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Are there any Moms of bipolar kids out there?

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(x-posting to single parents)
10yo DS has been stable for the past few months. Now cycling rapidly- he goes from depressed to a hypomanic/ irritated/ out of control state. He hasn't gone to school in 3 days, kicked a hole in the wall the other day when I said no to more food at bedtime. Alternates between normal/ laying in bed talking about not wanting to exist/ going bonkers. Called his psychdoc this am and left message- need to up meds- he's on Lamictal.

DH and I just separated, are filing for divorce soon. DH doesn't know how to deal with DS moods and yells which scared DS. (I just talked to a friend who got a call from another friend saying she saw DH "losing it" and yelling at kids in front of school the other day, kids crying.) DS says he wants to only live with me but I work 2 or 3 12-hour shifts/ week at a hospital and don't want to have a babysitter from 6am-8pm. I've been only working when kids are with DH.

I'm rambling but the last few days have been rough, don't know if I'm going to be able to work this weekend if DS is unstable. Don't know if I should try for sole custody or continue shared if DH can't handle taking care of kids when DS is cycling.

Other moms of bipolar: how do you deal when kids are cycling? Do you let go of all semblance of normalcy (he won't brush teeth, shower, nothing) or try to stick with regular routine? How do you cope if you are single parent?
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My children do not have bipolar disorder, but I do. My heart goes out to your family. I know how difficult episodes are for me to deal with as an adult...I can't imagine how it would be for a child. Something that helps me when I'm out of wack it keeping with my most basic routine and distractions. Sleep is so important, too. I don't like taking things to help me sleep, but when I'm cycling (which is rare now that I am properly medicated) I do what it necessary to stay the course. Distractions help me keep my mind off of the ugly stuff. My kids are great for distracting me.

As for you husband, it sounds like he needs help in dealing with your kids. We know it's not easy, but he needs to get some skills under his belt to be able to communicate his feelings with them besides yelling. How about family therapy?

Best wishes, mama!
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read this article recently and thought that it might be somewhat helpful...


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