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CBE options

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Hey ladies,

I'm looking in to taking CBE training, but can't decide on what program to go with. Any recommendations?

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Lamaze via Passion for Birth... very thorough and accessible.
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I'm currently going through the BirthWorks CBE program. I've taken the workshop and am working through the reading list, book reports, etc.

I've written a lot about it on my blog (which is in my signature). Feel free to ask me questions about it.
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I really liked the Childbirth International CBE program.
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Thanks ladies!
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I recommend Childbirth International.
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I am excited about a new option based on Dr. Bradley's philosophies. You will be hearing more about it over the next three months.
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I love Childbirth International. I completed the CBE course and I am officially certified and I am now working through the Breastfeeding counselors course. I could not be more happy with the programs, very thorough and evidence based.
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I did ICEA and loved it.
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I'm finishing up my certification with ICEA, and really like it as well. 

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