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I have to confess right off the bat that I haven't read anything here! I haven't had a second to get online at all but I wanted to say hi! and I'm still here! I'll update the baby list in the next couple of days, I promise.


We had our annual Waldorf Winter Festival Friday night & all day yesterday & we went for 4 hrs on Fri & 4.5 hrs yesterday & I'm sooooo beat.


BBL! Miss you all!

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Anyone else have mucousy lochia? It's like colorless or pink depending on the moment. It's weird. No smell or anything. I just can't remember what's normal. lol
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You have GOT to be kidding me!  I just spent forever going back and forth to the computer while I did other things responding to stuff and getting caught back up and then I tried to do spell check messed up and then tried to copy/paste and everything is gone!!!Cuss.gif


So I guess the super quick abbreviated version of everything I was going to say is:


Yaaaa to Christmas/winter festivities.joy.gif


Booo to pain and things not going well in general and I really really hope everything gets better for us all soon.hug2.gif


Oh, and the cracks in my nipples have now allowed me to develop a wicked mean case of thrush.shake.gif


Talk to you all later.grouphug.gif

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Oh, that double sucks Sasha.  Boo to disappearing messages and boo to thrushy, cracked nipples. Ouch.


Hugs to those with aches and pains.  I get a really sore butt if I sit down too long - not good for long nursing sessions!  Otherwise, I'm doing OK physically - ongoing light bleeding which hopefully won't last too much longer.


MIL hosted a baby shower for Nicholas today, and it was really fun!  It was mostly warm clothes (which is all we really need, anyway) - I didn't have a shower with dd2, so it felt a little strange to be on the receiving end!  


Does anyone have any clever ideas for thank you cards?  I hate writing them (they always sound trite), but they're a necessity after a shower.

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Bobbi, I have never done it before but I know a lady that took a picture of their baby with each present (or wearing it if it was clothes) and then stuck that in the card with a simple thank you for the ______.


Everyone seemed to really like it.  But then again she was only responding to like 20 people or less... if you had many more than that at the shower then it might become a bit too much. shrug.gif

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I skimmed this thread, I'll just jump in.


Farren- side nursing took me several months to get the hang of with my first but I can manage with my newborn now.


Jennie-I have been so hungry since I gave birth too. The first night I ate all the chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies a friend brought to the hospital during the night when I was up feeding the baby.


Finn is 6 days old and this has been such a good experience. I don't know if he is a mellower baby than my first or if we just are calmer and know what to do. We left the hospital after 24 hours and everyone was surprised but I felt fine and the baby was fine and we didn't really want to be in the hospital in the first place but the $ was the main factor ($150 copay vs $6000 out of pocket). I followed up with the pediatrician the next morning and he was a little concerned about his bilirubin so we came back in the following day and got sent to the hospital to get his bili checked. It was still high but not high enough to treat so they had me take him in again on Saturday, by then it was coming down so we don't have to get any more blood work. I gave birth at a hospital about 45 minutes from here because that is where the midwife group delivers, but there are several major hospitals that are much closer to us so the pediatrician was confused why we went there, and then because we were going to the hospital close to us that the pediatrician has privileges at the office had to clear it with our insurance since he was born at the other hospital. Arg. I didn't think I was that odd for not wanting to stay longer or at the closest hospital. I don't love the pediatrician but they are on our plan and close. The second day we went in we saw a different pediatrician and the first thing my husband and I said when she walked out the door is "I like her". We both said it as soon as the door shut so I think we'll just request appointments with her from now on.


My nipples are so sore, they have little blisters on them. I think it was mostly from the first day or two when he was nursing a bunch but my milk wasn't in yet. They are starting to get better but when he latches on the left one it really hurts.


Otherwise I feel probably 100% already, which is so different than how I felt after my first son. I am not swollen at all and I stopped cramping when I nurse. Still bleeding a bit but it is pretty mild. It has been so nice to be home with my sons and my husband. He took two weeks off from work and has been cooking for me everyday. (let me list it all: dinner last night: Chicken and andouille gumbo over rice, breakfast: bagel with cream cheese and lox, french press coffee, lunch: mixed greens, tomato, mozzarella salad with balsamic vinegar and oil, followed by coq au vin, and pumpkin pie. He has also made me ribs twice, once bbq and once spicy, and I am sure I am forgetting other things but basically he has been feeding me nonstop which is exactly what I want. Thanks for listening to me brag about my husband :)) I am sad he is already a week into his leave.

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hug2.gif Sasha-- I was going to respond to your earlier post but got sidetracked... I am truly in awe of you for pumping around the clock plus caring for your little guys! I started giving mine a couple oz of formula each day when they were still dropping below their birth weight and showing signs of dehydration (uric acid crystals in their diapers, only 1-2 wet diapers per day... they were becoming increasingly weak and having trouble staying awake to feed). dh and dd enjoy giving the babes a bottle in the evening and surprisingly, I'm feeling ok with that this time.  I'm finding it so challenging to eat and drink enough (500 extra calories per baby!) and I think my body appreciates that little break. The other night I was wandering around the kitchen looking for a snack and I thought "Snack? Who am I kidding? I could eat a whole pizza." And I pretty much feel that way all the time. lol.gif


Misa-- I think our dh would get along! Mine is also a great cook (and gumbo and ribs/bbq are some of his favs).  We have also been so blessed to have friends bringing meals 3 times a week since we got home. Our freezer is overflowing! I was really worried about not having any help (my mom didn't want to come and help) so this has truly been a wonderful surprise. 


This weekend was the first time we ventured out of the house for any extended time. Sat. we got a tree and did some errands and Sunday we all went to the science museum. The museum was fun and not crowded at all- I guess everyone was at the mall! 


Re Side-nursing: the way I learned was to latch the baby and then move to laying down. I think I didn't really get it until dd was 4-6 weeks old. Now I can tandem the twins during the day but at night I alternate so I can stay laying down.   

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I think we have a yeast infection/thrush.  My nipples and areolas are pink and rashy and burning, and Maia has a little bit of a white coating on her tongue.  That's it.  No other s/s, but my nips are really bothering me!  I texted my midwife earlier today but didn't hear back from her.  I'll call her tomorrow.  In the meantime I'm taking acidophilus (anyone know how much I can take in a day?) and not allowing myself to binge on all the junk that people have been bringing around! greensad.gif

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Originally Posted by mzminty View Post

I think we have a yeast infection/thrush.  My nipples and areolas are pink and rashy and burning, and Maia has a little bit of a white coating on her tongue.  That's it.  No other s/s, but my nips are really bothering me!  I texted my midwife earlier today but didn't hear back from her.  I'll call her tomorrow.  In the meantime I'm taking acidophilus (anyone know how much I can take in a day?) and not allowing myself to binge on all the junk that people have been bringing around! greensad.gif

Take as much acidopholus as you want! I really don't think you can overdose, but there's probably a point at which its not worth taking more..  Head over to the Breastfeeding forum and check out the "Thrush Tribe" thread. It has lots of great ideas. Grapefruit seed extract orally and as a dilute wash after every feed is helpful - you can also swab babe's mouth with it (see Jay Gordon's protocol). Gentian Violet works for some, but didn't for me. Black Walnut (hull) extract orally can also be helpful. Clotrimozole cream on the nipples/areola a few times a day (APNO if you can get it but beware of overuse). Don't be afraid of Diflucan if things don't improve - I had thrush for 4 months with DS and it was miserable. I went on Diflucan at the first sign this time as I didn't want a repeat.

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Thanks, Karen.  What's APNO?

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Our boy is three weeks old today!  Yay!  Finally jumping into the postpartum chat.  I've popped into this thread a bunch of times since our birth.  I posted the story and a pic of our boy.   But I'll be honest, I am having a really hard time getting past our birth, and coming to the forums for some reason makes me feel really uncomfortable... like I just would like to pretend that birth never happened.  Is anyone else just feeling, well, shell-shocked?

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hug2.gif Kim

Sorry about the thrush, Julie. greensad.gif My babies always get white tongues-no thrush symptoms. I thought that was normal? But definitely deal with the nipple thrush!
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hug2.gif To everyone with thrush and/or sore nipples.  Mine are almost back to normal.  They had gotten so bad that the final straw was I went to pump and I couldn't get any milk, but...... I was pumping blood.yikes2.gif So I put the boys on full time formula and only hand expressed when I got engorged enough to be painful, I dread to see what this has done to my milk supply.greensad.gif  I know I can build it back up once my nipples finish healing but it still makes me a little nervous.


MisaGoat, way to go dh!thumb.gif  My poor dh tries to help in the kitchen but bless his heart he just can not seem to get his head around anything too complex in there.  I do have to say he is an amazing cleaner, so I cant complain.


butterflies, I had a dip in my supply a few weeks after the boys were born but then it picked back up (well.... at least it did until I had this most recent set back) so I hope everything lines out for you soon, but to be honest maybe this will turn into a good thing for you and let you catch up on some sleep.  I can hardly wait until the boys are nursing instead of taking bottles.  We didn't even own a bottle when the boys came home and we had to stop at the store on the way to bring them home and buy some.  I had totally forgotten how much work it is to deal with everything that goes along with using bottles.  Oh! And I totally get about being hungry, I swear I think I am more hungry making milk for the babies than I ever was being pregnant with them.


Speaking of nursing, Seamus nursed for the first time today!joy.gifBut at the next feeding it was like he had completely forgotten what he was supposed to do.  Everyone kept telling me that once the boys finally successfully nursed it would be a light-bulb moment and that they would just "get it" and stay nursing from then on.  Apparently they should have inserted the words "usually" or "sometimes" in that sentence because that is sooo not the way it has been with my boys.


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I've been reading along but too busy to post, but I'm here!


Sore nipples: My left has evened out, but my right nipple is still VERY sensitive! Sometimes I have to remind myself to bite my tongue when he latches on so I don't holler and scare him! The scabbing has cleared up though, thank goodness. He is feeding quite often these days, and growing up so fast. I can't believe how he already looks like such a big baby. The days are flying by!


Thrush: I've also heard (and was confirmed by my ped.) that a white tongue is normal. Are there any other white patches inside the mouth? If you can scrape off the white on the tongue, chances are it is just milk residue.


big HUGS to butterflies & Sasha, I think about you with your twins all the time. You are strong and powerful mamas!


Kim: sorry to hear you are feeling shell-shocked. Did you have a particularly difficult time with birth? There were a few things that didn't go according to plan with my hospital birth but I'm trying really hard to just focus on the positive aspects. I wrote my birth story, I should post it here! I did leave out a lot of the complaining, lol. I wanted it to be a happy memory.


dtd: I'm getting randy but the lochia just never quits. I'm still "uncomfortable" sometimes if I sit funny, too... definitely not ready. Bummer.


My friend lent me her wrap (it's a cuddlywrap, a moby rip-off) and I'm having trouble with it. I used it once to go to ikea and it was fine but I felt as though he was drooping lower, and lower and lower until his neck was all crunched up and it didn't look very comfortable in there. We washed it to get some stretch back, but this friend is a good three sizes larger than me and I'm wondering if it has been permanently stretched out now? Can that happen?


We are nearing ten pages in this chat thread! Almost time to start a new one, maybe? What do you guys think?

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hug2.gif Kim.


I agree Farren about us maybe starting a new one.  I worry that with the thread so long that maybe that is keeping some of the more recent birthed mammas from participating because it has gotten so long.  I know when we had our weekly chat threads I sometimes would not post if it was already 6 or more pages because I would be lost.blush.gif

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Maybe we should just go back to the weekly thread since most of us are pretty much in a similar place again.

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I'm here too - not posting too much because my computer time is usually nak time.


Anybody else still reading the December DDC?  I loved that the whole of November, I'd come on MDC with such a sense of anticipation, wondering whose baby had come next.  I guess I miss that feeling...but I love reading all the baby updates - what a wonderful crop of babies we've got!

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Originally Posted by ocelotmom View Post

Maybe we should just go back to the weekly thread since most of us are pretty much in a similar place again.

Good idea!

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Farren, it's possible it's stretched out, but wouldn't it then work like a woven wrap? I think it is more likely that you just didn't have it tight enough to start with. I've seen this often with wraps...the stretchy ones need to be tied on fairly tight before you insert the baby. And don't forget to pull up the 3rd piece of fabric! I've seen that, too.  Good instructions here.

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Kitty and Farren, I think white tongues after a feeding are totally normal, especially if you can rub it off with a washcloth.  Hers is more thick, but not terrible.  But apparently baby or you can be asymptomatic, and only mom or baby can have symptoms.  In our case, she seems fine, but my breasts are red/pink and burning between feedings.  I also have stabbing pains.  So I think it's pretty obvious that we need to be treated!  greensad.gif  I was leaking a lot (still am) through my bra and shirt, and was stupid enough to just let it go.  I used breast pads a few times, but got sick of bothering with them.  So I was creating a perfect breeding ground for yeast...

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