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Desiree, sorry about your back.  I hope going to the chiro helps you find some relief.  hug.gif


Funny, during my labor after a particularly intense contraction, I remember saying, "I never want to do this again.  I only want to catch other peoples babies."  Now that the memory of the intense pain has faded and I have this sweet babe to nuzzle and drink in, I'd love to jump in and do it again.  Of course, the reality is that we were done after our #4, and really done after our #5, and now with Delia being our #6, we have to be done.  I am sad about never having another newborn of my own to love on but I'm also excited about our family being complete and moving into the next phase of our lives with all of them.  I think it helps having a midwifery career in front of me to not spend my babymoon mourning my last pregnancy and birth experience and really savor every second of Delia's new babyhood. 


All that trying to stay positive aside, I have had a really crappy day today.  Either the baby blues have hit full-on or I've got a touch of PPD.  My mil has been coming over to help out with the other kids and do laundry.  I am grateful for what she does for us and love her dearly, but today she pushed all my buttons.  I was in the kitchen getting ds3's Thanksgiving lunch ready for school and also trying to make the girls and mil's lunch when mil came in and woke Delia up- who was sleeping (finally) in her seat.  Of course she started crying when mil couldn't soothe her, she wanted me.  I was knee deep in cooking when mil brought her to me and said, "you're just going to have to wait, your mother is making us lunch."  She then took the babe and went to sit with her in our playroom, while she screamed.  banghead.gif All the while this was happening, dd2 was on my craft table throwing stuff off.  By the time I got in there (mil was closer to her than I was) dd had thrown a cup of water off the table and on to the floor.  I was completely frustrated at this point so I turned off the stove, grabbed the babe from mil, and said, "thanks for all your help."  I went up to my room with Delia and asked mil to leave.  She has known me for too many years to know that 1. I never let my babes cry like that and 2. that helping a mama postpartum doesn't mean holding the baby while the mama cooks, cleans, etc.  I'd be frustrated and put off by her acting like that not being freshly postpartum, but these crazy hormones on top of this makes it that much more irritating. I've been crying ever since.gloomy.gif

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hug.gif Ashley. MILs can be a pain some times, no matter how helpful they are at others. Mine wasn't so bad this time (last time she sent out a birth announcement without asking us!), but she still pushed my buttons from time to time.


Kitty, I hope your back is feeling better!


I'm actually NOT naking for a change - I had some phone calls to make, so Paige is sleeping in her bouncer. DH and DS are building a train track in the living room, so DD and I are hiding in the office, where DS can't poke or prod Paige...basically, he just wants to love on her all the time! It's nice that he want to "play" with her, but frustrating, too, because he just doesn't know or understand the limits, physically.


Is anyone else lopsided??  DD went longer than usual feeding yesterday (awful upset tummy, poor bub!), and I started feeling engorged...when I looked in the mirror, I'd swear the left was a couple of cup sizes larger than the right! I was feeling super tight, so I pumped, and got twice as much milk from the left side. It seems to always be like this - the left will be firm and the right floppy. There is plenty of milk in the smaller/softer side, it just seems weird.


The other issue I've got is itchy boobs. I'm not positive, but very worried I've got thrush. I'm not having pain like I did when I suffered 4 months with thrush with DS, but it's got me very scared! Honestly, just the thought of going through that again makes me cry. With the holiday weekend here, I went ahead and called for a diflucan prescription. I'm not sure if I'l take it (still trying everything else - GSE & micanozole topically, probiotics, cranberry capsules, GSE and black walnut tincture orally). But I really would hate to NEED it and not have it on hand.


I finally got some exercise in today! It's beautiful today, but cold (23• F), but I just had to go for a walk. Just around the block, and I got some painful twinges (mostly intestinal. although I seem to have tweaked my knee, too greensad.gif ) But it felt great to be out in the fresh air!  I'm looking forward to more moderate temps over the weekend when I can strap Paige to my chest and take her with me love.gif

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Hi! I haven't been on for a while and just caught up on the pp thread. And I love seeing all the threads that announce the new babies!


We've been enjoying time with our sweet babe. Ethan is the sweetest little baby. He loves to snuggle and I am more then happy to oblige. I am loving this stage right now! I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since he was born. That reminds me, I still need to post my birth story!


How long does pp bleeding normally last? It's been 4 weeks, and I think it's almost gone - FINALLY! I don't remember it ever lasting that long.


This has been. by far, the most stressful pp I've had. The day Ethan was born my husband joined the military. We've been talking about and planning this for 10 months, so no biggie. BUT my husband felt that he needed to let his boss know he wasn't returning after the New Year.... the next day he was let go, so we've had no income and we no longer have health insurance. Baby was born just in time! It took 4 weeks to get unemployment and we barely have Decembers rent. Good news is he has another job lined up. Though, I am not looking forward to my DH being gone for 7 months. I hope I can hold it together with 3 kiddos. Oh, I did learn something interesting... I applied for government assistance and you can't get tanf where I live if your immunizations are up to date.


Sleep is calling me... I can't believe how well Ethan sleeps! I hope it lasts!

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Oh really quick... Leaky boobs!!! Get some Lily pads! They are great! I have huge boobs but they still work for me I just have to be very aware of how I put them on. Anyways here is a link... http://www.simplylily.com/

I love not wearing a bra which is why I got them.

Thanks for the tip!  I will check these out.  Are they comfy (or at least as comfy as regular nursing pads?) Do they help with nipple coverage as well?  I normally have tiny boobs (not so much right now) but since nursing DD I have really sticky-outy nipples that are visible through padded bras even.  Argh. 

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I'm pretty certain the doctor broke Marah's collar bone pulling her out :(


I thought maybe when we were at the hospital, I didn't say anything though and I probably should have. I forgot to mention it to the doctor when I went last week and he's on vaca for the next 2 weeks. It's not a big deal (I mean... it is.. but it will be fine, I'm sure) she's just healing. Poor baby girl. She's got a lump on the bone now, a callus is what they call that. My second son also had a broken clavicle at birth and really all they had me do was keep his arm immobile, which he did anyway and she's doing the same. I'm going to point it out when I take her in next month.

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Wow, Madis81, that will be stressful. But you can do it!

hug2.gif Nic-poor girlie!

hug2.gif Ashley

Karen, I also get the lopsided thing. It's kinda funny sometimes. lol.gif

Anyone else feeling twitchy to start exercising? I tried pre-pg clothes on Monday night...not a good idea. greensad.gif I have about 25 lbs. to lose still. I know it will come off, but I also like exercising. Not sure if I should wait until 6 weeks or if I can do some light postnatal yoga and bellydance already or something?
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Originally Posted by Frisbee View Post


Oh really quick... Leaky boobs!!! Get some Lily pads! They are great! I have huge boobs but they still work for me I just have to be very aware of how I put them on. Anyways here is a link... http://www.simplylily.com/

I love not wearing a bra which is why I got them.

Thanks for the tip!  I will check these out.  Are they comfy (or at least as comfy as regular nursing pads?) Do they help with nipple coverage as well?  I normally have tiny boobs (not so much right now) but since nursing DD I have really sticky-outy nipples that are visible through padded bras even.  Argh. 

nak, so will be brief

Lily pads are my favourite thing ever for 'headlights.' they hold your nipple in, which prevents leaking and nipple pokiness.


I find them far more comfortable than any other nursing pads out there. I looooooooooooooove my lily pads since I hate wearing a bra to bed, but also  hate waking up in a puddle of milk.


They have great customer service too.

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Well ladies, guess I should join the post partum chat now...Emma is 2 days old!  We're doing fantastic.  I feel MUCH better than I did after my first son was born.  I had some horrid after pains yesterday, and my midwife was worried I had a large clot stuck in my uterus, so I had to take something that caused cramps and made me feel terrible, and then have the midwife actually reach up to try and break the clots up manually.  SO uncomfortable, but today the after pains aren't as bad, so I guess it worked.  Other than that, I feel fine.  I didn't tear this time, and am actually not sore down there at all!  The labor was quick and I don't feel too achey anywhere else either.  Very lucky!  My milk has already come in and my boobs are ridiculous and a bit engorged already, but I really can't complain!


Emma seems to have confused night and day though.  She was up all last night and I hardly slept, then she fell asleep right before my son woke up at 6:30am.  Ugh.  Luckily daddy is home so I did get some sleep today.  But now she's up again, after sleeping literally all day.  Fun times!  I'm sure she'll adjust, and really I don't feel too sleep deprived so it's OK for now.


So this is my first girl and I've got a question.  Emma has some discharge from her vagina.  Like, mucousy globs of clear/white stuff.  Those that have baby girls, reassure me newborn vaginal discharge is normal? 

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Oh, and I'll just chime in that Lily Pads are fantastic, unless you have oversupply/heavy letdown issues.  I couldn't use them for the first 8 months with Wyatt because I had such a heavy let down that I would leak right out of them.  I'm hoping it's not as bad this time, because I bought 2 pairs of Lily Pads and really want to use them!  They are great for hiding pokey nipples and going braless :D


Also, for hemorrhoids, definitely try the earth mama angel baby bottom balm.  That was the best suggestion I got from you ladies, and man, that made my bottom feel SO much better when I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid a few weeks ago.  Luckily, now that the baby is out, my hemorrhoid is almost gone and feels fine.  It will get better!

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Jennie, the discharge is totally normal... you might see some blood tinged mucous down there as well, that is also normal. :)

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I've clearly been busy with the little one and all the family stuff because I haven't gotten back to this thread in what seems like ages!  I am shocked to see so many "my baby is a week old" posts when I know those babies were born after Eliana!  That means she's even more than a week old and it hardly seems possible!


In reality, she is now 11 days and almost 5 hours old.  I want to bottle each day and be able to go back and experience it again.  I am looking forward to all of the new things and new experiences and watching her grow... but I don't want to lose a moment of it!


I am right there with so many of your posts...


Lopsided - YES!  My left side is always bigger than the right (at this stage).  And it leaks more, so I have to double-up on pads, which means especially if she's nursed on the right more recently that it's *obviously* different even fully clothed!  The extra curviness definitely does help with overall figure, though!  And DH is happy with the look even if I have no interest in his doing anything beyond looking.  :lol


Itchiness - My breasts seem itchy but I think it's just the stretching of the skin.  I hope yours isn't anything like thrush!


Siblings - Another 3 yo here, another one having a difficult time.  He LOVES his sister.  He was dancing and singing that very thing earlier today, in fact.  :love  I was asking him what makes him happy (in an attempt to find things he is/would be thankful for for a Thanksgiving project) and he first pointed to me, then to his sister.  I've asked him if he's happy or sad to have a sister and he's always been very positive about being happy about her.  I know it's a stress on him, though.  I got to lay down with him for his nap today and he fell asleep on my lap two other times - all very good as he has been my glued-to-me boy all of his 3 years until little one came.  Not that he couldn't go elsewhere and DH would help him sleep an awful lot, but most of the time we'd snuggle all night long. I miss that, too!  And he just seems SO different, which makes me sad.  I'm not sure if he'll go back to his old self or not.  :(  I know the first couple of weeks are the hardest and we're getting to the end of that timeframe.  He's definitely gotten better but we're still dealing with daily challenges.


More babies - My labor was so unbelievably intense and difficult in the last 2 hours that I said, unequivocally, that we are DONE.  DH has been saying that, well, forever :lol but I've said I wouldn't know for sure...  I just couldn't imagine ever going through that horrendous experience again.  (And I love birth - or I did!  I hope not everyone's births are that difficult!)  And, yeah, a day or two or three later...  Now 11 days later...  I know it was bad but this newborn thing is SO amazing.  Not that recovery has been perfect.  I spent several days going, "What on earth do men do to make up for all women go through?!"  I do not love the first few days PP but a week beyond that, now, I'm feeling so much better and, again, it doesn't seem so bad...  I'm just REALLY glad I likely have 2 years before I have to think about it!!


Lochia - I know it generally lasts 4-6 weeks or so.  I was surprised to have it be almost gone a few days ago, then a couple of days ago it came back almost like a normal period.  :/  I figured I'd done too much but then yesterday, I'm sure I overdid it... and today it's back to super light.  I guess I won't complain about that part, at least!  Makes it hard to plan, though.


Eliana is such an amazingly easy-going baby.  I can hardly believe it.  My 3yo was pretty laid back, too, but I am pretty sure she's the easiest yet.  She has had one really hard night (we didn't sleep till 7 am and it was fuss-suckle-fuss-suckle-fuss the whole night, and eventually it was fingers and no longer nursing because I couldn't cope with it anymore!), but she hasn't done that again.  She's having more wakeful periods and still sleeping a ton.  She loves being with her brothers and is seeming to recognize us all more and more.  Love it!  


But this girl thing is still all new.  I am still a bit timid in cleaning her bottom because it's all so different from boys!  I have finally had DH change her, though, and he managed just fine.  :lol  She seems to have some amount of discharge, too.  No bleeding, which I know is totally normal but would still be surprising to see.  I totally feel like I need a "how to care for baby girls 101" handbook.  :o


Nic, so sorry about the clavicle! :(  I hope it'll heal up smoothly.  Do you think she had a dystocia?  I wasn't clear from your birth story if that's what happened.


kitty, I have been wanting to get started exercising, too.  I typically do feel that way at this period and I really want to capitalize on it this time!  I don't remember who said they're craving sweets but I have been, too - and then I'll be sick of sweets and carbs and want nothing but protein and veggies.  I'm actually now about 25lbs below pre-pg weight (which happens to have been about the same as at-birth weight) and it never ends up staying off.  I'm sure the cravings and indulgences don't help, and if I don't get exercising, it won't ever happen!  I'm figuring I should be able to do at least low-key walking/elliptical stuff pretty soon here.  I would think anything that's not too strenuous would be fine, really.


I've been nursing along a bad tooth since the Spring... and just managed to break part of the filling (which had shifted already and moves around but is caught between the teeth - weird) off.  I'm a little worried now with Thanksgiving that the whole thing will start hurting again. It's been fine or mostly fine for quite a while.  I know I need to get it dealt with eventually but am not so thrilled to do it with a newborn, either!  I also can hardly leave it be 'cause it feels weird.  Ugh.


Must go to sleep and be around to help with Thanksgiving!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your babies, mamas! :love

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I miss all of you guys, but have been so busy, or just unable to get on the computer and have some "me" time.  I desperately want to finish my birth story before I start to forget it, and I also want to commiserate about postpartum issues, just to "get it off my chest", even though there's really not much to say.  I feel so wonderful, compared to how I felt during my pregnancy!  


I'm hoping that we all have a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving!  


Congrats to Bobbi, and I'm still waiting to hear Farren's news!

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She wasn't given the opportunity to present with a distocia :/ My second son did, though. The doctor didn't really give me the opportunity to push, they were telling me to push with contractions and it was just so out of control at that moment and then he was attaching the vacuum to her head and yanking her out. :( 

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Aw, Nic. hug.gif Poor, sweet baby girl. I wish I could just give both of you a big, squishy hug. You "sound" pretty good on here, I really hope you're okay - that's a lot to process. hug2.gif


Desiree, I hope your back is feeling better. I've been to the chiro once, when Sebastian was 3 days old, and I was a total wreck. I even had a migraine the two days following (Tues & Wed) complete with aura. I really hope they're just from hormones/posture/lack of sleep & that they'll go away and never come back.


Ashley, those hormones are so tough! I keep waiting to get hit...but so far so good. I imagine sooner or later the baby bliss will give way to the crazy emotions, but a mama can hope. Hang in there. hug.gif


Wanna hear something gross? The scab on my left nipple came off today! My engorgement is pretty much gone! I'm *really* hoping that now that baby can get a good latch every time, my nipples will be okay. I never actually saw blood this time - unlike every other time when baby would come away from my breast with bright red blood smeared all over their faces *shudder* & a nipple shield was necessary to let them heal. I've had the shield all ready to go, but thank goddess I haven't had to use it.


I forget how long bleeding lasts too. I had stopped bleeding by Wednesday (pp day 6) and didn't bleed at all yesterday, but last night when Sebastian woke to nurse at 12:30, I had a major gush of bright red and soaked through my pad, undies & leggings. I guess I overdid it yesterday. But what's weird is I haven't bled a drop since that huge gush.....very strange.


A friend is having a bonfire tonight that we'd like to go to. I figure if I can get in a good solid nap today, I can spend my time laying on the sofa in front of the wood stove while the kids hang out with everyone else at the bonfire. orngbiggrin.gif I noticed our crunchy family doc is on the invite list and will be there. She's so wonderful & I'm looking forward to her meeting Sebastian. love.gif


I can't believe our month is almost over! happytears.gif That might be the thing that saddens me the most. I've so enjoyed everyone here! I know we'll still have FB, but I love the coziness of our DDC. grouphug.gif I heartbeat.gif you guys! love.gif

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Yay for engorgement almost being gone! I'm so glad I didn't have major nipple scabs this time like with #3. That kid would not latch right. The most horribly painful month of my life, I think...

I won't bleed for a couple of days and then all of the sudden I bleed a little bit of pink. It's frustrating. I'm ready to dtd and don't know if it's ok yet. Go away, bleeding!
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Erin, I'm ok... my hormones aren't so wild this time around (yet). By this point with Sage I was all over the place, mostly I couldn't stop crying. I think laboring my way for as long as I did and being the one to say ok... I can't handle this here by myself, I need help was the best thing for me. I'm sad that she was injured, I would do anything to take that back but I don't regret any of the choices I made up to that point. I don't care for the doctor that delivered her, I refuse to see him again (though I'm supposed to schedule my 6 wk check up with his office, yeah right!) and if I'm forced to communicate with him again I'm pretty sure I won't be pleasant. There's nothing I can do to change anything that has happened up to this point but I don't feel hopeless about it... I think I'm doing ok with the processing part. :)



I'm pretty much done bleeding save for a couple of gushes here and there. I really want to DTD already but my stitches aren't really conducive to bumping fuzzies just yet. :lol Hubby told me this morning that he's totally ready for my healing to be done already... poor guy. We don't get much time alone for other play, either. We usually wait until about 3 weeks postpartum... hopefully my stitches will be healed by that point!



You know what I forget each time I have a baby?? The bone achiness that happens as your hips and pelvic bones move back in. I woke up this morning very uncomfortable and totally remembering that I have felt this 4 times before. My body is going back in pretty easily this time. I've already lost 26 pounds, that's about half of what I gained. :) Makes me happy.

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Hi Mamas! I have been MIA for awhile.. it has just been busy busy around here.... I can't believe Ian is 9 days old already! We had FAR too many visitors in the beginning, and I am sort of mourning the loss of an actual "babymoon." But, DH has a 4 day weekend this weekend, and we've just been taking it easy so far. :) Liam is adjusting well, the first couple days he was a little wary, but he has really done a lot better than I expected!


So it seems I have another non-sleeper, every hour nurser. I am also suspecting reflux.. :( He is a really sweet, cuddly baby though, and everything is going pretty well otherwise.:)

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Catie, I'm sorry Ian isn't making things easy for you!  Maia nurses and fusses all evening from dinner time until I go to bed with her (around 10 or 11).  I would love to be hands free sometimes, because I can't get anything done! 


I also feel like I really didn't get a babymoon.  I guess it's ok, but I'm feeling like it's too late for me to sit around and pretend I need to rest when I've already been driving my daughter to the orthodontist, going grocery shopping, making dinner and etc.


I feel like I'm having postpartum SPD.  I had no issues before I had the baby, but now I keep having twinges of pain, especially when I'm trying to roll over in bed at night or when I first get up from lying down or sitting.  Anyone else have this?  I went to the chiro today, because I've also been really headachey lately.  We'll see if that helps.  


My nipples were SO sore for a while, but they're finally better.  Maia was not great about opening her mouth big enough or staying latched correctly once I got her on, so the first week was rough.  


I've been more anxious and tearful lately, and last night I snuggled with DH and cried for 45 minutes about everything and nothing.  I know it's just hormones, but that doesn't make it easier to handle.  I've also been craving carbs and sweets like crazy, and am trying to get my act together with meals so I have healthier options available when I'm feeling snacky or am voracious on a moment's notice.


I finally got my camera looked at.  It was going to cost four to five hundred dollars to fix, and it's a five hundred dollar camera.  So that was pretty heartbreaking to find out.  My dd said she felt like we had lost a family member.  


I'm so over lochia.  It went on for SO long with ds.  Hoping it doesn't last as long this time.


I hate to think of going back to work, even though it's only going to be 8 hours a week.  I feel like such a baby, but the thought of pumping and giving Maia a bottle and leaving her to go to work is just too overwhelming for me to think about right now.  mecry.gif


Well, I'm out of time.  Miss Maia is fussing again!



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((((HUGS)))) to you mamas having a rough time.



Nic, you should be taking arnica (traumeel tincture is amAzing) to help her heal up faster.  how scary though :(


catie, mzminty (((HUG)))



I hate to be the one to say that life is pretty amazing, but I figure I kind of deserve it after the hellish last 2 months..Other than my cough which is still lingering (arg!) i feel amazing. i have energy, im getting good sleeps (hazel is an amazing sleeper) my body feels strong (i went to town for the first time yesterday with hazel in the kkafp and carried groceries and stuff all over and didnt even feel out of breath) my nipples were sore the first week, but they are fine now. her latch has really improved and she has an amazingly strong suck! I had friends bring meals fpr the first week, i didnt leave my house except to walk to my midwifes house around the corner to pick up our raw milk order the day before she was a week old. I really feel like I had the best baby-moon. her lotus birth was beautiful. we cut the cord a few days ago and her stump fell off the morning of her 1 week birthday..my dp wasn't really into the lotus borth idea to begin with and it was getting kind of yucky being so hot inside with the fire. i feel like it was perfect though..the way it all unfolded seemed just right.

she is such a happy little girlie. she sleeps a LOT though and hasn't gained much yet. im not sure how low her weight went but at her 1 week (thursday) she was not yet back to her birth weight @ 8lbs6oz (she was 8lbs 11oz at birth) she does nurse lots but maybe not as much as she could. i try to wake her and she dozes so easily! and she only nurses a few times in the night. i know it will change and that she is doing what she needs to do right now.. and since my other LO's have been slow gainers i know its just how they are.. but its hard not to worry about something!

she is opening her eyes more and connecting with the world a bit more now .. and is such a sweetie pie... her sisters and brother are so happy. life is pretty perfect right now (knock on wood)

im so in love!

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