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Gotta brag on my DH! (Ezzo's "Baby Wise")

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My dh floored me last night! He was on FB and saw one of his "friends"- whose really more of an old acquaintance through church- mention Ezzo. Now, my dh is not shy at all and he's pretty forward, but even this surprised me, he usually doesn't touch these topics unless someone seeks his opinion on it. He remembers my disgust of the man and his book from years back when we had our first baby and people were telling me to let him CIO. Anyhow, so this girl got asked what her "parenting secret" was for her 3 kids (4, 2, infant) and she was praising "DR" Gary Ezzo's () book "On Becoming Baby Wise" as the best parenting tool out there. My dh actually sent her a PM with a link to ezzo.info and very kindly and apologetically thought she might want to know the other side of the Ezzo story before she recommended him to others, not only for the medical risks his practices can have on babies, but his personal character and behavior, not to mention the division his books and programs have caused in many churches. He also mentioned that Gary Ezzo is reportedly estranged from his own children. He was as kind as possible, though really, how do you broach such a subject w/o causing offense? She hasn't replied. I had no idea that my man even knew what ezzo.info was! But I was just impressed and had to share!
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Yikes! ezzoinfo.com seems to point to Gary Ezzo's website where you can purchase his books and training guides! No other side there
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Oops! Sorry, I meant ezzo.info! Don't worry he sent her the right link.
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Good for him. And even better for him that he did this via PM. This is the sort of thing that could have otherwise led to huge FB drama, as I understand it.
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Good for him! My DH did something similar at work when someone suggested this book to him when they found out DS isn't STTN "yet."
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