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My Blessingway

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I am having my blessingway this Sunday and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for it....particularly I am looking for an idea to get or make a favor for my 12 guests.....
I plan to write a letter of gratitude but would like to add a little token with it.
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I hired a belly dancer for my BFF's blessingway. I then sewed together a hip scarf (very easy to do) for everyone and that was the take home gratitude gift.
The picture of everyone in their scarf is so fun and beautiful.
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I love blessingways! I really enjoy when each guest brings a bead for a birth necklace and told why they chose that bead and what particular wish it holds for the birth.
Also, in terms of a little gift. A small bracelet of some sort that the guests wear until they hear the baby is born. Or maybe a candle holder to encourage candle lighting when they hear you are in labor.
I truly enjoy when we "lay hands" on a mama and together listen to an inspirational birthy song. We either pray, meditate, or just be with the mama... whatever our beliefs have us comfortable with. It is a very powerful experience.
Then, burning little pieces of paper where we have written our fears or hardships. That is a nice ceremony.
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