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clam shells

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I just made clam chowder for the first time! (This was very exciting for me).

But now I have a huge pile of clam shells. Anyone have suggestions for what to do with them? Something eco-friendly to keep them out of the landfill?
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I know ground oyster shells can be used in the garden...
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in some plants--OK but you should check with your local garden center the can change the soil some are fine with it others it will add too much calcium

i use them for lots of herbs and other potted plants in place of rocks
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take them back to the ocean
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just toss them in??
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I dunno, I do know that you are supposed to return oyster shells, why not clams? It makes sense...
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That is a good idea. You are right, I think the ocean best knows how to deal with shells.
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Originally Posted by marija_jane View Post
I just made clam chowder for the first time!
Sounds delicious.
How was it?
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If you have a dirt or gravel driveway, throw them there
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The clam chowder turned out great

we live in NYC so we would get a fine if we tossed them out front, but I can totally see people doing that in less populated areas!
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