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front carrier with nothing on shoulders--kanga?

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So my friend with a bad shoulder is expecting twins, and I'm trying to help her figure out how she can wear at least one of them at a time. She has a three year old that she rarely wore because of her shoulder problems. The only carrier she has is an Ergo.

I have a kanga which I never really used with DD--I bought it for another friend when my DD was older, but my friend ended up not wanting it--anyway. I thought it might work really well for my friend with the shoulder problem, since you can put the baby on your back without having anything over your shoulders. But as far as I can tell, you have to tie it over your shoulder in order to put the baby in front. Is there any carrier that works similarly to a kanga, where you can carry the baby in front without anything over your shoulders?

I'm going to let her borrow my Moby as well, of course, but I just wanted to know if there's something I'm missing that might work better. Any ideas?

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No personal experience with it, but a chunei is a torso carrier, I've seen some good reviews of it. She can also do torso carries with a wrap.
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I have a chunei, and love it. It does have straps that go over your shoulders, but most of the weight is on your torso, not shoulders.
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You can do front torso carries with a wrap.  (I haven't tried though, I've only done back torso carries).  I found this link to a video of a front wrap cross carry, but without going over the shoulders.  They say it works in a Moby too!

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I have a podeagi (it's a Korean carrier) that I can do torso carries with. They make wide blanket & narrow blanket ones. Most of the time I used mine on my back, but you can also wear it on the front.


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I used a Kanga and never tied it on my shoulder, or had anything to do with my shoulders.  I would tie it under my arms (like where you tie a towel) with dd on my hip and scooch her around to my back.  Then I would wrap the bottom under her bum and tie it in a knot in the front, untie the top and wrap it like a towel and then roll it over.  I know its hard to describe with words.  This is how I was taught to use it when I was in the Congo, which is where I bought it.

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