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Any maternity pants suggestions?

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I've got quite a few pairs of maternity pants and I hate all of them. Most come from Old Navy and a few from the Gap. The styles are cute but the problem I have with them is that the panel doesn't come up over my belly completely. So instead of having a cute, smooth, round belly I have a dent in the middle. Anybody have any suggestions on where to get more comfortable pants? How are Motherhoods? I don't mind ordering online.
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I got some pants from jcpenny and I like them. What I really liked is the ones that don't have the huge panel. Instead they just have a stretchy band. I like those ones because they stay up better and look cuter

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I have a pair of Motherhood pants. The panel covers my whole belly and is very comfortable, but it doesn't hold the pants up well enough - I have to hitch them up every few minutes. And it's not that they're too big - the next size down doesn't fit around my thighs, which is not a problem I usually have with pants. The pair that covers my belly without falling down is Mimi Maternity brand. My most comfortable pair is Two Hearts brand from Sears, but it's like you said covering only half the belly with the waist-band showing through my shirt.

Mostly I'm just wearing non-maternity skirts with elastic waists that I wear under my bump, and just pair them with a shirt that's long enough to still meet the skirt when I raise my arms.
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When I get this far along I like the "secret belly fit" ones from motherhood. I don't mind the under belly or half ones earlier, but like the op, I can't stand a dented belly at this stage LOL.
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I have a pair from Target that are very comfortable, but they are lightweight so they won't work for really cold days if you are in a cold climate. They have a full stretchy panel and are knit with a wide leg.

In general, I've just had bad luck with jeans--I think the material is too heavy to be held up by a stretchy panel that is meant to accommodate changing sizes. I did find a pair of lightweight corduroy pants at Kohl's (Motherhood brand), but they do have the panel that stops mid stomach and so it can create a dent depending on where it hits.
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I have a pair from Kohl's I really like. They have the wide, stretchy panel/top. It slips a little, but I wear a cami or undershirt under it and it doesn't slip against the fabric.

I don't like narrower elastic bands; maybe because most of what i have is hand-me-downs, but they always wind up riding low (maybe too big I guess), and some of them have messed up elastic. The pants I like don't have elastic in a tube, instead it's just stretchy fabric.
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my faves I got at good will... they are cords with a panel. They are so stretchy and soft! they are from motherhood and they also have a draw string at the top of the panel.
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I got some of the new ones from motherhood when they were on sale and they are by far my favorite ones out of all three pregnancies. I got the "skinny" version because I hate wide leg jeans and they are super comfortable. I think I paid $29 for them.
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DDCC - The secret fit belly ones from Motherhood are my absolute favorite maternity pants/jeans. I wore them right up to the end last time, and the comfort is just uncomparable to any other maternity bottoms I've ever tried. I'm just at the beginning of the 2nd trimester right now, but I've already switched to them because they're so comfy.
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My motherhood maternity pants are my most comfortable pair. I like the band it is stretchy and does cover the entire belly without feeling constricting.
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Glad you asked. I am about given up on maternity pants and am looking frumpy in some men's Starter fleece pants in very large sizes, that are stretchy and soft, but once washed, like everything else, they are 2 inches too short in the leg, and look terrible flapping around above my shoes.
They also make me look fat because of all that baggy extra cloth in the front thigh, hanging straight down from my belly.

I hate maternity pants because the panel ones, never have the stretchy part go low enough... my uterus swells right on down to my pubic bone, and when I sit, those things cut into me down there.

Same with the wide band types, because the regular, closer-fitting cloth always binds me just above the pubic bone. I need soft and stretchy all the way down to my crotch!

Anyone know of such? Otherwise it's these fat looking too-short fleece pants til mid-January! Very unflattering.
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Yoga pants! You don't even need the maternity ones. Old Navy has the fold-down waist kind that can fold under or pull up over your belly to escape the nasty dent! (thanks for giving that attention!) They are $19.50 and you can wear them after baby. I have black ones and my husband calls them slacks!
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I think the secret is to get ones that are the right size. My pair from last preg is a large and don't stay up well. My mom found a pair of mediums at a yard sale for $1 and they are my FAV!
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I've been having some good luck with ones from target, I recently got a pair that look like black jeans in their cut, but are made from a nice medium thickness knit material, they have held up well and have a good very tall stretch panel. They seem to go with everything and I am thinking of buying a second pair so I can wear them all the time. The other things I have from earlier in the year are now not warm enough, these will be good in all but the coldest parts of the year.
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Another BIG vote for the Secret Fit Belly pants from Motherhood! They are by far my faves. They have a full panel that's nice and comfy - lightweight but enough to hold my pants up, for the most part (I do have to hitch them up occasionally, but I think that happens with almost any maternity pant). I have 2 pairs of jeans from them (one bootcut and lighter wash, one dark wash and skinny) as well as 3 pairs of work pants (black, brown, tan) and they are pretty much all I wear. One cool touch is that my jeans have a tan colored panel (instead of dark blue like lots of other jeans) so the panel doesn't show through light colored shirts!

I do have a couple of pairs from JC Penney that I like and wear too, but they have a half-panel and I can see that they will start making the infamous belly dent as soon as my belly gets any bigger! I can't stand the dent either.
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Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I went to Motherhood and bought two pairs of the the secret belly panel jeans. So far so good. They are comfy and no dent.
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I had good luck with getting a tummy supporting cami to wear over my pants. Nice smooth belly-- I hate the line in the middle!

I'm down to only one pair of pants that fit, but I'm to cheap to buy another pair for just a few more months.
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I really like the American Apparel yoga pants.

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I am not really a fan of the full panel. I have a motherhood skirt with the secret belly thing and it's comfy though. The rest of my pants are the under belly kind. I really like my Lucky jeans. I got them on ebay.

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DDCC to share my experience with motherhood maternity.


My last pregnancy I purchased clothes there using my debit card. I'm not even sure how this is legal but they sold my card number to a magazine company. That magazine company charged me for a magazine subscription without my knowledge or consent. When I called them and inquired how they got my debit card number they told me they recieved it from a purchase I made at motherhood maternity!

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