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We have the pox in SE MI

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Who wants to come over for a play date on Saturday?
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Let me know if Carrie comes over! I'll get them from her.
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Hey, Jen! I was just talking about you today! Carrie's kids have been nominally exposed--they were here on Halloween, but there was no sneezing, coughing, or snot licking going on, so we'll see how well exposed they were! :P
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I'll be up in Metamora on Saturday. Maybe we can stop by in the early evening? What works for you?
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So tempting since I know you're nearby! My 3 yr old is going to grandmas tonight though and Im not sure if its a good idea since Im pregnant?? Ive already had them as a kid though.
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Janette, I'm in the same boat as you, I've had chicken pox as a child AND shingles as an adult but I don't want to risk exposure while I'm pregnant, plus we're going to have a newborn here in a few weeks. Darnit!
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Hey Courtenay, not sure if you're still checking this thread but if you are willing to have some company tomorrow, get my number from Carrie and give me a call!
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We have them now too!


We live in SE Michigan :p

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We have them here, now in N Oakland county :)

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We tried to get them but still haven't seen anything.  It's been just over two weeks since exposure. 

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You have another week before they can come out.  My mom says that my brother, sister, and I each got them exactly three weeks apart, and the CDC does say that the incubation period is 7-21 days.  AND you caught him at the end of his bout, so it could take longer for the virus to get to a point that it causes pox.  I'd keep your fingers crossed!  That said, my daughter has about 48 hours more till I am sure she didn't get them.  We shall see! If she doesn't I may end up going to Sandy's house to reexpose on Thursday, just to make sure that she is immune. 

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My little one has them fierce!  My oldest has a few starting to scab (first pox was Friday).  My 2 1/2 year old - woah.  Her little face and girl bits just hurt to look at.  She seems okay though. 


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My daughter has them now.  They started on Tuesday.  I'm sure my boys won't be far behind!!

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Oh, Michelle, I just read that Ophie has them a lot.  I hope she's okay!


ANOTHER north oakland family now has them.  Came out ones and twos yesterday, thirty or more today.  She's willing to share.

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I think they are both on the mend.  I actually took them out yesterday thrifting on Gratiot.   Ophie had them really badly in her diaper area but she is also crusted over.   In retrospect, I worry Violet's were not that bad and that could leave us for trouble later.   I found this stuff at Meijer, Shing-releeve spray and although pricey and the essential oil's were not the most pleasant smelling, Ophelia loved it and called it her "rescue spray" (think Diego)   It was nice because it came in a pump bottle, so it was easy to mist a toddler on the go.  She brought it to us when she was uncomphy.


I am glad everything worked out.   Violet broke out the Friday the 19th and I think Ophelia 2 days later.    Violet missed the whole week of school and Ophelia was out of her groups as well.  I took advantage of thrift stores and buying olllld olld VHS tapes for 10-30 cents each and we watched a lot of movies they had never seen before.   Bath time was popular too with aveeno.  Neither one ever complained or was too miserable.   I picked up "Goldilocks has chicken pox" and they both loved that story.


My Nanny gets the gold star.  SHe did not bat an eyelash and I did not have to miss any work.  She brought them up to me on my lunch a few times for quick kisses from the car.

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Awww, I'm about a month too late:( Anyone know where else I can find the pox around SE MI?

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Originally Posted by mamaginabean View Post

Awww, I'm about a month too late:( Anyone know where else I can find the pox around SE MI?

 I know! I found this thread too late as well. I was pretty bummed I didn't notice it earlier.

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We have them in Northville!!

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I might be interested in a play date....


PM me if this is still going around.

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It just started going around in the Amish community in Brown City.  Not sure if anyone is up that way....just saying.  :)

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