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I have had a rough week! A week ago today I knew my BP went up a bit cause I had some headaches and visual disturbances.. Seemed fine for the week then went up again last night after a stressful day.. I can sure tell when it goes up cause it makes me so super agitated and I can't sleep with the headache. I haven't had any swelling or weight gain, actually lost a pound since my appt 2 weeks ago!I saw my MW today and today I had my liver and kidney blood tests done. My BP was not bad today at all a bit higher than normal for me but still OK.. MW suggested borrowing a portable wrist BP monitor to check it at night when I feel off..
I had it go up in 3 of my 4 other pregnancies around this time.. With my second it went back down after 5 days of partial rest, my 3rd they induced me just before 38 weeks and my 4th he was born at 36.6 and my BP was still up and down. With him they stuck me in the hospital for 24 hours to do a urine test and non stress tests. I usually just get symptoms at night.. anyone else had to deal with BP issues? I am now on a SUPER high protein diet..