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Originally Posted by LilyRN View Post
Saving 2 green beans, on the other hand, is just weird.
Interesting that saving food would be "weird". People would be astounded, really, by the amount of food they throw away, little bits at a time.

For anyone who thinks that saving two green beans is weird, I challenge you to, instead of throwing the edible food in the trash, to put it in a freezer container. You probably don't even realize how much is wasted.

Yes, I agree.


I will admit though, I'd personally probably avoid a dairy dip that may or may not have sat out for hours, But I don't think it's weird for people to try not to waste it.

My friend makes amazing salsa, and among our group there is no way a single drop of the salsa is going to waste. We generally convene the day after a party just to enjoy the leftover salsa and guac.


Saving two green beans is hard for me to imagine because honestly, I would just scarf them down. It's nice to know other people have more self control and recognize when they are full and put the food away.

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i have a hard time thinking that no one would care if someone's friend sneezed in their dip? really?

seriously i dont. i looooooooooooove street food. and discovered the more germs the tastier it is :wink


i think my attitude is coz i rarely fall sick. i dont care about dirt and germs. instead i care about chemicals and other nasty additives.

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interesting perspective.


i rarely get sick either, even when working with a large number of sick children and i always ascribed it to my diet of whole, organic, unprocessed food and proper precautions like washing my food before i eat it, and washing my hands when around ill people. i don't doubt my body's ability to protect me from most bacteria/viruses, but i do like to do practical things to lower my exposure. like not eating leftover dip that has been shared among lots of people that i don't know, left to sit out for hours, and then brought to my house several days later.


to each their own i guess. :D

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