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Brag Post

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My ds is at his dad's for the weekend, he went early b/c he's been sick and I needed to get caught up on some work.

So I called to check in on him, and to talk to him, and we had our very first REAL phone conversation!!!!

It went something like this:

Me: "What did you do today ds?"
DS: "Went to Bank!"
Me: What did you do at the bank?
DS: Got money!
Me: Then what did you do?
DS: Go to store to get food!
Me: Wow! What did you get?

He's so smart! I just LOVE that he's talking so well now, its SO fun to hear what he has to say

Anyone else want to brag a bit?
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That's awesome! I can't wait for LO to be speaking enough to hold those types of conversations.
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Today after we got out of the car we had to cross the road. It is a one way single lane road with that we live on and my hands were full so DS was walking ahead of me on his own. A car turned on to our street just as we were getting to the curb and DS saw it and remarked that a car was coming and slowed down to watch it. I ushered him along by saying "Quickly on the side walk, the car is coming" As DS was stepping onto the curb he said "I just want to stand on the side walk and watch the car as it drives by" I said ok and when the car drove by DS turned to me and said "Thank you mama for listening to me when I said I wanted to watch the car" It was so genuine and thankful and It just felt like one of those perfect moments
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My 19-month old DS drew an airplane all by himself yesterday. Planned it, drew it, made appropriate propeller noises, was talking about the plane and the propeller (I thought he wanted a plane to color, so I was printing one up- turned around an he drawn the whole thing all by himself). I was pretty shocked. It even looked like a plane, propellor and all.
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DD (18 months today) has started saying "teek too" (thank you). she shocked a grandmother in the waiting room of the imaging clinic the other day. 

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DS1 did a nine-piece jigsaw puzzle totally independently today! And aced the "medium" level on the new preschool Memory game app I downloaded for the iPad. And wrote the numbers one, six and zero (the numerals, not the words). Dang, written out like that, he had a pretty big day!
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