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Worse morning sickness = different gender? Anecdotal evidence needed!

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So, people in my due date club may have seen me complaining about the horrible morning sickness I am suffering this time. I had morning sickness with both my sons, worse with the first and not as bad with the second, but this time is just a whole new circle of hell. Everyone keeps saying to me, that means it's a girl. And I admit I have had the same thought (though I have had a feeling my third would be a girl -- dreams and such -- even before I got pregnant). But on the other hand I know logically, rationally that every pregnancy is different and many people have had the same gender children with radically different symptoms.

What has your experience been? Did different severity of morning sickness have any significance with respect to the baby's sex?

P.S. I am probably just ruminating on this because EVERYONE in both our families is OBSESSED with the idea of us having a girl and I hate the pressure and the way their expectations/desires dehumanize my beautiful sons. I honestly don't care whether this one is a boy or a girl but DH and I are the only ones without a preference.
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My morning sickness was much worse with my girl.
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I have also heard from several ppl that their morning sickness was worse with a girl.

Last time I had some morning sickness (not too much) and it was my DS.

This time I have had a LOT more but we don't know yet what we are having.
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IME, morning sickness varied a lot for each pregnancy. I have four girls and one boy. Each pregnancy is so different itself, that I wouldn't put too much stock in this one being a different gender based on m/s. If, however, you'd already had a girl and a similar experience, that would hold some weight.
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My OB's nurse said "female hormones and female hormones don't mix". Which seems a little silly, but it does seem like many women report more morning sickness with girls. It certainly has been the case for me with this pregnancy.
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My morning sickness was equally severe with my boy and my girl. My pregnancies were practically identically.
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mine was severe with DS to the point of nearly being hospitalized. It was strong, constant and lasted a looooong time.

With DD1 it was like it was with DS but I would get days where I felt fine sprinkled in.

With DD2 it was hardly noticeable. Nausea, Id get sick in the mornings but not at night... but nausea all day.

I think for me it seems the more times Im pregnant the better it gets, nothing to do with the gender and more to do with my body finally being able to cope with the hormones.
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I had almost no morning sickness with my first (a girl) still waiting to find out the gender on this one, but my morning sickness lasted about 10x as long and was much more severe. I had a few people telling me it must be a boy because my morning sickness was so much worse then it was with DD.
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the sex of my children has had nothing to do with my morning sickness.
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I had hyperemesis until 26 weeks with ds1. I barely threw up at all with ds2. With dd, I only threw up a few times, but I had this mild irritating nausea the entire pregnancy.
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I had more nausea with my son than my daughter. Wasn't physically ill with either though.
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I was super nauseous with DS (on medication until 20 weeks, but never actually vomited)
With DD, I've had a little bit of nausea early on, but that was it.
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It is just yet another old wives tale. Every pg will/could be be different.

I had complete opposite pgs with both of my girls and then one girl pg was very similar to my boy pg.
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with both I had hypermesis for 26 weeks and was on zofran for both. Although, #2 was much much worse, lost much more weight, had trouble getting out of bed and had horrible stomach pain with #2. Both are girls.

My mother said she had no morning sickness with my brother or me (a girl obviously), she had it with the twins (girls), had it really bad with baby #3 (girl)

My mom was convinced and positive I was having a boy because my morning sickness was worse. She thinks the ultrasound is wrong, lol. I guess it's possible, but I doubt it.
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My primary care physician very early on predicted I'd have a boy when he heard how nauseous I was - due to the conflict of hormones, he said. He's the old-fashioned kind of family doctor who's seen half of the city grow up. And ... he was right, we're expecting a boy in January!
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No ms or even the slightest bit of nausea with DS. I had really severe all day sickness with DD until 15 or 16 weeks, so that was true for me. I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in it but it's kind of fun to guess
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I have a girl and a boy and the MS was fairly similar with both - both pretty bad. With my daughter it started earlier and ended later. With my son it started later and finished sooner but was worse while I had it. I'm pregnant again and I don't know this one's gender yet, but the MS has been most similar to how I felt with my daughter. So... mid December when I find out what I'm having I'll know if the MS has anything to do with the gender, in my experience anyway!
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I've been wondering this myself we won't know for sure if it's true until January.

DS: Horrid MS threw up 2x every day til 2nd trimester. MS earlier in day fine by evening.
This one: Nausea starting at 8-9 pm intensified by 11-12pm. Threw up 3x only from 10-13 weeks all at 11-12+ am when exhausted and up too late.

I find it interesting no one has guessed this is a boy. Based on the very different MS and the heartbeat being 150 they are saying girl, which is what we are hoping it may be as this might be our last.

I'll get my 20 week scan early Jan 2011, will report on gender when/if we find out.
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I had awful morning sickness with my ds--I threw up every day until about 16 weeks. With my dd, I felt a little sick and tired, but I think I only threw up a few times.
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I had mild/moderate morning sickness with both my girls. I was queasy, but not enough to not go to work. With ds, I was very nearly bed ridden, vomiting constantly, and ended up on Zofran to keep anything down. It lasted until I was about five months pregnant, give or take.
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