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If I remember correctly a few mamas posted here about feeling their babies around 10w.

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I was coming here to see the dates of when people started feeling movement. I am between 9 and 10 weeks today (my early u/s dated me at 9 weeks today but formula has me at almost 10 weeks). Last night when I was laying in bed awake I was swearing I was feeling fluttering...it was similar to popcorn popping. At first I thought perhaps gas...and it still could have been I guess...but it felt a little more distinct and centralized. Just curious if anyone has felt that early? My DS I did not feel moving until about 14 weeks...but that was fairly early for a first child I guess. I am thin so would that be a reason I could maybe feel the baby sooner?

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I'm 10 weeks and a few days and for sure have felt one flutter a day for the past couple of days...With my first I started feeling it at 11/12 weeks and didn't recognize what it was until it became stronger over time, but this time I know what I'm feeling. It's usually at night, when we're relaxed on the couch after dinner. I felt it right above my pubic bone, as opposed to the higher gassy gurglings. So exciting! 

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