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Originally Posted by SiobhanAoife View Post
I am really grateful that this forum is here. I know that there's someplace I can let out the dark parts without scaring away all the nice moms with healthy kids
I'm one of those Moms. Except... I'm not afraid to look as I know all too well what a fine line I walk.

I'm so sorry that you got this news. I can only imagine. But know that many have you all in their hearts and thoughts, and will provide shoulders for you to lean on when you need one. Whatever happens, you are blessed with your child. And she with you. {{{hugs}}}
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I am so very sorry, Mama...

I hope our thoughts and love can be some light in your darkness.

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Sending many hugs to you, mama.
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I am so, so sorry. My mom heart just aches for you & your child.
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I am broken-hearted for Bridget and for you, Momma. I can't imagine how dark things are right now. I will hope and hope and hope just because there has to be a tiny flicker of light in your darkness. Even the tiniest spark can bring hope to you both.
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I'm sorry you're in pain right now.

There are so many fears that come with having a child with special needs. I hope today is a better day for you and that tomorrow is an even better day and that the days to come will be easier. I'm thinking of you and your family.
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I am so sorry. I will keep you, Bridget and your family in my heart.
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I know that dark place, and I am sorry you're in it. There's no easy way through it; only the passage of time gets you to a different place.
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Oh mama I am so sorry. What horrible news. My thoughts and proayers are with you and your family.
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Oh, I hurt for you, and I'm ANGRY for you. Darn them. Darn them for giving a prognosis at all. Don't they know that MOST of the time THEY are WRONG. Sometimes people live longer, sometimes people shorter lives. No one fits in a little tiny box. No one.

Bridget, you just keep doing what you are doing, honey, live a full and wonderful life, and we all know you'll do what you were meant to do, and live the life you were meant to live, DESPITE what THEY have to say.

(6 years ago my husband was given 5 to 10 years to live, after a terrible prognosis 17 years before that. He's stable, with his 3rd cancer diagnosis, and may well live a normal lifespan. I'm grateful now, that "prognosis" taught me to live in the now, but at the time....oh...it was rough. Tuesday is his 36th birthday.)
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I could not read and not respond. I hope Bridget amazes the doctors by being wonderfully healthy.
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Prayers that the test was wrong and, if it wasn't that she proves the doctors wrong. I'll keep your family in my prayers.
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Hugs to you and your daughter. I'm so sorry.
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I'm sorry mama! I know there's nothing we can say to make it better but know that we are here if you need support, to vent or just somewhere to bounce your thoughts around. I too hope that Bridget goes on to just blow the drs out of the water with how amazing she has done so far and keeps on that same path.
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