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Question about a Sleepy 10 Week Old

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So...I know I'm crazy for questioning and worrying about this, given that Ellie generally fights sleep, but she's sleeping a *ton* today, and I'm a little bit weirded out by it.

Just to give you a sense--she slept for 6.5 hours in a row last night, went back to sleep after eating for about another 1-1.5 hours, hung out with me a little bit and nursed, fell back asleep at the boob, woke up again to hang out a little bit and then nursed again, hung out a little bit more, then fell asleep while I was wearing her and doing the laundry (laundry always makes her sleepy--I think it's the sound of the machines). It's been about 2 1/2 hours since she last nursed--not a tremendous amount of time, but she's a girl who usually eats ever 2 hours on the dot. She's alert and bright-eyed when she's awake and doesn't feel like she has a fever or anything.

Is this pretty normal for little ones? Am I just so used to her barely napping at all during the day that I'm worrying for nothing? (I suspect so, but I'd love to hear from those of you with more "typical" (if there was such a thing with babies!) nappers/sleepers that I'm not being a worrywart...)

I'm hoping maybe now that she's 10 weeks, she's settling down with sleeping and realizing that mommy and daddy are really very boring and she's not missing anything when she's asleep...

Ooops! As I'm typing this she's stirring...time to eat again!
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I am glad you posted this. My baby was born Aug 30th so she's about the same age. Thursday she slept and wouldn't wake up. It sounded a lot like what you described. She wouldn't stay awake long enough to even finish eating.

Friday she fussed A LOT and woke up every 45 minutes to "snack" (never took a full feed).

Today she refuses to sleep and just sits there staring at the fish tank all day and won't sleep.

Normally she has 3 naps a day and eats every 3 hours. I wonder if it's a growth spurt or something?
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Sounds like a growth spurt to me--especially if she is happy when she is awake. All of mine have had days of sleepiness and also days that I thought they would never sleep.

As to the worry, my LO has been in the hospital twice since birth--once for cellulitis in his toe, once for a UTI--and IME, when there is something wrong, you will absolutely know.
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My 10 week old slept for 8 hours straight last night, woke once, and then slept for 3 more hours after a day of really excellent napping. And he was happy all the time he was awake. totally growing! He managed to roll onto his side, his ability to support his head and torso is amazing, and he's really trying to gurgle and coo. There's constant talk aroud him (my 3 year old never stops) and it seems he wants in on it. Yesterday he furrowed his brow, got his concentrating look on - I though he was going to poop and instead he let out this loud "GA!" and then smiled a huuuge smile.
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Thanks for your replies! I don't know why a growth spurt didn't occur to me, but it would definitely make sense!
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Can I have one?
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Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post
Can I have one?
Ha! I'd like one back! After the day of supersleep, E's back to her usual non-napping, up every 2 hours at night to feed, self...
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