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Homeschooling and nursing school?

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Has anyone tried this/made this work? I'll be starting a BSN program in January. My son, 6, is currently in Montessori school that is not panning out to be very Montessori in his upper level classroom. My daughter, 2, would be starting there in Jan in the lower level classsroom. I'm dissatisfied with the school but there are no better options in the area. I've always wanted to homeschool the kids.

My husband is a fire medic and works 24 hour shifts, so 2 out of 3 days he'd be home. The third day, I keep thinking if I could find a local homeschooling mom that might be willing to make some money by watching them/following along w/the studies, could be feasible for much less money than paying tuition for two at the Montessori school.

Drawbacks are the fact that I'm the "teacher" of the home, I'm not sure how it would pan out or even if DH could handle trying to do school with the kids. 4 days a week I'll be gone for the day and home late afternoon/evening, the other day is supposed to be a study day.

Would it be feasible to spend a few hours on the weekends with DS working on school as well as on my study day/earlier school days? That added with the study time at the sitter's, would it be "enough" school time? Would that kind of schedule be too confusing for a student? If I did it that way, DH could do enriching activities with the kids on his days for the most part, library stuff, science center, museums, etc.

Would I simply lose my mind trying to study my own stuff plus organize DS's education? (DD is barely 2, I'm not too worried about any formal education for her lol...) Any feedback woudl be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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I don't know if you'll lose your mind in that situation, but I know that I would lose mine!
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