by sposie pads in the postpartum period before but not like this... this is really uncomfortable. :(


Fern, I had taken some arnica right after her birth... wasn't a tincture though. Just the pastilles. She seems good today. A day or so of keeping her arm immobile has really helped, she is moving it more on her own and it seems even without a 'true' diagnosis that it's following the pattern that most sites say it should in terms of healing. I'm going to make sure to be gentle with that arm for the next month or so, just to be on the safe side.

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I haven't been able to post here, and haven't even written up my birth story yet. Baby Sanjay will be 3 weeks tomorrow and is overall doing well - he's a very sweet little baby, and his sisters adore him.


Our biggest problem has been with nursing. He had some latch issues causing me a lot of nipple pain, but that was fixed at around 1 week. But he's also a sleepy little nurser. I didn't think much about it because my first was also a sleepy nurser but still managed to average 10 oz/wk gain in her first four months. At his 2 wk appt, though, we found he still weighed 7lb 1oz, which is what he was at 3 days, and his birth weight was 7lb 7oz. I was pretty surprised and upset, because both my girls were way past birth wt by that time. The nurse brought up formula supp (grrrr) but the ped is usually pretty bf supportive and said he wasn't near the point at which he would recommend supplementing, if I wanted to work on my supply. So since Mon I've been taking fenugreek 3 caps 3x/day, switch nursing, pumping after feedings, and watching what I eat/drink (which, admittedly, I had slacked off in the haze of taking care of a newborn). Basically everything recommended by kellymom and Jack Newman's site, except for the nursing holiday, which just doesn't seem possible when you have other kids (sigh). I'm also giving him the pumped milk with a supplemental nursing system at a lot of the feedings. I felt like my milk was coming back up by Thurs night/Fri morning. I've been working with a lac consultant, and earlier in the week, he was only transferring a little more than half an ounce at each feeding - yikes! But on Fri he took in 1.3 ounces, so double what he was doing. No weight gain by Fri, but I'm trying to be patient. My ped wants to recheck his weight in the office tomorrow, so I'm hoping he gained 2-3 oz over the weekend.


This has been so stressful for me. I've been really down about it, and PP hormones do not help at all. Basically, I feel like I'm nursing, pumping, or stuffing my face at any given moment, so it's been harder on the girls, who have very little of my time and attention right now. DH doesn't seem to like the SNS (which is sometimes frustrating getting it placed just right so milk flows) and wants to feed the pumped milk from a bottle, which baby sucks down really quickly. What he doesn't see, though, is how frustrated the baby is in the middle of the night, when my supply is lowest, and milk doesn't flow quickly. He still isn't thrilled about nursing from the left side (past experience has shown me that the left nipple is just too big to be liked by newborns) and I really don't think the ease of bottled milk helps that at all. DH thinks I'm nuts when I say that, though, so that has been a point of contention between us and more stress for me. Today, in the middle of a feeding, he asked if I wanted him to give the baby a bottle. I said, "no, I'm not done feeding him!" I want him to gain weight, too, but I don't want to hurt nursing to the point where I end up pumping constantly in order to feed him every day! So frustrated, but I'm really crossing my fingers that he'll be up in weight tomorrow. I'll be happier, and I'll feel like my ped and DH will be off my back about feeding him.


Oh, yeah, and I'm pretty sure I'm done with #3, but I'm already missing being pg and wondering about having a 4th. He's so little and cute, and I forgot just how sweet tiny newborns are! So sad that this is probably my last one.


I hope everyone still having pain is feeling better.

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I wanted to post in this thread for so long and now that I finally can, I'm wayy too busy! lol Forgive mistakes, I'm typing with one hand as my gassy little guy just doesn"t want anyone but me right now.


Dez is three days old today and I think things are going fine. This whole experience is SO NEW for all three of us, it has been quite an adjustment.  I had some major freak outs yesterday about nursing. He sleeps so much and falls asleep on my boob as soon as he latches that I was scared he wasn't getting enough to eat. We had the "healthy beginnings" nurse visit and she was telling me how long feeds should be and I can't get him to stay awake for even half the time she was saying, no matter hold cold my hands are! Plus my mom had bf issues with me as a baby and was totally projecting onto us when she was visitng the other day and so I was literally in tears thinking that I was somehow starving my baby. All these weird feelings of mama-guilt were just flooding me and I was doubting everything until I realised to reach out to some friends and get some support (Thanks ryleee, if you are reading this!) one of DP's old friends was a LLL leader and she made me feel so much better, too. I am now feeling much more confident about nursing, watching for output, which has been great, and just loving that special time together. Does anyone else get an incredible love-rush of adrenaline when breastfeeding? It is one of the greatest feelings I have EVER felt in my entire life.


Quick question, how are you dressing your little ones? We keep our house pretty warm but it is so drafty in here. Right now we are keeping him in warm sleepers and swaddling him for naps, but should he be wearing a onesie underneath the sleeper? It's pretty cold where I live, averaging around -16*C during the days.


Also, my bottom really hurts. Sitting down is the worst right now. I'm also wondering if these disposable pads aren't giving me a rash or burn because the whole area just feels awful, but using a mirror is giving me no more information than just guessing.


Anybody have any good resources for learning the side lying position to bf? I've read a lot about it but just can't figure out how to support my breast AND get him to latch on properly. Maybe he is still too little?

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He's likely still too little, Farren for side nursing... at least that has been my experience. They need a little more head control, Marah is just starting to get it now.


Have your pads not made it to you, yet?? :( No one should have to suffer from sposie rash...


I keep Marah in a onesie or a gown... or a sleeper plus a light blanket. Most of the time she's on me so she's warm enough, I think. My house is pretty drafty, too.

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I've been keeping Grayson in a onsie or sleeper and then swaddled in a blanket, he gets really hot at night sleeping on me though.


I have been so weepy lately thinking about how big he is getting and he will only be 2 weeks on Tuesday. It seems like it's going by too fast, I almost wish I was pregnant again with him so he could be little a bit longer, is that weird or what? I'm also sad because we didn't get any of his birth on video, it went so fast that we didn't have time to play out the logistics of who was going to record. I think I'm just a bit emotional lately, I know my hormones are still out of whack. Maybe I should take some extra vitamin B complex or something.




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I totally understand how you are feeling, Maria. I have 3 pictures my 3 year old took while I was in labor... none of Marah's birth. At all. Everything happened so fast I don't think we even brought our camera to the hospital. I also haven't been taking all that many pictures recently. The past 2 weeks have kind of been spent hibernating. I am a little sad our baby moon is coming to an end... I had a nice cry by myself in the kitchen earlier this evening.

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Originally Posted by FarrenSquare View Post

(Thanks ryleee, if you are reading this!) 

ROTFLMAO.gif you know me too well! i am such a stalker. whistling.gif


breastfeeding releases endorphins so that you get a natural love-high! it's good encouragement to breast-feed your baby because you feel so good doing it :)

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Maria hug2.gif I know the feeling. I wish I could freeze moments in time, they go by so fast.

Side nursing-I actually have to kind of squeeze right on the areola to make the boob smaller for better latch with newborns. I also put little baby head up in the crook of my arm/elbow to prop their head up for the right boob-angle. I think it depends a lot on the size of your boobs and size of your baby. I would just work on figuring out what works for you. If you need a visual of my poor explanation, I'll try and take a pic later. That is also how I sleep at night. I like her curled up against me and that way I can feel her breathe and she can nurse all she wants.

hug2.gif Jen, I'm sorry about the latch issues. My 3rd had horrendous latch issues and we finally made it through it. It's so rough.
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I somehow pulled something in my forearm a few days ago, and my right arm is KILLING me.  It makes typing painful, so I haven't checked in here, but I've been reading and wanted to let you ladies know I'm keeping up and thinking of you all!  I'm doing alright, although I'll be happy when my milk evens out, my nipples stop being so sore, I can nurse easier at night and can get some more sleep, and once the lochia stops (which I think it *almost* has, but you can never be sure because it always seems to start again once it stops!)  I'm doing pretty well overall, although very weepy and sleep deprived, and SO HUNGRY.  But my lady bits feel absolutely perfect and my body isn't too sore other than this weird arm thing, so I'm not complaining!  All I'll say is thank goodness for my husband, I could never get through this first week postpartum without him!

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Farren-we try to keep the house pretty warm but I always use a onesie under her sleeper, since it's still so cold out.  IME it also catches the poop leaks and it's easier to get stains out of a onesie than a sleeper or cutsie outfit. 


I always had a  lot of sucess side laying while nursing DD1 but it's not working well this time, DD2 is so spitty that she spits up before she's even done :(  I find this early I need to support my boob more to get the angle right too, so if I fall asleep the nipple falls out and then I have an unhappy baby.  Hopefully I have more luck later on.

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I am feeling the same way Maria.. Especially last week when DH went back to work for the first time.. It makes me so sad how fast it all goes.


Anyone else have a bipolar baby? ;) Ian is pretty chill most of the day as long as he is being held, but every evening for about 2 hours he is fussy and cries and acts like he wants to nurse but then screams when the milk starts coming out, and is tired but won't stay asleep... it is very strange. Then he finally goes to sleep after about 2 hours of this and is asleep for the night (still waking every hour or so all night but stays asleep between wakeups for the most part). I really can't figure this kid out.. I was thinking he was showing some reflux signs but now most of his fussiness is consolidated to the evening.. It was REALLY bad Thanksgiving night, but I had a Mt Dew that day so I am thinking that had something to do with it.


I am officially back at my pre-pregnancy weight! I am really hoping to lose about 10-15 more pounds though, I would love to get back to my pre-preg with Liam weight.. none of my clothes fit yet, but it is nice to know I am on the right track!

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Catie - fussy evenings are very normal. Charlie is settling into a pattern of fussiness from 7pm-10/11pm every evening. She fusses, acts starving then refuses to nurse, or wants to snack constantly. It's normal. See the below link:




Yuck on the sposie rash. My flow *finally* stopped a few days ago, and I am so ridiculously thankful for it. I didn't have many cloth pads (I get like one period a year) so I had to use sposies and my nether regions still hate me.



My Charlie is a month old as of yesterday! It's crazy how fast this has gone. She smiles at everyone, and her head control is really coming along. At last weight check, she was 8lbs7oz - 1lb4oz up from her birth weight.  . She has a lazy eye, but we're just watching that - lots of babies just grow out of it. She's also now in cloth diapers full time since we've used up most of the 'sposies we were gifted with. The one-size diapers are gigantic on her, even on their smallest setting! I really prefer infant prefolds with a bikini twist fold these days. Much more trim. :) We didn't CD our son until he was 7 months old, so getting used to CDing a baby this little is fun. Plus there's soooo much cute stuff.

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Sebastian just had his first bath (well, shower) ever this morning! After 11 days, he was getting a little stinky in the diaper area. He's SO peely! I need to find some fleece liners or something for nighttime because he just gets SO wet. I used someone's leftover 'sposies on him a few nights & he has a prickly rash on his tummy now. :( I do have a bunch of FBs that might work out. His belly button is still leaving blood marks on his cloth dipes because they get so wet, but if he wears 'sposies, it doesn't bleed.


Nic, I have the same exact issue with the sposie mama pads - and I think that's what my problem was before I had him too. I even got the natural sposie pads & they're even more irritating. I don't have a lot of mama cloth, but ever since I switched to them, I feel MUCH better down there, it's amazing.


Farren, I'm able to side nurse (lying down) now, but for about a week I was way too engorged. I have to squeeze my breast (kind of compressing the nipple) for him to latch on, but once he's latched, we're okay. (But he's also the fourth baby to nurse from these breasts...)


Was it you, Nic, who mentioned sex? I've been thinking about it a lot too. :) I hadn't bled at all since Friday and then had a little gush last night while DP was giving me a back massage. irked.gif It's definitely tapering off though and I don't have any discharge in between each gush that seems to happen every few days.


I had the most awful dream a few nights ago, just dreadful. I dreamt that I found out I was pregnant when Sebastian was only a week old & I knew my milk was going to dry up immediately. I had talked to midwives or doctors or somebody & they confirmed that it would dry up right away. They said I could either stop nursing my newborn or terminate my pregnancy. greensad.gif I was so distressed when I woke up!


I'm feeling like getting out & walking. It's been really cold here but is supposed to be in the 60s for the next couple of days - but rainy. I should probably rest up & heal all week so I'm as comfy as possible for Friday night & Saturday for.....our Waldorf Winter Festival!!!!! joy.gif It's my absolute most favorite event of the entire year!! Friday my sister & I will go and I'll take the baby & Saturday the whole family will go. Yay!

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Meta- We dtd on friday. I couldn't resist any longer. I had stopped bleeding and it's supposed to be ok as long as the blood isn't red and it's just spotting. It was...ok. Everything didn't seem back to normal internally which sucked, but there was no pain. Hopefully next time is better. I'm kegeling.

I have had the opposite issue with cloth vs. sposies. My sposies are fine, but my brand new cloth dipes and hand me downs either don't fit Molly right, are already too small (some haven't even been used yet!), or leak immediately. I was also super happy about how the sherpa prefolds felt...they repelled the pee immediately and the milk when I used that when I was leaking, so I need to strip them more. Then my new Dream Eze AIOs leaked immediately. The only things working are my Bumgenius and I only have 6 of them! The prefolds work, too, but the snappi fits tightly on her and my covers I have out are about too small. Such a nightmare. She leaked through 3 outfits last night, so I'll be back to sposies on her until I figure out something that works.

Emotionally I am destroyed today, so I'll come back later to post more.
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thanks for that link Kay! for some reason I always forget about kellymom.. that pretty much describes him in the evenings.. i am wondering if it is a digestive issue.. he is pretty gassy, but of course I know that is normal for little babies.. I just ordered some probiotics for him. He is held most of the day so I know it isn't that he isn't getting enough physical contact. And he still sleeps a lot (LOTS of little catnaps from 30-60 minutes long.. no long stretches of sleep) so I wouldn't think he is getting overstimulated... although the fussy time comes right after his longest awake/alert period, so maybe it is that he gets overstimulated during that awake time and he gets so awake he is having a hard time going to sleep? who knows.. i am waaay overanalyzing this ;).. Liam was such a fussy baby, I am just really hoping Ian stays more laid back....

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Jensb, I'm so sorry about your nursing/baby weight gain issues.  That's go to be tough, on top of everything else you're dealing with postpartum. 


Hugs to all you emotional, sore, sleep-deprived mamas!


My pelvis is very sore and out of whack  Moving around in bed at night and getting up after sitting makes is what makes it worse.  Standing for long periods of time just gives me that heavy, throbbing perineal feeling.


Maia is 2 weeks old tomorrow.  She got her first bath this morning with me and ds.  I had asked dh to come up and help, but apparently he didn't hear me, so I did it on my own.  I told im it's a good thing I'm so adept! clap.gif  She is also very fussy in the evenings and nurses a ton, spits up a ton and dozes off and on.  My milk supply is still way out of control, and seems to be way too much for her needs.  She was up to 7lbs 3 oz on Friday, which was 3 oz abover her birth weight, so I'm not concerned about the spittiness.  I dress her in a onesie and a fleece or terry cloth outfit because she spends the first leg of the night in her bassinet and then after she wakes up for the first time, she comes in bed with me for the rest of the night.


I'm still very emotional and cry a few times a day for sure.  I'm also very headachey still...


As far as side-lying nursing, I find I can do it with my newbies from day one.  It's definitely tricky to get the hang of.  What I do now is raise myself up on my elbow and support my breast (compress so she can get a good mouthful) with that hand, while holding her with my other arm and supporting her head with that hand.  That way I can bring her to me when her mouth is good and open and then I just kind of lower myself down to the bed from there.  We just go from side to side like that all night long.


Crying baby.  Have to go.

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I have been side nursing N from day 1 this time too, and I do it exactly as Julie describes.  It means more moving around in bed for sure (poor dh), but I think I am getting more rest as a result.  Which is good, b/c Nicholas is nursing probably every hour until 3 am or so.  Thank goodness dh took the kids to school this morning!  I have a couple of small projects I'd like to get done today...we'll see how that goes.


I went for a walk yesterday - nothing big, but by the end my perineum was feeling pretty heavy, so I'll have to take the exercise thing slow.  My brother loaned dh and me his rowing machine, so when I'm more healed, I'm going to start with that.


N doesn't poop that much - when he does, it's just a little squirt and that's it.  Does this just mean he's using most of the milk?  Anyone else have this issue?

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