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Hair color

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Maes hair is just... confusing.

In some light (and thus some pictures) it is dark... like my avatar there on the left. In other light (and thus other pictures) it is bright orange... like this morning out in the fog, or some pictures taken the day before the avatar picture was.

Her eyelashes... she has them, a lot and long, but they are SO light you can barely see them. Of course, eyebrows are basically nonexistant but that is normal with my babies, even the two with pitch black hair at birth. But they both had black eyelashes... so its weird to have a baby with light ones.

So I have no clue what her hair will end up looking like. If it is like her brother/sister it will lighten... and if it lightens the same amount theirs did it will end up a light strawberry blonde.

Anyone else wondering about their babies hair color?
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Isla is very similar. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are blond. I thought she didn't have eyelashes at first, then the swelling from birth went down and they were there all right, and long, too, but very light. Her hair on top seems to be the typical brown newborn hair that falls out, but on the sides, when you look in the sunlight or just after a bath, there's a bit of red. Up near the front it's blond.

DH was a blond baby who now has dark brown hair, I was a strawberry blond baby who now has auburn hair, DD has light brown. Who knows?
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yeah dh was actually born with the color he has now but it lightened by 6 months to white blonde and stayed that way until he was a teen.

Myself, born with black hair that barely lightened at all (my hair colorist says my hair is the first shade of brown after black)

Really wish I knew what Maes going to end up looking like... both dh and myself have the possibility for red hair!
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Lila's started black and has settled into a dark dark brown. DH still says it's black
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Caleb's hair was black and curly, now it is straight and only dark brown in a band around his ears, on the top of his head he has a light brown area between the temples and heading to the "band". The hair at his temples has turned almost blonde and looks like it is thinning out, or his head is growing faster than his hair can fill in

In the sunlight from the side it looks red. Black irish! In a dimly lit room he looks like a monk, bald on top and long hair around the ears (the band of dark brown hair). Who knows what it will look like! All I know is he is ADORABLE even with the funky hair and goofy elf ears.
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Ozzy's hair is odd, too. It has brown patches, red patches, and blond patches. He does have his daddy's long, thick, dark eyelashes (like, crazy-- a baby shouldn't have that much eyelashes).

My husband's hair is brown on his head, but his beard is mostly reddish with some blond thrown in, the hair on one of his arms is brown, the hair on the other arm is blond. ROTFL, so, Ozzy could just take after him with the crazy colors.
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Cora was born with dark brown hair. It looks a little lighter now that some has fallen out and is a medium brown with red highlights. I think her hair will be brown with red highlights instead of a red hair like my other two. My dd wasn't born with all out red hair but it got redder as it grew out and looked  bright red in bright light. My ds was born with light hair that was blond in some spots and light brown in the back with red like a strawberry blond. It mostly fell out and slowly came back a lighter shade of red than my dd. I didn't know his hair color until he was about 7 months. Cora's hair does not have nearly as much red as her siblings so I'm pretty sure she will have brown hair but I wonder what shade it will settle on and if it will be lighter than my hair. Her eyes got me stumped. They seem lighter than my dd's eyes were at that age but darker than my ds's. My older dd's eyes are brown and my ds's eyes are green. My dh has red hair and I have brown hair but freckles and red highlights.

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DD1's hair was dark at birth and then turned light brown, looked red at times in between .. DS's hair was dark at birth and turned blonde..  DD2's hair is like DD1s but darker and shorter.. but still looks red or orange sometimes.. though since its basically the same as DD1 i am not obsessing lol..  my hair is super dark and DH had the blonde hair as a kid.. dd1's hair is somewhere in the middle.. likght brown..

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