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What is your opinion on Duck?

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I was concerned with the fatty acid profile of Duck. I remember reading that it is really high in omega 6 in proportion to 3.

In addition I can't seem to find any duck that says "free range" . Only "vegetarian fed".
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I get pastured ducks from a farmer who raises them in tractors just like his chickens. I rub them in salt, paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne, and then roast them. Absolutely delicious. It's an occasional treat, though, 'cause they are expensive.

I do keep an eye on O6-O3 ratio, so I hear ya. I've honestly never considered duck's profile. I would assume that like with other animals, a pastured duck would be better than a grocery store duck. But that's just an assumption. I get them from the farmer to support him, and because the ducks are handled humanely (though I do wonder about them not having access to water -- maybe I should ask him about that).

I guess keeping my veg oil consumption low/zero makes enough room for the occasional duck in my diet.
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Love it! Its my absolute favorite, in fact. It is expensive, so its an occasional treat, but i dont worry about the fat profile.

If you get it "properly" raised, its going to be better than "improperly" raised meat of another type, IMO. Even if the fat profile may not meet a specific criteria. Besides, when was the last time you saw the fat profile of a duck that wasnt fed tons of corn and soy? No way of telling what the fat profile might be without that unhealthy diet.
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oh man, I made one a month or so ago. I bought it at Whole Foods and it was still only 3.99 a pound. I need to get another one and render the fat!
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I love duck, it's one of our fav. meats. We don't get the best raised ducks, I can't find or afford them. Duck is a rare special much beloved treat here. (a couple times a year). I'm under the impression that conventional ducks are slightly better (not great, but better) than conventional chickens, because ducks can't take as much stress, and so the conditions have to be a little better. I could be wrong.
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I think, too, that duck is not such a big industrial meat the way chicken and turkey are - just because it's not so popular.
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Oddly enough, ive never had duck, but ive cooked with duck fat before (bought it online), lol.

I would love to make some duck for Christmas this year so i will be trying to seek out some from the local farmers here. If not, i'll have to get it from Whole Foods (or my local co-op if they decide to carry it for the holidays).
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Yum! They are so good we are going to raise some ourselves next spring. Duck eggs don't cause as many allergies either.
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My guess would be that the fat profile of a pastured duck is going to be much better than a commercially raised one, though idk for sure.

I love duck, but don't get the chance to eat it often.
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My opinion on duck? Yum!

I don't have any new information to add to the fat profile discussion. I agree that if the animals are raised in a healthy manner the meat will be healthier to eat. I have never considered duck to be an unhealthy source of fat/protein.
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