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Thankful in November for our May 09 Babies!

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Fashionably late but here's the new thread for the month!
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How is it already November?? And why are our babies going to be **2** in 6 more months?? Crazy!

AJ now thinks everything is a phone and will hold it up to his ear and say "Helloooo" LOL He loves it when we'll hold our phone or something to our ear and "talk" to him that way.

We got a puppy a few weeks back from a friend of ours. I swear they plot to destroy me...lol One of them will act up and distract me, then the other will cause some sort of chaos across the room. And Aj is bound and determined to eat dog food.
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Em had her 18 mo a couple weeks ago, 23 lb 31 inches.

She's now on a bedtime strike. Last night, took 3 hours of off-and-on trying. An hour in so far tonight.

Incredibly incredibly frustrating.
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Well, Ozzy is asleep in the kids room (we've been sleeping there on a twin-size mattress on the floor), and Em is in the bedroom watching The Lorax with her daddy in hopes that she'll fall asleep while watching the movie. Not my ideal situation, I would rather NOT start depending on a TV screen to get her to sleep, but I'm fresh out of ideas tonight.

Other than the past two nights and this insane not-wanting-to-go-to-bed thing, um, everything's peachy.

Em is an absolute doll. She's such a little monkey, climbs up on every piece of furniture we own, which makes me nervous with the hardwood floors. I've been letting her climb up on things as long as she sits on them, not stands. She is still way into kissing. She kisses everything within reach. She kisses the pictures in books, her stuffed animals, her baby brother, us. And she'll get two stuffed animals and put their mouths together and make the "kiss" sound. And we must all also kiss the stuffed animals. And the stuffed animals also kiss Ozzy. This has been going on for I guess a month or two now, and it's still just as hilariously adorable.

She's STILL not wanting to talk. She has added on a few words in the past week... we now have a total of: Sock, cat, eye, and new additions: outside, ear, hide. That's it. And what random words! The "outside" one is new today-- the cat was standing by the back door wanting to go out, and Em grabbed the doorknob and said "outside, cat, outside!" I nearly fell over. But then I tried to get her to say it again and she wouldn't. She gets acting all shy, puts her hands behind her back, and tucks her head, and refuses to make a peep.

She and her brother are in the same size diapers, which is absolutely hilarious. Em has always been kind of petite, and he is an ENORMOUS CHUNKER! They are both now in red-edge GMD prefolds, and size M thirsties fitteds and covers. I literally can't believe that my 18-month-old and my 2-month-old are in the same size.

The two-under-two thing is definitely draining. They tend to keep each other from sleeping. I'm feeling kind of ragged. But making it. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's too cold to go out to the park.

Anyone else have a late talker? And how are our pregnant ladies doing?

Recent pics:


playin with ozzy's toys

road trip! visiting my mom 1.5 hour drive away

with baby brother

em was a monkey for halloween
obsessed with acorns
recovering the fumble

obligatory cute baby pic... ozzy, having just finished nursing, drifts off to sleep
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Jumping in to say hi, hope everyone is doing well! Molars are still coming in here, but Olivia seems to be feeling better these days. She is saying lots more words and attempting to talk a lot more, which is fun.

Not much time to post at the moment, but wanted to say hi!
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Trying to get used to the new format. 


Olivia is doing really well.  She has all her teeth except canines.  Her 18 mo appt she weighed 22 lb 9 oz and 32 1/2.  I'm slightly concerned she isn't gaining much weight.  She was 20 lb six months ago, so she's gained less than 3 pounds in six months.  She did grow 4".   


She says about 10 words, but understands a lot.  Last night she ws playing with blocks and DH asked her if she could stack them and she immediately started stacking the blocks. 


We have a small slide for her in the living room and she loves it.  She spends a lot of time climbing and sliding. 


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Hey ladies! Hope you are all doing well!

Size - Anna is just under 25 lbs, and has been there for many months.

Words - She doesn't have a lot of words, but if you pay attention you know what she is trying to say most of the time.


I wish I had the time to be on here more, but by the time the day is over I'm exhausted :p

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Oh my gosh, bump! I guess we're all busy these days eh? I know I feel like we go a million miles an hour sometimes. DH's schedule just changed AGAIN as well, so that makes things complicated. This time he's back on nights, but he only works Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, then has Tue, Wed, Thurs off. So, three days in a row is awesome!


Not much new here, we are finally getting over a cold/teething/mama may never sleep again stuff here. The past two nights Olivia has slept great. She had all 4 molars come in within the span of three weeks, and then got this super yucky cough on top of it. She would often cough so badly at night she would throw up, and it didn't seem there was much I could do for her. (Did I mention DH works nights?! So I was the lone parent available to be puked on bawling.gif)


I can now see the canines/eye teeth just below her gums, hopefully those will go quickly and then there will be a break for awhile!


Also...... haven't admitted this to many IRL yet, but I'm totally getting baby fever. Didn't think I would, but there it is. DH even mentioned it last night, he wants to have one more! joy.gif

So, maybe after the first of the year we'll start trying.


Hope everyone is doing well, seems like a busy time of year but I miss you all!

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jpi - awwww, I'm excited for you. DH and I sometimes talk about another much later, but more often than not we talk about being done. We are outnumbered and outmatched :p


Would some explain why my smilies aren't working now??

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I have a quiet moment and thought I'd check this thread.  People are sure quiet this month. 


How are the pregnant mommas doing?


Olivia has had a great month.  She woke up the other day and sometime in the night she had a bloody nose - not too bad, but we needed to wash the sheets and her face.  I'm very confused about that as she didn't make a peep all night.


We had 18 month portraits done and she would NOT sit still.  We somehow managed to get a lot of cute pictures, but missed a lot too.


We've been hoping to TTC since last June, but first my thyroid was way out of whack, and now my periods are not cooperating.  I thought for sure we'd be pg again by the end of this year but so far I haven't even made it to embryo transfer.  confused.gif


She learned to sign Please and it is SOOOO CUTE!  She says 'P' and does the sign.  We, of course, give in immediately. 


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. 

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if your periods are still out of whack your thyroid is probably still out of whack

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Quick update...am reading everybody's updates. Darned cute.


My LO is repeating atleast 200 words after us and on her own she says atleast 30 words. Her short sentences are "mama come", "mama give", "mama no" , "booce (Bruce the dog) gone".

Still petite. She turns 18 mos tomorrow but we had an appointment and she was 21 pounds and 29". She has 12 teeth and 2 more seem to be visible.


Have to go.

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I thought I posted this <confused>


We are planning on trying in a couple of months.....looks like I am following in j-p-i's footsteps. It would be too funny if we have same-date-babies again, LOL



The new format is confusing. Where are our usercps?

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Where is our new thread?

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I don't think anyone has made one yet

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I haven't seen a December thread yet either! I keep checking in but haven't had time to look around much (or start one myself) as we've been pretty busy! I started my own at home business, so trying to get that up and running. Olivia is busy as ever, she is loving the snow and holidays. Saying tons of words now, it's like she woke up the day she turned 18 months and could say hundreds more words. She is so funny and cute these days. All her teeth are in (HOORAY!!) and she's waking 1-2 times per night now. Working on slowly night weaning. Thinking about TTC in the new year... miss you all mamas! Hope everyone is doing well!!


Happy holidays!

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I think I can state that my LO is officially talking. She repeats pretty much everything and on her own says 100s of words and is forming whole sentences of 3 words. She says things like "mama come sit" while patting on the sofa beside her or "booce water no (meaning Bruce's (dog) water needs refilling" etc. Mostly 2 word sentences though.


She is 30.5" and 22 pounds.

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Do we have a new thread yet?


I haven't contributed to this DDC for ages, but am still around. I'm finding having a 3.5yo and a 20mo is REALLY busy. They've both hugely energetic, but neither plays independently yet.


Darcy is 20 months old now, and weighs about 11kgs (24lbs). She's been walking for 2 months now, and climbs chairs, tables and swingsets with no fear. She loves jumping on the trampoline with her big brother. She says about 12 words - dada, mama, shoes, juice, up, ta, bish (bird), no (nose), eye, ear, he (head), more - and she signs for nursing.

Her favourite things are doing puzzles and her swing. Her sleep is awful. We're trying to nightwean, but she won't let me comfort her any other way. She bangs her head on the wall or side of the crib, even when I'm sitting beside her trying to pat her bottom/back and singing to her. If I try to cuddle her in my arms, she thrashes so much that I can't keep ahold of her. I can hardly believe that I'm still going through this. DS started STTN at 12 weeks old, and is such a deep sleeper that a brass band beside his bed wouldn't wake him up. Darcy wakes up at the tiniest noise and then takes 1-2 hrs to go back to sleep. It's exhausting.

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I have no idea if there is a new thread... I am finding just having a 19 month old is super busy! :lol I've also started a business from home, which I may have mentioned already. That too has kept me busy, as I've dedicated all of my free time during Olivia's naps and bedtime to that. I am finding it extremely rewarding and fun though!


Olivia is 32.5inches and 22.6lbs at her last checkup. Everyone always comments on how petite she is, but she is still in the 70th and 80th percentiles, respectively. She is busy as can be and loves the snow. She is definitely talking up a storm, as if she woke up one day and had this complete vocabulary! She's also into singing, which is hilarious.


I'm having my IUD removed at the end of March, and we're going to start TTC then. I'm beyond excited about this and I think the age between Olivia and new baby will be good :D


I'll wait to post more until I figure out if we've got a January thread going! Hope everyone is well!

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Em just weighed in at 25.5 lbs and 33 inches.  


Between her and my four month old, busy.  


They say the first year is the hardest, then it gets easier.

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