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Gift for MW?

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This is my first HB...is it customary to get the mw a gift? Suggestions?
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I just got a really cute card that said "Babies are such a great way to start people" and I wrote a nice thank you note and enclosed some pictures I had printed of my mw and Wyatt the first time around. I think this time I will bake something or crochet something for them. I think something small and homemade is the best way to go if you are going to do a gift, but I don't think it's necessary. A nice card with a note shows appreciation just as well
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I'm planning on a card and photo.
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i will probably give mine chocolate and wine.. she is my friend more than my MW though, so i dont know how appropriate that would be in other circumstances.

i have given my previous midwife a card and nice houseplant (peace lily, i think), a print from my sons placenta..and im not sure what else.. i had 3 babies with her.
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I'm not sure what to do this time around. I love my MW---I'm yet to have an apt last less than an hour because we enjoy chatting so much. Today she told me she's just so excited to come to my birth. I love her.

Last time I got her an LL Bean bag with the name of her practice on it---she uses it all the time, and it was $25 or so....I have no idea this time.
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This is my 3rd birth with my MW. I couldn't get my act together after the first to figure anything out. After the 2nd, I really wanted a picture of her with my boys. Thankfully, DH is a semi-pro photographer and had everything he needed to set up a photo shoot on a day she was coming. She actually walked in in an outfit that coordinated with the boys' outfits! It was so cool. She asked what he was doing and we told her SHE was the one we were taking pics of. We got a really lovely pic of the 3 boys and her, printed and framed it as a gift. She later asked to have another print made because her mom wanted a copy!

This time... I have no idea! I have really wanted to do a photo of my friend's and my kids together... All but my eldest birthed with the same MW. But I want to make up shirts that say "I love my MW" in a rainbow of colors... And we're slowly but surely outgrowing the rainbow. Still, I think she'd like that as she's commented on liking the spectrum just as I do. Otherwise, what to do? I wish I had some great ideas! I have seen her wear birth-related jewelry before and may look into something like that... There's one necklace I *love* except that I think it's kind of big - and pricey.
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