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Homeschooling while in nursing school?

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Has anyone tried this/made this work? I'll be starting a BSN program in January. My son, 6, is currently in Montessori school that is not panning out to be very Montessori in his upper level classroom. My daughter, 2, would be starting there in Jan in the lower level classsroom. I'm dissatisfied with the school but there are no better options in the area. I've always wanted to homeschool the kids.

My husband is a fire medic and works 24 hour shifts, so 2 out of 3 days he'd be home. The third day, I keep thinking if I could find a local homeschooling mom that might be willing to make some money by watching them/following along w/the studies, could be feasible for much less money than paying tuition for two at the Montessori school.

Drawbacks are the fact that I'm the "teacher" of the home, I'm not sure how it would pan out or even if DH could handle trying to do school with the kids. 4 days a week I'll be gone for the day and home late afternoon/evening, the other day is supposed to be a study day.

Would it be feasible to spend a few hours on the weekends with DS working on school as well as on my study day/earlier school days? That added with the study time at the sitter's, would it be "enough" school time? Would that kind of schedule be too confusing for a student? If I did it that way, DH could do enriching activities with the kids on his days for the most part, library stuff, science center, museums, etc.

Would I simply lose my mind trying to study my own stuff plus organize DS's education? (DD is barely 2, I'm not too worried about any formal education for her lol...) Any feedback woudl be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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I graduated nursing school (ASN program) last April. I started prerequisites when DD was 4 months old and DS was 3, and graduated when DD was 3 and DS was 6. We homeschooled the whole time.

There was another homeschooling mom with older kids in my class, and one of the instructors homeschooled and was completing her MSN in addition to teaching.

So yes, it can be done!

In my case, DH works at home and we have housemates, so childcare wasn't an issue. I did most of the teaching. It went ok up until about the last 3 months, when I was pregnant with bad morning sickness and didn't really have any extra energy.

Remember that, during the early grades especially, they really don't need as much school time as they'd be getting in public school. You also aren't obligated to work within normal public school hours - you can do the bulk of the schooling on weekends and your off day (realistically, you're unlikely to be spending the entire day studying anyways).
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That is very encouraging! My husband's biggest concern (and mine) is handling homeschool plus my own studying, but I think it can be done. I think what will ACTUALLY be the deciding factor is his capability to keep them occupied and social enough.. by social that is, DS thrives on being with others, by himself he kind of wilts. So if he ends up just sitting around the house all day that's not a godo scenario for him. But if he does enough out of the house activity to thrive, things should be fine.

Any other thoughts and opinions, please send them my way. I'm thinking more and more about this as a serious option!
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I will be homeschooling my DD, almost 7yo, and going back for my BSN in Jan.  We have been homeschooling since last April so we have our routine and curricula down so it might be hard but doable.  We really only school for 2-3 hours a day and I have slowly switched over to a curricula that is very easy to do with little direction (in anticipation of me going back to school.)  I will be doing my BSN for a year then my MSN so for the next 3 years I will be busy.  I have no intention of putting DD back in "school" and will continue to HS her.  Little DD won't be in K for a while as she is only 20 months but I should be done with my school when I will have 2 at home to  homeschool.  I also work 24 hours a week as a nurse in L&D.  I am sure my time will be spread thinly but it is a goal that I want to achieve so I am going to do it.

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Totally do-able - especially at that age.


Right now I work FT as a nurse in a rehab setting. I just switched to doubles due to a change in DH's clinical hours...but I was doing 3-11 and doing our schooling in teh AM. My Hubby is back in school himself and honestly is pretty clueless when it comes to any of the school stuff. LOL I would leave activities like coloring pages, educational games, and educational videos for them to do school time together (helped to have DS doign school work while DH was studying himself)


Honestly they don't require too much at this age. We are doing 1st grade stuff and if we spent an hour a day that is alot. And we dont do it every day. When I worked 3-11s, most of our school was done on weekends cuz that is when I had huge chunks of time free. We do take a kinda unschooly approach to a classical style education. Contradictory I know, but it works soooo well for us. LOL There are lots of games, activities, movies, etc that "teach" just as well as a textbook or workbook. Better in the case of my incredibly energetic visual/tactile learner. smile.gif  


Get hooked up with your local homeschoolers - I bet there are other mamas who would be willing to help you out and make some extra cash at the same time. I think it would be cool - especially if it is a kiddo around my kiddo's age/ability level to do some shared learning and projects with.

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Especially with a six year old, I think you can definitely do it. We have four children and homeschool, plus I work as a doula and am training to become a childbirth educator. 


Homeschooling a six year old has usually taken me 45-60 minutes a day (not counting the reading at bedtime and field trips). If your dh can't fit it into the day, you can make it work with your schedule.

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