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Originally Posted by bunziemom View Post
Yes it does have a small amount of RL. There are mixed opinions on RL. I personally have had no problem with RL and have used it throughout my last pregnancy with no problems. I did have a 6 hour and very uneventful labor.

I am so jealous of your 6 hour labor! I went 31 hours of active labor, had my heart start to fail around hour 18 because I kept refusing any pain medication (they compared what happened to me to being tortured to death) and ended up with a csection. Looking back on it, my doctor really gave me every possible chance of a natural birth, so I can't complain.
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I know they say no sushi or deli meat or soft cheese but I ate all of those in my pregnancy last time. I think the important thing to do is make sure the food was prepared and stored properly. And I felt that if I really had a craving for something I was going to eat it! I didn't eat a whole lot of these things but a little here and there and at special occasions.
I also drank a caffeinated tea once a week after the first tri.
Anyway, I think Traditional Medicinals has sigle herb teas too, you can get just Nettle or just Red Raspberry Leaf. I love Nettle! It is dark and rich so if you like regular teas you might like it too!
Just my opinions!

And I think I went to buy maternity clothes around 18-20weeks with my first. And that's about when I felt first movement too!
Morning sickness came on about 7 weeks, and although I never threw up I would feel queasy. Foods began to taste differently. And usually if I ate something as soon as I felt queasy I would be ok. So I believe with me at least it was related to blood sugar. Being sure to always have a snack on me really helped.

Congratulations on your first!! Such a wonderful and special time
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I  am currently having 1 1/2 cups of half regular, half decaf in the morning (coffee).  My midwife had told me unless I am drinking a large amount, no need to worry.  I can't function without a little caffiene.

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An idea for your tea:  you can pull 60 - 80% of the caffiene out of your tea by steaping it for about a minute, dumping the tea, and starting again with fresh water.  Most of the caffiene goes down the drain!  It's actually supposed to be healthier than decaf tea that isn't decaf natually.  (Tons of info on google if you look.) 



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ooo that is a good idea!!

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Originally Posted by heavensearth View Post

My doctor said that there is no problems with eating sushi, that you could get food poisoning anywhere, including your own home. I ate sushi the whole time while I was pregnant with my son and have already had it 3 times with this baby.


Ditto that.  You're more likely to get sick from poorly cooked chicken than by eating sushi.  Just be wary of the types of fish for mercury content.


As for the OP's questions...I started showing by 12 weeks, but it wasn't obvious to stranges until around 20 weeks.  And according to my notes from last time, I started to get real morning sickness at about 7 weeks.  I hope it says that way this time around for me (I'm going on a trip just before 6 weeks).

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